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421169$220,000,000.00ActiveGTA Mall - 220 million - AAA Tenants - 1000 condo units to be built on the site + Mall stays as is- PRINCIPALS ONLY
401186$200,000,000.00ActiveWant, Ontario, Distillery,$200M
421052$180,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Ottawa, ON. Brand new 357 unit apartment building. 4.5% CAP, NOI of $8m annually, asking $180m. CMHC approved for $120m. (AM)
421187$160,000,000.00ActiveBolton, 100 acre parcel for future development, $160M, Affluent high value location, potential for 2,000+ units
421365$145,000,000.00ActiveHigh Rise Site in Greater Toronto Area On 20 Acres.Great Location! MULTIPLE TOWERS!2.6 MILLION SQ.FT Call Today !!
409939$140,000,000.00ActivePrime Location, Land for Condo Towers and Retail.Will be sold with Approved Draft Plan, Greater Toronto Area, Amazing Project. Almost 2.5 million Square feet.
417237$130,000,000.00ActiveOakville Industrial Land 100 Acres For $130M
419142$100,000,000.00ActiveFinancing Available $100,000,000 Plus for Condo Developments anywhere USA or Canada. No Presales necessary. Will provide Construction Funding and pre buy units
421100$90,000,000.00ActiveGreater Toronto Area, Pre-approved Condo Site, $90M A lot of features. Near hospital, Potential to built 1,000+ units.
419809$82,000,000.00ActiveBrampton, Industrial Building, $410/Sqft Land Size 9.3 Acres Building Size 200,000 Sqft With 20 Truck Dock With 28 Feet Ceiling Height.
414097$80,000,000.00ActiveHigh Rise Site SPA Approved site in Greater Toronto Area . Great Location!Call Today before its too Late !!
420386$80,000,000.00ActiveDOWNTOWN TORONTO* HI RISE SITE $80 M., Principals Only , Please
419138$77,000,000.00ActivePRIME BRAMPTON LAND! Condo and residential development SPA for million sqft residential approved, 11 acres. Middle of Brampton hard to find!!
419506$71,250,000.00ActiveMississauga Dixie/401 Hwy, Industrial Building, $475 / Sqft, 6.5 Acres Lot with 150,000 Sqft Building and M2 Zoning With 6 Trucks & 6 Drive in Docks.
415067$70,000,000.00ActiveWant: Income Plaza For Sale, In GTA Or South Of Ontario, Area 20,000SQF Or Up.. Budget Up To $70M.
417488$60,000,000.00ActiveBrampton Condo Site Plan Approved Of 940 Units $60M
416737$60,000,000.00ActiveHave: Burlington high-density 4.8 acre development land, $60M, 45 stories permitted in Official Plan
420481$57,000,000.00ActiveGTA, land for development, 100-150 detached and townhouse can be built, $62M, Area under construction & development; great opportunity for Builders;13 Acres!
420660$57,000,000.00ActiveVaughan, 226 Units total with Freehold Towns, Stacked Town Homes 1600 TO 2000 Square ft, Prime Location on 9.22 Acres! Draft Plan Approved !! Call Today!
420307$56,000,000.00ActivePlaza in GTA - 5.7 acres - concept for redeveloping into 1300 condo units - 56 mil - Good Net Income of about 1.7 mil.
420996$55,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Hamilton, Exclusive Off Market, Industrial Park for sale, (Multiple buildings) $55M, PRINCIPALS ONLY
420944$55,000,000.00ActiveSouthern Ontario, Industrial Property - Approximately 250,000 sq.ft, $55M
419132$54,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Massive PLAZA! AAA Tenants.Rare huge plaza for sale, MAJOR tenants! 19 acres, Net income $3.3 Million, Asking $54 Million..
419130$52,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Great Property! INDUSTRIAL BUILDINGS FOR SALE IN GTA, two buildings 74K sqft and 72k sqft Asking price is $355.00/ sq ft.
421050$51,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: North Bay, ON. Commercial plaza, long term, solid tenants(dollarama, drive test, cineplex, no frills, popeyes etc.) NOI of $3.6m. Ask $51m with 7% CAP(AM)
419624$50,000,000.00ActiveWanted Toronto downtown infill sites to build condo tower building 200 units + .5ac to 4ac+ minimum $40 Mill-$ 500 Mill
420934$50,000,000.00ActiveSouth Western Ontario, Apartment Building, $50M, $3M GROSS INCOME.
415300$50,000,000.00ActivePeel Caledon, Mississauga (30 Minutes to Toronto), Land for Truck Parking, $50M, Principals only.
421114$50,000,000.00ActiveWant Downtown Toronto, Office Buildings, 100,000 - 1,000,000SF, I Have Qualified Buyers with Previous Successful Transactions.
421006$50,000,000.00Active**WANTED** Looking for $100 MILLION Building Property, Preferably in GTA or Surrounding area! Client will pay cash, no financing! Pls HELP! THX
413526$50,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Brand new built Industrial Building!
420528$50,000,000.00ActiveHave, Financing Available $100,000,000 Plus for Condo Developments anywhere USA or Canada. No Presales necessary.Will provide Construction Funding or buy units
421016$50,000,000.00ActiveWANT: West Hamilton to East Pickering and North Barrie to Downtown Toronto, Multi Family Apartment Building, $200M, Cash Buyers Quick Turn around
416193$50,000,000.00ActivePRINCIPALS ONLY, Ontario, Franchise Hotel, $50M, Great location
416104$47,000,000.00ActiveONTARIO, PLAZA, $47M, 7% CAP
421051$47,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Mississauga, ON. 120,000sqft industrial building on 8ac land. Fully rented for 4 yrs (vacant 45000sqft possible), around $2.3m NOI. Asking $47m. (AM)
420981$46,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Hamilton,149 unit multifamily apartment building on 0.7ac land, potential to develop another 95unit.CMHC in place for next 8yrs @ 1.9%. VTB up to $8M (AM)
420995$45,150,000.00ActiveHAVE: 1.5 Hours West or Toronto, Exclusive Off Market, Apartment Building for sale, $45.15M, PRINCIPALS ONLY !
420980$45,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Milton. Truck yard, RU-EMP, 10ac land, 25000sqft industrial building. Leased for $2.2m. All current studies and reports, clean site. Asking $45m, (AM)
420379$45,000,000.00ActiveHAMILTON, 149 Unit Apartment Building with Extra Land Approved to add more units, then increase the value up to $10 M.***
419137$43,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Prime land in Brampton Agricultural land zoned can change to M2, 10.5 acres corner unit , $43 Million, hard to find!
413910$43,000,000.00ActiveHave Plaza Etobicoke 4 Acres $43,000,000. Potential to develop future 800 plus units 3 phases 100,000sqft retail
420425$42,000,000.00ActivePeel Region (30 min to Toronto) near Hwy 410, 401, 403, 407, 427 Industrial Commercial with E3 Zoning, $42M
421477$42,000,000.00ActivePlaza For Sale In Scarborough, Nearby HWY 401 and 404 , Total Area, Over 3 Acres, Potential For Future Development, Asking $42M .
420994$40,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: 3 Hours East of Toronto, Development Land for sale, Priced at $40M, inquire for details. PRINCIPALS ONLY
415028$40,000,000.00ActiveHave: Hagersville, Industrial Development Land with rental income, 340 Acres, $40M
402064$40,000,000.00ActiveWant: GTA, Hotel,$20M -$40M,
419644$38,000,000.00ActiveBrampton, Industrial Building, $38M, Lot Size 4.6 Acres and 95,000 Sqft Building, 5,000 Sqft Is Office Space, New Driveway, New Roof, A Very Good Location.
421490$38,000,000.00ActiveToronto, North West of Toronto, Huge Golf Club, $38M, Golf Course, Great Opportunity in the Future; Very fast growing Area;
420817$37,000,000.00ActiveINVESTMENT PROPERTY LEASED CAP RATE over 6 % for sale 150,000 Sq Ft Building. Over 11 Acres. $37 million.
400150$37,000,000.00ActiveOntario Hotel $37M Available for rebranding. Lots of upside potential. Financing available.
420058$37,000,000.00ActiveDEVELOPMENT LAND, GTA, Bradford,300ac,$100M, Huge future opportunity for Land Bankers, Developers / Builders, NOT in Greenbelt, close to 400&27 hwys,
419602$37,000,000.00ActiveGreater Toronto Area, Golf Course, $37M and future development potential.
419615$35,000,000.00ActiveToronto Downtown Yonge & Dundas, Iconic Landmark Commercial Building, $35M with 17,000 SF. Principals Only
420384$35,000,000.00ActivePlaza, $35M, 10 Acre Land, AAA Tenants Incl. TIM HORTONS, Potential to build in two phases up to one million GFA SQFT, 65% VTB First For Three Years***
420993$35,000,000.00ActiveEXCLUSIVE off market offering! Located 30 minutes from Hamilton. HAVE: Toronto, Exclusive Off Market, Industrial Warehouse for sale, $35M, PRINCIPALS ONLY
418539$35,000,000.00ActiveHave, Etobicoke Toronto Plaza 2.8 Acres $1.7million net with Management $35,000,000. Potential to develop future on 1 acre of 360 units 35000sqft retail upside.
418538$35,000,000.00ActiveHave, Etobicoke Toronto Plaza 2.8 Acres $1.7million net with Management $35,000,000. Potential to develop future on 1 acre of 360 units 35000sqft retail upside.
420513$35,000,000.00ActiveApartment Building Central Location
318735$33,000,000.00ActiveToronto AAA Single Tenant Investment. Long Term Lease. $33M - Serious Principals Only Please.
420436$33,000,000.00Active90 min to Toronto, Retail Plaza, $33M with 5.6% Cap. with potential development for Hotel and Residential Building
417184$32,000,000.00ActiveLess then 2hrs to Toronto Commercial Plaza $32M For Sale" AAA Business only serious inquiries.
420417$32,000,000.00ActiveNiagara Region, Commercial Development Land and three businesses, 3 residential homes, $32M, potential hotel, retirement home, recreation. theme park. camping.
419812$32,000,000.00ActiveMississauga, Apartment Building, $32M 5-Storey With 65 Units on 1.51 Acre Lot At The Heart Of The City
421176$32,000,000.00ActivePlaza with excelent tenants and potential for extra development on the site - Niagara Region - 32 mil - net about 1.8 mil - it will considerably go up in 2024
421350$31,000,000.00ActiveCaledon Ontario 40 Acres land for sale, $31M in the Residential development plan. Clear and clean land in Caledon 5 minutes to Brampton.
420615$31,000,000.00ActiveToronto, Scarborough condo site, $31M, draft plan approved.
421348$31,000,000.00ActiveCaledon Ontario 30 Acres for sale IN WHITEBELT, $31M in the Residential development plan. Clear and clean land in Caledon 2 minutes to Brampton.
400147$31,000,000.00ActiveOntario GTA Hotel $31M. This hotel is worth it. Principals Only. I can pay on a referral basis.
362973$30,000,000.00Activewanted non MLS cash flow property within 2 hrs of Toronto to $30M also bldg sites
414918$30,000,000.00ActiveWanted Ontario construction financing $30M, security provided.
421503$30,000,000.00ActiveHave Coming Soon 45 minutes to Toronto 50 acres zoned single family if you start working on your draft plan approval 4-5 years away $30M.Please contact me info!
421084$30,000,000.00ActiveWanted Orangeville to Burlington to Toronto 30-150 Acres. development land can be a 3-10 years away.$30M-$150M, money in hand can close quickly, can you help.
418592$30,000,000.00ActiveWanted GTA, Hotel 75-100 rooms, 20M-30M if possible, Anyone have hotels for sale?
421110$30,000,000.00ActiveWanted Downtown Toronto, Office Building, $30M - $300M+, 200,000 - 1,000,000 SF, Qualified Buyers. I personally have successful closed transactions.
417509$30,000,000.00ActiveToronto infill development site $30M.
420382$29,500,000.00ActiveBURLINGTON, Approved Condo Site Close To GO STATION Rental Building is possible*
420376$29,500,000.00ActiveBRADFORD, Close to 100 Acres Farm with building On YONGE ST.* , house & income with a lot of developments in the neighborhood, Close to Future GO Train Stop*
420428$29,000,000.00ActiveSouthwestern, Ontario. Plaza 90 mins from Toronto, $29M 5% cap rate.
420415$29,000,000.00ActiveBrampton, Steel Fabrication, $29M For Land 3.3 Acres Plus Building 28,000 Sqft Plus Business, Running Business Since 1988
413977$28,000,000.00ActiveFIRST TIME on the ICIWorld Market, 16Acres, 3 Minutes to Highway 404, Asking $28M, Great Potential for Commercial and Industry Development.
420940$27,000,000.00ActiveWasaga Beach, Draft Plan Approved Subdivision, 16 acres, $27M, 300m from Georgian Bay, Potential +/-200 units, 43 units serviced by town.
420663$26,000,000.00ActiveSOLD CONDITIONAL Etobicoke Industrial Bldg, $26.5M, 3.35 Acres, 66,000 Sq. Ft 8,000 SF. Office, 4 Doors, 5 Cranes, Clear Height 31 Ft(18.6FT.Under Hook) Hwy 27.
413661$26,000,000.00ActiveIncome Plaza In Scarborough With Excellent Development Potential GFA 630K + (2+ Acres)!!
421314$25,000,000.00ActiveHave: Ottawa area construction company 25 million
420385$25,000,000.00ActiveONTARIO, LONDON, Fully Leased Plaza, $25M, 10 Acre Land, VTB 65% *** Future HI RISES Potential*
420992$25,000,000.00ActiveWANTED: Toronto, WANTED MULTI FAMILY APARTMENT BUILDING, Min 100 Units, Max 1000 units,*MUST BE IN TORONTO OR 1 HOUR RADIUS OF TORONTO* Budget $25M to $350M
414966$25,000,000.00ActiveBowmanville, Industrial Land 13 Acres, 25Mil, 13 Acres Prime Location
419638$25,000,000.00ActiveToronto, Redevelopment Residential Land , $25M,
421109$25,000,000.00ActiveWanted Downtown Toronto, 100 - 400 and Up Doors Apartment Buildings, $25M - $100M+ Qualified Buyers. I have successful experience with these clients.
419054$25,000,000.00ActiveGreater Toronto Area Mid Rise Development $25M
364231$25,000,000.00Active100 acres on 9th line,Markham,steps to stouffville commercial area,abutts subdivision, only $25M buys it INCREDIBLE over 4500 ft frontage
420448$25,000,000.00ActiveGreator Toronto Area (45 min. to Toronto) Condo Site, $25 Million.
419184$24,000,000.00ActiveWANT: Buyers for Showroom, furniture or Automotive car dealership. large Showroom, Garage, 2 acres. Main road exposure, GTA, .Principals only. 45,000 sq.ft.
419691$24,000,000.00ActiveBolton, Caledon - 7 Acres Of Vacant Land Zoned Commercial, Excellent Location - $24,000,000 - Exclusive
421053$24,000,000.00ActiveHAVE: Ottawa, ON. Brand new 54 unit apartment building across 3 buildings (18 units each). 4.5% CAP, NOI $1.1m annual, asking $24M. CMHC approved for $15m. (AM)

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