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426309ActiveWanted: Hillsboro, Pinellas, Pasco Orange Counties, Florida, Single-family or multifamily, $300,000- $500,000, cash buyer, Rehab up to 80k, no HOA.
426303ActiveWanted Hallandale, Hollywood, Florida, Multifamily, $500,000 - $700,000 qualified buyer
426302ActiveWanted Florida, Multi-family 4+units $1.2M - $3.7M, Cap rate preferred 5-8%, ready to go before the end of the year.
424274ActiveWanted added value multi-family apartments minimum 50 units plus in Florida - Can JV with existing owner to improve the property.
421987ActiveWanted California, Arizona, Apartment Building, $3M - $6M, Qualified buyer
421065ActiveWanted: Florida, Multifamily, $250K - $2M, Serious qualified cash buyer, Realtor is the buyer, Can act quickly, 2 week to 6 month closing, commission negotiable
420011ActiveWanted USA Multi-Family Apartment $5M - $50M+ Long term Client
418328ExpiredWanted Caldwell Idaho, duplex, triplex, $350K - $400K, Qualified.
411946ExpiredWanted 100+ Multifamily unit properties across US. Preferred Connecticut Massachusetts New York up to $5M to $100M+ Repeat institutional investor
411943ExpiredWanted Nationwide Public Storage and or Multifamily 100+ units $1,000,000 to $50,000,000+ Institutional Buyer
410933ActiveWanted Dallas Texas apartment buildings, $1M - $2M
409992ExpiredWanted - Texas, Houston, Multi-Family, $5M-$500M, 100 units-1000+, established buyer
409990ExpiredWanted - Florida, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, Destin, Land or redevelopment for hotels and multi-family, $5M-$50M, institutional buyer.
408547Expiredmulti family- apartment/ hotel/ condo or land site +/-150 doors
406887ExpiredBUYER FOR OVER 100 Unit Apartments Prefers Texas, Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Carolina's
405804ExpiredWanted Texas, Chicago eastward Eastern USA, for multi family, shopping centers industrial self storage, office, $2M-$35M+, Good relationships with buyers.
401013ExpiredWanted Florida any Pre-Foreclosure Residential or Commercial properties. $1 to $10 Mil Qualified Buyer Ready to Act Quickly
401006ExpiredWanted USA All States. Apartment Units 30-100+ $3M-$50M+ Can act quickly!
400861ExpiredWANTED USA, Self-storage, Medical, apartments and net lease industrial: $20M TO $75M FOR URGENT 1031 REQUIREMENT
400705ExpiredWanted USA self storage, apartments, net leased industrial, medical, 1031 $15M up to $75M, can be several projects. Serious urgent. Identification by Dec. 31.
397151ExpiredWanted Chicago to Texas and east, retail, office. and multi family $3M-$50m+, GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH BUYER
391979ExpiredWANT - Value-add or vacant multi-family properties in WA, focus on I5 corridor Vancouver to Bellingham.
385657ExpiredWant Condo 2 Bdrm and 2 bath, Florida Naples to Punta Gorda on water, near venue with music and dancing. Rent or buy.
375858ExpiredWanted Burlington Country New Jersey commercial or mixed use property $250K-$350K
375816ExpiredWant Navarre, Gulf Breeze, Destin, Miramar Beach, Santa Rosa Beach all types of residences: condos, 2nd homes, investment properties $50K to $3M.
375796ExpiredWant Canadian agents/investors to work with in FLORIDA. Creating buyer and seller lists. On and off market residential and commercial properties. Need partners!
375349ExpiredWanted Commercial Plaza,Apartments,Land for residential,Hotels,conversion properties,old or new minimum $500K-$10,000,000.00,
375285ExpiredWanted Manhattan New York Apartment Buildings $10M-$100M+. Qualified Buyer. Off Market Preferable.
373425ExpiredWanted FLorida Apartment Bldgs. $1M-$2M
372326ExpiredWanted. 150 units to 1000 plus units. $2M-$100M+ Cash. Can move quickly. Have bought like kind product.
370714ExpiredWanted USA - Southern States - FL, TX, SC, NC,TN, Hotels, Heritage Buildings, Plantations, Resorts $1.00 to $20M
365042ExpiredWanted USA Appartments 10-500 units $200k-$60M Canadians looking to Buy
365040ExpiredWanted USA Residential 10 plex or bigger walking distance to the beach $300,000 to $10,000,000
363163ExpiredWanted Palm Beach or Broward Counties, Multi-Family, 10-50 Units, $1M-$10M+, 1031 Buyer
362429ActiveWanted USA Apartment Buildings $5m - $50m minimum 100 units, 10 yrs old or newer build. Will look all across USA Long term client.
359357ExpiredWanted, New York State, 40 - 80 Unit Multi-Family Properties, Distressed Preferred, $400,000 to $2,400,000. Active Buyer.
357873ExpiredWanted Southern Indiana Louisville Kentucky investment retail office industrial residential businesses $500,000 to $800,000 fully approved and ready to close
351440ExpiredWanted USA Apartment Bldgs. 200 units - 1,000+ units, $10M-$50M+
341660ExpiredWanted USA $30-$70M multifamily 40-2500+ units more than one buyer
339006ExpiredWanted: Manhattan or downtown Brooklyn residential/or commercial income producing building with at least 10-200 units. Should be off Market. $5M-$100M all cash
332427ExpiredSeeking principal sellers Hotels, strip centers, office buildings, Chicago area, Indianapolis, Milwaukee, $1 mm - $100 mm.
321796ExpiredWanted Florida, California, New York, Texas, Multi Family Apartments, $4M-$18M, finances in place, ready to go. good relationship with buyer. Pre qualified.
317053ActiveWanted: Exchange Requirement B+ assets in the $30 Mil+ range, multi family, office or retail - anywhere USA Quick Turnaround!
303472SoldWanted. Apartment Buildings and Multi Family; Florida,Georgia,Texas, The Carolinas; up to $10 Million, Min 20 units. Cash Buyers; Confidentiality Honored.
303469SoldWanted, Florida, Multi Family Homes, from 20 - 100 units, $500K-$10M, prefer minimum 1000 sf/unit, Qualified Ready to Act Canadian Cash Buyers!
303455SoldWanted, Florida, Multi Family Homes, from 20 - 100 units, $500K-$10M, prefer minimum 1000 sf/unit, Qualified Ready to Act Canadian Cash Buyers!
303451SoldWanted. Apartment Buildings and Multi Family; Florida,Georgia,Texas, The Carolinas; up to $10 Million, Min 20 units. Cash Buyers; Confidentiality Honored.
302516ExpiredWant CBD Chicago value add apartments, retail, office, $10 million and above, must have a story, principals or direct brokers with contact to seller
298627ExpiredNeed, distress apartments, 100 units or more, portfolios welcome, Midwest, LA, SanFran,NY, Miami,Chicago, major metros, 50k population or more
295843ExpiredWanted USA, Off Market Multi Family and Office Buildings, $500k - $3M, CASH buyer with fast closing
295736ExpiredWANTED: OFF Market, distressed, value add, multi family and/or commercial buildings in Florida, California, Texas, Nevada, and Arizona
292851ExpiredHave, opportunity for a Equity partner for Florida home / condo rehab / flips. possible security via Florida Real property.
283544ExpiredWanted Miami Beach condos for investment $200,000 - $500,000, cash buyers, 30-365 day closing, ready to act quickly.
280673ExpiredWanted: Florida - Port Richey to New Port Richey North to Hudson and south to Trinity Single Family Investment Homes priced between 50,000 to 180,000 for Rental
279533ExpiredWanted Florida Treasure Island to Tampa to Sarasota area positive cash flow properties and/or opportunities. 0-$200K
274379ExpiredWant, Class A only, Los Angeles, San Francisco, N.Y., Chicago, Miami, major metros, especially CA. office, retail, apartments, OFF Market only, pricipals $30mm+
274368ExpiredWanted Chicago and suburbs $300K-$30M several buyers 5 units and above, no limit,any condition, multiple bldgs, direct from principal or broker
272142ExpiredWanted Florida Investment Condos Under $100,000 Cash Buyers Ready to Move Now
272078ExpiredWanted Tampa to Sarasota to Orlando Florida Multifamily 4-20 Units $0 - $200,000
268561ExpiredWanted USA Florida coastal areas also Miami, Orlando residential and commercial $0K-$1.2M REO's, short sales, waterfront, land, cash buyers, can act quickly.
257047ExpiredWANT: DISTRESSED COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES NATIONWIDE IN SELECTED AREAS; Properties Financially Distressed and/or Poorly Managed Property;
253422ExpiredWanted: Investment Properties Nationwide. Min $5M-$200M, (I am a buyer's broker)
247717ExpiredWanted USA Multi - Family Non-Performing Notes/Loans, First Lien Position, Individual Loan Balances between $2,000,000 and $40,000,000. Cash, can act quickly.
247714ExpiredWanted USA Residential Non-Performing Notes/Loans and REO, First Lien Position, Balances $150K-$800K, SFR, Townhome, Condo, $5M to $50M Portfolio Sizes
247713ExpiredWanted USA Residential Non-Performing Notes/Loans and REO, First Lien Position, Balances $150K-$800K, SFR, Townhome, Condo, $5M to $50M Portfolio Sizes
231382ExpiredWANT, Texas, Hotel, 1031 Tax Exchange for Mineral Rights,
221657ExpiredWant Florida Condo projects in distress $30,000- $40,000 Buyer can close quiokly
221655ExpiredWANT income producing Apartment buildings Manhattan with 7% ++ CAP RATE
219140Expiredwant to purchase 50 - 100 townhouses development in Florida - must be leased.
217750ExpiredUSA Auctions Sold on a certain day. Bidders have cashiers cheques. Must close in 30 days or forfeit down payment. See other advantages on our web site.
214800ExpiredWANTED: APARTMENTS, NATIONWIDE, 200 MINIMUM UNITS, want distressed deals
213302InactiveCanada USA- Internationally licensed. Our marketing is the difference...48 years of selling privately held businesses,motels & commercial real estate
211875ExpiredWant Florida commercial foreclosed or short sale properties for CASH buyers--hotels, apartment complexes,shopping malls marinas, condos
210949InactiveWanted nationwide. Multifamily 24-100+ units. 8.5% or higher actual cap rate. 85% or higher occupancy rate.
210667ExpiredWanted New York State Multifamily 100-400 Units Cash Broker can be paid by Buyer
201647ExpiredWanted USA National Apartment Communities 150 units and up. B+ or A rated. Cash ready. $10M-$1Billion
201645ExpiredWanted ILS Independent Living Facilities 150 rooms and up. Cash buyer.
196789InactiveWanted Buyers and Investors looking in VA and Northern Virginia to work with a professional commercial agent that knows the area and where the bargains are
196306ExpiredWant USA High Cap Rate Properties, All Offers Appreciated!
196074InactiveWanted Panama City Beach, FL 2 bedroom 2 bath condo on the beach for $200k - $250k Cash can act quickly
195942InactiveAll cash buyer Chicago and Suburbs - 5M to 50MM No financing conting. - QUICK CLOSE - multi, mixed, retail
191169InactiveSeeking apartment building sites in FL,in metro areas minimum 100 units max - 400 unit sites fully zoned
186291InactiveWANT: Land, House, in Tucson, AZ, excahange for 5000SF lot in Mission Hills (San Diego)CA. can build 3-4 units on site. 900K has assumable first at 640K.
176239InactiveWanted Maine to Florida and the mid-west apartment complexes 150 units minimum
171579ExpiredWanted: Hotels and Casinos anywhere in the World, from $100 Million to $10 Billion, very serious clients with the funds to handle this types of projects!!
168582Inactive Want: MF sites (new or existing) in well as the S.E. USA, major metros . would like to build a minimum of 120 units and a max of 300+/-
167686InactiveWanted BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA apartments up to 10-1000 units, prequalified buyer, buyers broker to be pd by buyer.
162302InactiveWanted: URGENT land to develop
160758InactiveWanted -- South Central -- Section 8 (project based) apartment properties -- 100 or above -- Large Instituional Investor. Broker can be paid by buyer.
160747InactiveAnywhere in TX, NM, OK, AR, CO-- Senior/Elderly Section 8 apartments (project based) AND Section 8 apartments (project based) -- over 100 units
159498InactiveWanted office building in San Francisco area, Class 3A, 4A, 5A. 25 million to 1 billion price range. Very qualified and very motivated buyer.
159497InactiveWanted multi-family building in New York, Class 3A, 4A, 5A. 25 million to 1 billion price range. Very qualified and very motivated buyer, VERY GOOD INVESTOR!
159367InactiveWANTED MANHATTAN MIXED USE/LIVE WORK $10M-23M EQUIPED FOR RESTAURANT ON THE GROUND FLOOR. Experienced restauranteur has own franchise.
156873InactiveWanted, North Carolina, Multi-Family Homes: 2-Family to 4-Family Residences $0 to $200k **CAN PAY CASH**
147636InactiveWanted Investment Properties 8% Cap Rate and up.
141442InactiveWANTED ASAP. 150+ Multi-Family Complex in or around Boston. Client will make a quick offer and a quick close. Please call
140738InactiveWanted Phoenix area Mulltifamily Apartment Building $5M -$12M.Qualified

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