ICIWorld Membership Sponsorship Program

If you are not a member, ask a member to sponsor you. Call a member on this page.

The more members . . . the more opportunities!

For existing Executive Members sponsoring someone increases opportunities and keeps the price down!

Membership renewals are $319 for the whole year. However . . .

nutshellIn a nutshell:  When you sponsor one new member to join during your membership, your renewal can be $240.

Each additional person that you sponsor we add three months onto your membership.

If you sponsor four members you literally can get a year free membership.

All that is required is an 2. an email from you and 2. an email from the sponsored member to customerservice @ iciworld.com

And . . . the new member can join for $240 for one year since you are sponsoring them.

What Do I Have To Do?


Why does ICIWorld have this program?

Marketing costs are now the main ingredient forcing pressure on an increase in price. Our membership price would have to go up to pay for salespeople. However this program is about keeping the cost down by enlisting the services of all salesperson members of ICIWorld to grow the service. Otherwise marketing costs can double the price of the service.

The more members there are, the greater the networking opportunities for everyone to benefit, members and the public.

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