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Understanding and How to Use the Powers of the Internet

Concepts, ideas, tools, tips, tricks that can benefit you the rest of your life.

For licensed real estate salespeople world wide. Invest time in yourself!

It is all about people and communication, understanding the power of the Internet to serve your prospects and clients, generating more leads for you and your office and serving people with the ultimate in marketing on the Internet.

Internet Real Estate Movie

This seminar will make you think about how you use the Internet.

Comments of sales people who attended seminar that is now a movie

Invite us to do this seminar for your real estate board or company office

General Comments: Informative, yes, good, great information, very informative, lots of information provided with web sites that are interesting, eye opener, lots of info, Gary Nusca, CCIM was very knowledgeable and easy to listen to, I enjoyed the course, I learned a lot, excellent, very informative,
Knowledge of Subject Matter: very good, excellent, good, great, the instructor is very knowledgeable and explains it well, excellent, well prepared, great information, new material, Internet is growing so should we, excellent, very knowledgeable, 
Relevance to Business: relevant, yes, yes, very, Internet is increasingly important to real estate, very, very relevant, security re passwords was valuable, must have ICI to help increase business, website knowledge, very, yes
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? prefer online training and seminar rather than having to go out of town for the course Gary mentioned. ((DONE with movie and webinars! January 2011))
Testimonial: great, great ideas, interesting content,
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO Education credits:
Yes (5 years in real estate), yes (23 years in real estate), yes (30 years in real estate), (32 years in real estate), yes (24 years in real estate), yes (20 years in real estate), yes (35 years in real estate),  yes (1 year in real estate), yes, yes (24 years in real estate), yes (10 years in real estate)

Windows Media Video Film Produced by, Inc. 
Available now on the Internet by Windows Streaming Video
(Hopefully you can click on the link below and it will start to play.
Please report any problems to us at 1-877-272-1721 as soon as possible, anytime.
We are all on the cutting edge of technology on the Internet learning to make it work. )

It is all about Internet Education

Pre Screening (Click on the link below to see it now through the Internet)
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    You can order this film on DVD
    as a Windows Media Video $30 including packaging and snail mail.

    Call 1-877-272-1721


    TV and Computer: Best Viewed On Your TV through your DVD Player (can be played on your computer if you have DVD player that runs standard DVD movies)


    Computer - Windows: Best viewed with your computer DVD Player (Windows Media Video file). Unless you have a DVD Player on your TV with special software that can play a Windows Media Video File.  


  • Who should see it? Every real estate broker and salesperson in the world, commercial and residential.
  • It is as if you said "as a broker Gary, study the internet for 15 years on how to make money in real estate using the Internet, and give me the tools you have learned to benefit me in real estate and give it to me in one 180 minute session."
  • Have a pad of paper and pencil to take notes. There are web sites mentioned that contain information that can help you the rest of your life. You should mark them down and make it part of your continuing education learning how to use the Internet.

This video film was recorded at a recent three hour technology conference provided for a real estate association. There were great testimonials.  We taped the seminar and made it into a movie.

You can watch it on your computer.  But we suggest you get a video cable as long as 15 feet at your nearest computer store, and hook up your computer to your TV!  Yes watch it on your TV. Learn how to do it.

You can make this film a sales meeting. Since it is 3 hours long, break it into three one hour segments. Discuss topics and add your own ideas as it applies to your company as you see the movie.  Call us to discuss this. We can actually be on line by telephone with you while watching it to answer questions as you go along. Learn how to pause and continue and make it full screen.

This is Internet education on Understanding and How To Use the Powers of the Internet.


May we suggest viewing this movie on your TV by connecting your laptop or computer to your TV with a video cable.

Great for the whole family!

Background for movie: ICIWorld was the first real estate information service on the Internet in 1994. Since that time we have learned a lot in helping real estate salespeople use the Internet to serve their clients resulting in among the most deals you will see reported on the Internet. We have compiled the latest evolution of all this Internet, computer and real estate knowledge into this film.

It is significant in the interpretation of how information can be handled in the real estate industry to benefit the public and the real estate industry.

Click here to view the First full length film video recorded Live - Real Estate On The Internet Produced by, Inc.

Windows Media Video Internet Streaming Video, CD and DVD for Television and/or computers

120 real estate professionals in attendance receiving Education Credits

This is a three (3) hour Windows Media Video file recorded at a recent Real Estate Association Technology Conference.  May we recommend you see it on your LCD or Plasma TV. Get a 15 foot video cable to connect your laptop or computer to your TV so that you can sit on the couch and control what is on the TV screen.

Every commercial and residential broker and salesperson in the world interested in learning more about the Internet should see this movie in its entirety sometime before the end of this year so that it is relevant for you. Otherwise you are missing concepts and ideas that can benefit you the rest of your life.


Besides seeing this movie individually, invite us to speak live at your conference or convention OR show the movie in a sales meeting! You can make three one hour sales meetings out of it. Discuss the concepts, ideas, tools to benefit your office.

We can send you a DVD copy for DVD players if you wish rather than using a Windows Media Video file off the Internet.  It shows great on an LCD TV screen.

For real estate offices world wide, there is a way we can attend your meeting while you are showing the movie. Start and stop it to ask questions and we can discuss things live! This is done remotely with you as a moderator with technology by phone and on your computer and/or TV screens. We can handle questions using your hands free telephone or speaker system OR everyone could call into a conference number that we can supply. You will also be on the cutting edge of technology helping us to develop this way of bringing education and knowledge to benefit your sales staff.

We can handle an audience of up to 1,000 people calling in at one time in our Webinars.

We can design handouts for your audience.

This is a movie of a seminar conducted recently for a real estate association by Gary Nusca, CCIM. It is a culmination of fifteen years studying the Internet and making it work for real estate sales people to service their clients in the best possible fashion in the world today. 

It is designed for all licensed real estate salespeople in the world. 

It is a summary of fifteen years of studying the features and benefits of the Internet crammed into one three hour video that is helping thousands of people benefit no matter where in the world you are located.

Have a pad of paper and pencil to take notes, have some munchies ready, or bowl of soup and a sandwich and sit back and relax.

Ask us to attend live in your real estate office or annual convention for a 120 minute seminar. See seminar details.

All that is required is a date, time and place. It is free in return for allowing us to do an eight minute commercial on ICIWorld.

Contact us anytime. Or 416-214-4875.

Your feed back and comments are most appreciated.

We are not getting any younger so the sooner rather than later for you to benefit from our years of experience can be helpful. It is Internet technology moving information @ the speed of thought.

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.

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