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Please Note: Database 2 FSBO (For Sale By Owner Area) You must contact a member for more information on any Have or Want in Database 2 For Sale By Owner Area. You can place your Haves and Wants there free.  See For The Public. It is easier to do this on a computer rather than a cell phone at this time. Upgrades coming later.

Please Note: There is a special field in searching called Have/Want Age with the default set to search up to 90-day old listings, Haves and Wants. If you want more or less you can choose more or less.

The reason: We do not delete listings for five years. They are used in the real estate industry for networking purposes. The buildings are still there.  The contacts in most cases are still available. The circumstances have probably changed and yet may be even better today than they were then. The listings identify the people with whom you may be able to do business with. The information and contacts built up over a period of years that certain people have, particularly real estate broker members of ICIWorld, may be quite valuable in many cases. This is our experience from dealing with successful commercial real estate professionals who in some cases do more deals with the older listings, Haves and Wants. ICIWorld leads to helping you to develop contacts for networking purposes to do business.


All listings new and older identify the people with whom you may be able to do business with.

  1. is it possible that because this person deals in this certain price range of property, type of property, they know about others and, if you develop a good business relationship with that person you may find out about other opportunities, not on this service?
  2. if it is sold can you benefit to learn about how much it was sold for, other details?
  3. by letting this other person know about what you Have or Want, is it possible this person may be able to help?
  4. older opportunities can provide circumstances that allow real estate professionals to put their creative ideas and experience and training to work to help people achieve their goals.

Commercial real estate networking and prospecting.

Listings, new and old, identify people with whom you may be able to do business with.

You have the choice.

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  6. sort by latest listings first, by price, or square footage for industrial, etc.

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