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408599ActiveWant: Business Career College anywhere in Canada. Qualified Buyer.
408500ActiveWanted Gas Station in GTA $500K-4 Million Serious Buyer. Qualified buyer.
408134ActiveWanted Ontario New Brunswick & PEI Building for School
408127ActiveWant Canada Hotel, franchise name preferred, any Size and price $5M-$30M
407968Activewanted Atlantic Canada hotel / motel $5M-$10M has the cash
407741ActiveWant: Ontario and Canada Call Centre business $100K-$1M.
405711ActiveCANADIAN Fishing / Hunting & Family Resorts required for Qualified Buyers. Price $300K-$5M . We specialize in marketing resorts.
404700ActiveWanted Canada Office, Medical, Hotels, Shopping malls, Distribution Centre, Industrial. $25M - $250M+ Direct relationship with Buyer.
404607ActiveWanted Canada Hotels Motels $1M-$25M experience selling hotels 18 years, several buyers.
404606ActiveWanted Canada Waterfront 300+ acres $10M - $50M for high end resort, hotel, to be built to ESG Standard.
404546ActiveWanted Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Cape Breton, Prince Edward Island, Serviced land up to 100 acre, buyer is a Contractor
400144ActiveWanted Canada Hotels, motel, vinyards, luxury, conversion properties, $5M - $500M+ Specializes in rebranding, conversions resort building . NEEDED TODAY POF
400143ActiveWanted Canada shopping plazas $5M-$18M, cash buyer.
399088ActiveWanted Canada, warehouse storage space business for commercial residential storage, $5M - $30M+, experienced buyer prefer 7% cap rate. Will consider building.
368389ActiveWant To Buy In Canada. Good Commercial Investment Properties. $2M - $150M+ Broker Can Be Paid By Buyer. - We Have A Good Direct Relationship With The Buyer.