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One of many time saving productivity tools of The Market ICIWorld Commercial Real Estate Network Find information within 4.9 seconds from your desktop. Set your favorite search as an icon on your desktop!

Find the information that you need on ICIWorld

Let us use an example

using Internet Explorer

  • Go to

  • Click on any link that you would like to use

  • When the result is on the screen

  • click on File, (top left corner of your browser)

  • Highlight the word Send,

  • click on Shortcut to Desktop.

You will have an icon on your desktop that will open up over $1 Trillion worth of Haves and Wants within five seconds!

May we suggest you change the icon to a newspaper. In a sense this service is like an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper.

  • Highlight the icon on your desktop but do not click on it.

  • Click your right mouse button once.

  • Click on Change Icon

  • Choose the Newspaper

  • Click on OK

  • Click on Apply

  • Click on OK

  • Presto you have changed the icon.

May we suggest the "Latest Listings" for your state, or province, or city is a good shortcut to have on your desktop. 

If you specialize in something, make the Latest Listings for your specialty a shortcut on your desktop.

This will keep you in touch with the live real time haves and wants in the industry in your area.

It is commercial real estate information at your fingertips. You could make icons for areas, or business categories, ie: if you wanted the Latest Industrial Buildings in your area, or sort them by square footage.  While you are on the phone, you can open this file and talk to prospects and clients about Haves and Wants, it can be that fast.

If you have a special search function request, simply send us an email and we will email a link back to you. Latest Hotels and Motels can be a link, latest listings in your state or city can be a link.

In this file do not overlook the Wants.  It makes for a great listing presentation when you can show how well you are connected to the industry with a list of buyers that you literally can pick up the phone and start making appointments to show.

You can delete this icon by highlighting it and hitting your delete button.

Good luck on your next deal and do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network
2 Bloor Street West, Suite 100-A
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M4W 3E2

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