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416005ActiveWanted Retail Plaza anywhere in Ontario, $8M-$25M solid buyer
415993ActiveWanted Retail Plaza anywhere in Peel, $8M-$25M solid buyer
415965ActiveWanted Oakville, Mississauga, Brampton to Toronto, N. to Barrie. Plaza with good anchor stores, prefer 6% to 7% cap. $15M - $30M
415906ActiveWanted, Wanted, Windsor to Toronto to Bellville, North to Barrie, Niagara Region, Retail Plaza, $2.5M - $6M, Has the Money.
415883ActiveWANTED: Two hours from Toronto, Plaza, Between $5M to $10M, any mixed plaza, Medical Building (AP)
415879ActiveWANT: ONTARIO, PLAZA, FOR OUR MOTIVATED CLIENTS, Looking $1 MIll to $50 MIll Range, ready to BUY, Thanks!
415878ActiveWANT: Plaza! Triple AAA Tenant ONLY, Building approx. 10,000 sq / ft or less, UP TO $20 MILL BUDGET,
415877ActiveWANT: GTA AREA, Plaza with mixed use office, retail mix, good cap rate. Properties up to 4 hr around GTA. up to $20 MILL,
415864ActiveWANT: Mississauga to Toronto to Oshawa to Newmarket, Retail or Industrial Investment, $1M-$20M, Prefer Upside potential
415860ActiveWANT: Multiple project, Toronto and 2 hours surrounding, $5 Mill to $2 Billion, looking for multiple projects commercial/ residential existing or development
415851ActiveWanted - Outaouis region (Ottawa Region) - Commercial Property $2 to 5 million - Positive cash flow with 35% cash deposit - Sooner the Better (JGG)
415831ActiveWANT: East hwy 400, close hwy 404 & 401, south Downtown Toronto, North Newmarket, LOOKING LAND, Leasing / commercial condo TO BUILD, Medical Building, $1M-$10M
415829ActiveWANTED: ONTARIO, Quick Service Oil Change locations. Closed or Existing. Quick turnaround.
415820Active**WANTED** Looking for $100 MILLION Building Property, Preferably in GTA or Surrounding area! Client will pay cash, no financing! Pls HELP! THX
415816ActiveWANT: GREATER TORONTO AREA, and surrounding, 0.5 to 2 acres land to build Residential or Commercial on, * PREFER YORK REGION* Open to area
415736ActiveWant Kitchener to Hamilton to Toronto to Oshawa, North to Barrie, Plazas $5 - $50 Mill, Qualified Buyers.
415728ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space in Vaughan, Richmond Hill, North York Area. Banquet Hall, 3,000-5,000 sq ft.
415716ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space for fast food restaurant in Durham, York, Peel Regions 1,300-3,000 sq ft.
415710ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space for restaurant in North York, Etobicoke, 500-1,500 sq ft.
415709ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space for a restaurant in Ontario. Freestanding or endcap units. Ample parking. Patio is an asset. 2,500-6,000 sq ft.
415708ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space for a cannabis location. Along the bus routes in Scarborough, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa. 700-1,000 sq ft.
415707ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space for a theatre. High ceilings are needed. Along the bus routes in West Toronto, 2,000-3,000 sq ft.
415706ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail Space for teaching comedy. 2-3 rooms fitting appoximately 15 people in West Toronto, 1,200-1,800 sq ft.
415688ActiveWanted Niagara Region to Guelph, commercial main floor w/3-6 apt. $1.5M-$3M money in hand can close very quickly very active Investor. In need of TLC its ok
415686ActiveWanted St. Catharines, Shopping Plaza with upside potential, Future Development $3M - $5M,
415653ActiveWanted, Newmarket, Ontario, Retail Space, 4000 to 10000 SF., in busy area of Newmarket, For lease;
415643ActiveWant: Looking to purchase a 30,000-60,0000 square ft building / unit anywhere in Peel / York. Flexible budget.
415627ActiveWanted London to Toronto to Kingston, N. to Barrie, Niagara Region, Medical Office Building, Shopping Center, $2M-$30M. Cash Buyer
415538ActiveWanted Woodstock to Cambridge to Toronto to Bellville, north to Barrie, Niagara Falls Region, Retail and shopping plaza $3M-$7M Preferably 6% cap rate
415494ActiveWanted Brampton to Toronto to Ajax, Plaza, $12M - $17M, 2-3 acres building Must Be 80,000 to 90,000 SQ.FT, Buyer Ready to Close in 30 Days.
415438ActiveWant...In East of Toronto, Pickering or Ajax Area. Church or an industrial building zoned for church / worship purposes. $500K to $1.5M. ASAP. Have buyer ready.
415437ActiveWANTED! In GTA or upto 1.5 hours away. Hamilton, Waterloo, Kitchener, London too. Older houses & lots to develop. Few homes beside each other preferred.
415429ActiveWANTED. Medical building in Scarborough area with enough parking spaces. Occupied or vacant. My buyer is ready to buy now.
415426ActiveWANT! Plaza In and around GTA or within 1 hour from GTA with good cap rate. $4.0M. My client is ready.
415409ActiveWanted - In Richmond Hill. Aurora, Vaughan and North York area. Space to rent for a Montessori School. Even in a Church building. Need asap. Up to 60 kids.
415398ActiveWANT TO PURCHASE: Office space for a dental cliinic in Mississauga, Oakville. 1,500-5,000 sq ft. At least 10 parking spots. Possible pre construction
415396ActiveWANT TO BUY: Space for a restaurant in Ontario 2,500-6,000 sq ft. Freestanding or endcap units. Ample parking. Patio is an asset
415388ActiveWant: Building / unit to buy or site to build a private school. Green space is a must. From min 12,000 to 20,000 sq ft.
415348ActiveWanted! Kitchener or Waterloo or Cambridge. Investor Seeks Retail Plaza of four units or more. Price point up to $2 MM. May I bring you an offer?
415303ActiveWant Retail Plaza in GTA or Southern Ontario, $4,000,000 - $10,000,000
415270ActiveWanted Ontario London to Toronto to Belleville, N. to Barrie, Niagara Region. Plaza $8M - $10M, prefer an anchor Tim Hortons, McDonalds, etc.
415265ActiveWant London to Oshawa, N. to Barrie, Niagara Region, Hotels Motels, Gas Station, Strip Plaza with land $1M - $10M; ready willing to put firm offer prefer 6% cap
415238ActiveWant Plaza. 1000,000-10000000. Anywhere East, west north south in Ontario.
415159ActiveWant. Ontario. Multi-tenant strip plazas under $300/sf and over 10,000 sf of leasable area
415095ActiveWanted in Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Retail units, $500k to $750. 1200 to 2000 Sqft Motivated buyers.
415078ActiveLooking to buy Retail Plaza, 3 to 5 Mil.
415067ActiveWant: Income Plaza For Sale, In GTA Or South Of Ontario, Area 20,000SQF Or Up.. Budget Up To $70M.
415054ActiveWANTED: Toronto, York Region. Industrial Plaza with Multi Tenant. Budget up to $12M.
415053Active*Wanted* "Commercial Plaza's or Medical Building's" Anywhere in Ontario. Budget up to $15 Million
414961ActiveWANT TO LEASE: retail space in East Danforth, Toronto 1,000-2,000 sq ft
414960ActiveWANT TO LEASE: retail space for daycare York Region 800-1,800 sq ft
414959ActiveWANT TO LEASE: space for restaurant in Toronto 2,500-4,500 sq ft
414958ActiveWANT TO LEASE: office in West End, Toronto 2,000-4,000 sq ft Residential component is an asset
414952ActiveWANT TO PURCHASE: Plaza in Ontario 5-10 units. 6% CAP Rate min
414951ActiveWANT TO PURCHASE: Plaza in GTA With 1 acre min extra
414949ActiveWANT TO PURCHASE: office space in West End, Toronto 2,000-4,000 sq ft. Residential component is an asset
414948ActiveWANT TO PURCHASE: retail space in Woodbridge, Kleinburg, King, Aurora for private medical use 3,000-8,000 sq ft
414928ActiveWanted Windsor to Toronto to Oshawa, North to Barrie, Niagra Region, Tim Hortons, Starbucks, Business and Real Estate, $1M - $6M
414922ActiveLooking to LEASE: Industrial / Retail space in GTA 3,000-5,000 sq ft For furniture and persian rugs. 1 loading is needed. 20 ceiling clear. Showroom is a plus.
414917ActiveLooking to LEASE: Retail space for Custom Retail Vape Shop in Ontario 700-1,200 sq ft. Parking is needed
414913ActiveLooking to LEASE: space for Restaurant in Vaughan 500-900sq ft
414912ActiveLooking to LEASE: space for Restaurant in Newmarket, Aurora 1,250-2,500sq ft
414901ActiveWant Plaza in the GTA Southern Ontario up to $10M. Buyer motivated
414744ActiveWanted in Brampton, Toronto (Etobicoke) or near by area. Pharmacy
414734ActiveWant: Car Dealership Or The Property For Used Car sale Business In Ontario, Budget: $60M.
414618ActiveWANTED!!! Commercial, Industrial, Retail PLAZAS and Apartment Buildings, Industrial Lands in GTA+
414612ActiveWANTED - Windsor to Toronto to Belleville, North to Orillia, Niagara Region, Existing Strip Plazas, $1M - $15M+ Upside Potential for Redevelopment, Ready to Buy
414545ActiveWANTED - Mixed Use land distress sale. $1,000,000 Cash to invest or Joint Venture Possible.
414474ActiveOntario within 1-3 hrs from GTA. Plaza.
414392ActiveWanted Hamilton, Stoney Creek turn key operation gas bar w / amenities restaurant coffee shop etc. $2M-$10M buyer with cash in hand to close quickly.
414321Activewanted Burlington to Toronto to Newmarket, Scarborough, Markham, Newmarket, Grocery / Supermarket or Buildings for supermarket, $1M - $10M cash can act quickly
414309ActiveWanted Employment land near the Airport the bigger the better, land must be in the urban boundries. Ready to close deal quickly, please help.
414283ActiveWanted: 2 to 3 hours to Toronto, Plaza with good cap rate,$4M.Qualified buyer.
414079ActiveWanted London to Toronto to Oshawa, N. to Barrie, Niagara Region, Retail, Industrial, Office, Apartment Buildings, $5M - $30M+ Fast Acting Buyer
414002Activewant Grocery / Supermarket 3,000sqfeet - 15,0000 sqfeet Toronto GTA $1-$5M
413832ActiveWanted: Commercial space
413799ActiveWanted: Down Town Toronto, Property for Bar, $4M-10M
413762ActiveWanted Windsor to Toronto to Ottawa, North Bay, Niagara Region. Office, Medical bldg, Shopping Centre, Industrial. $2M-$7M, Qualified. Prefer AAA Tenants.
413737ActiveWANT TO LEASE: Retail space for cafe, on a ground floor in Rossanceville, Danforth, Regent Park, Yonge & Eglinton-Lawrence. 1,500-2,000 sq ft
413660ActiveWant, strip plaza, hotel, motel with AAA + tenants. Any where in Canada. Qualified Buyers for 5.5 Mil
413441Activewant, Markham , 3000 sq ft resturant space for former sucessful operation, need lotsa parking rent based on location
413423ActiveWANT 10,000 - 12,000 sq ft warehouse / retail / factory outlet space for sale in East Brampton or Caledon around Airport Rd.
413371ActiveWanted - Windsor to Toronto to Kingston, North to Huntsville, Niagara Region. Commercial Plazas, $4M - $80M+, 7%+ Cap Rate Quick to take action, cash in hand!
413349ActiveWanted, Plaza in Peel Region, $3M - $8M, Can Act Quickly
413307ActiveWanted Ontario Industrial, Retail, Office, $500K-$30M, properties that need work okay.
413281ActiveWanted Barrie to Sudbury Commercial Industrial buildings, $1M-$5M, Has the money. Can consider stable, problems, upside potential or Mining related businesses.
413171ActiveWanted! Ontario I Have Some Serious & Qualified Buyers And Investors To Buy Retail Plaza / Strip Mall / Shopping Center Price Range $5M - $50M+
413067ActiveLooking for Commercial Plaza in GTA or 1 Hour away.
413055ActiveSerious Developer Is Actively Looking to Purchase Residential & Commercial Land for Re-Development Purposes in Toronto, Vaughan, Richmond Hill & Markham
413053ActiveInvestors & Developers Are Actively Looking To Purchase Off Market Commercial & Residential Properties in the GTA
413052ActiveDeveloper Is Looking for Old Gas Station Sites in Ontario
413049ActiveDevelopers & Investors Are Actively Looking to Purchase Commercial Properties in the GTA for Redevelopment Purposes
413043ActiveDevelopers Are Actively Looking for Urban Commercial Redevelopment Properties for Sale in the GTA
413042ActiveSerious Buyers Are Looking to Buy Large Hotels, Motels, Apartment Buildings & Retail Plazas in Ontario
413040ActiveSerious Buyers Are Looking to Purchase Commercial Freestanding Buildings in Ontario
413038ActiveSerious Buyers Are Actively Looking to Buy Old Gas Stations Sites in Ontario for Re-Development
413029ActiveDeveloper / Investor Looking to Buy Multi Residential Properties Anywhere in Ontario
412950ActiveWanted Ontario Strip Plaza, Retail Plaza, or Medical Centres $3M-$7M Client very Motivated.

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