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The best way is to do a series of searches.
  1. The first search don't even choose anything.  Just see what is there. Just click on search database.
  2. The second search choose a continent or country and search and see what is there.
  3. The third search add a Business Category and search and see what is there. We will cover Key Word Searching a little further down on this page.
  4. The fourth search choose Have or Want. Haves are the properties for sale and for lease. Wants are what buyers and tenants are looking for.
  5. The fifth search look for "Sort On Field."  At the bottom of the form you will see "Sort On Field." If you are searching the Haves, try sorting on Price Minimum and search. If you are searching the Wants, leave the sort which is on the "Latest Listings First." You can experiment with other sorts later.

There are two choices of Advanced Searches:

Advanced with Contact Information.

Status active.

Means all the listings you find will be active. All the contact information is available to the public. You must be a member to have the public read your real estate ads and the contact information.


Status Active, Inactive & Expired.
The public will see the subject lines of all the listings but will only be able to click on the Active Status ones to see the contact information. Only members of ICIWorld have access to all contact information of all listings no matter what the status. Another good reason to contact a member today.

Important note re: Inactive, Expired Listings

Just because a listing is inactive does not mean the information is not active. When a persons membership expires we place the information to Inactive, Expired status. The information can be quite active.

A "Want" for instance is still quite active for most salespeople whether their membership is expired or not. Some "Wants" such as "Wanted Shopping Centers $1M-$5M" are active for a lifetime for a broker. These are regular clients of that broker.

However in our opinion the most important thing about ICIWorld is not the listings, it is the people. And it is all about contacting people who you can do a deal with or finding information that can benefit you. We always say "contacts . . . make contracts."

ICIWorld is an information service and not a real estate board listing service. In one sense it is like a gold mine.  But sometimes you have to dig a little to get to the gold. Whenever you find after digging a little that a listing has either been sold or is inactive can be a little disappointing. We strive to insist that all brokers and salespeople take a responsibility to maintain their information but in the busy world in which we live is not always possible. There is a silver lining here.

Now we have a question for you!

  • If you find a property has been sold, can it benefit you to find out how much it sold for?
  • Is it possible that because this salesperson deals in the kind of property that he had posted, that he/she knows about other property that is not on ICIWorld?
  • Is it possible that if you develop a good business relationship with that person that you can find out about properties not on ICIWorld?
  • If you develop a good business relationship with that salesperson, is it possible the salesperson might find out about another property one month from today and if you have that good business relationship, they inform you about it?

Most all agree the answer is Yes.

Not only is this all possible but in one recent month 44% of all the deals that were done were done in this manner. 

ICIWorld helps and makes possible the introduction of two people who are both creative in their own right. People who make a business out of looking to put people together, a buyer and seller, a tenant and a landlord in the case of leasing, a business owner and buyer, etc. For those wishing to strike gold, it is more than possible, it is probable because it is all about people.

For people in a big hurry, choose Active listings but do not discount the connections to people who have Inactive, Expired listings for the purposes of good old plain networking, talking on the phone, etc.

To search both Advanced and Advanced with Contact Information

There are two ways to search Types of Properties

Business Category

Simply choose a business category and search.

Key Word Searching

Key Word Searching:

ICIWorld is not a real estate board listing service.  It is an information service. An important way to find information within five seconds is called key word searching.  This kind of key word searching can search through a whole database of thousands of listings within seconds!

Perhaps the most difficult to teach on this service is key word searching. Because there really are no rules. However there are a few maxims. Here they are:

The main area where we use key wording searching is in the subject line. We recommend members and the public place four ingredients in the subject: Location, type, price and or size and sizzle.

So if you have a donut shop and do not put the word donut in the subject line, something is wrong.  One can search the word donut and find them.  However another word used is coffee, so you also have to search that.

So you should be able to search the subject line for a city location as well.  However because of the nature of information, sometimes it is preferable not to mention the exact location so as to only provide a general area. Just because you search a specific location, may not mean there are no properties there.  Search the general area and then contact the brokers.

This page may raise more questions and we are more than happy to help you on your search.


Gary Nusca, CCIM

Since 1994