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Record countries IN ONE MONTH 122!

RECORD Readership is over 56,000 people MONTHLY. 

RECORD Have and Want ads placed in one day - 200!

The 2006 Realtor® Technology Survey, conducted by NAR’s Center for REALTOR® Technology, reveals that the Internet ranks third in generating leads, behind referrals and repeat clients, and ahead of community involvement. The survey also shows that there is a clear connection between technology spending and Internet-generated leads, and that getting leads from the Internet continues to grow."

ICIWorld is one of the highest traffic sites on the Internet in the world today for real estate Have and Want information.  Everyone can and will do business. It takes years of work to build to this kind of critical mass so that you can benefit very quickly with your information to connect with others. It is for your benefit.

There are over 600,000,000 people on the Internet. There are over 180,000,000 in North America.

USA Nielsen ratings USA | Other Countries | Canada

According to a survey by the National Association of Real Estate 77% of people now use the Internet to search for real estate.  Yet many companies have not modified their budgets yet to reflect marketing to all the online potential customers.

Of those another survey shows 96% search web sites for listings!

Another NAR (National Association of Realtors) survey sponsored by the Gooder Group found that 74% of people shopping for a real estate professional go with the first one they call and develop a business relationship.

That means if you can generate that first call from a prospect and develop a business relationship, you have a 74% chance of serving them successfully in a real estate transaction.

ICIWorld specializes with tools for the Internet to help licensed real estate brokers and salespeople generate these leads, no matter where in the world you are located!  Whether you are a residential or commercial real estate salesperson you will benefit. See

I believe that members of ICIWorld may have a two to three year lead time on the rest of the industry when they implement some of these tools and techniques since it provides marketing advantages over non members.  Getting a web site up and running within five minutes is tool, a platform like an office on the Internet.  Then we put a link to 18,000 commercial listings in this office as well as thousands of residential homes with pictures, in a way that you get the calls.

It is like having a real estate office on a busy street with a window displaying listings!  Except a real estate office in a busy street will cost you thousands of dollars in overhead every month, while a web site with this content costs you the price of a membership.

It is so incredible that people simply can't believe it and some don't believe it until they join and then start working the calls and doing business.

Having an effective presence on the Internet to generate these people to call you should be an important goal for you.  And ICIWorld is one major service in the world that has Internet tools to help you accomplish that objective.

You simply add ICIWorld as one marketing vehicle that you use this next year and on. There are other tools like your real estate board, or your national affiliations, local newspapers, signs, etc. that we recommend you continue to use.

We suggest that every real estate person in the world have a web site for instance but with real estate ad listings.  You just have to order it.  It is that simple!  It automatically updates itself 50-100 new listings per day!

How much time to set up a web presence? Ten minutes! Once you have paid your membership, we send you a web site by EMail. The EMail has a link to your web site. You log in to the web site, call us with your log in information then we install the special links to content of real estate listings and ads that generates leads. Thousands now have them.  We do have a training program Segment 3 that is called "How To Promote Your Web Site" that shows how to generate traffic. We help you every step of the way to get all this working!

ICIWorld supplies web sites. See Turn Key Web Site in 10 minutes!

High rankings mean business for you. In google for instance, search "commercial real estate" and you will see ICIWorld in the top ten out of over 100,000,000+ results. This means business for you.

If anyone interested in your area searches commercial real estate, they find ICIWorld.  Then they search your area and/or business type and find your listing! It is that fast.  Literally within a few clicks they can find your information. It has taken over ten years to get this kind of ranking.  You benefit the moment you join and place your information. Otherwise you are missing marketing to these buyers and sellers one of the highest in the world today specializing in real estate.  They pick up the phone and call you. It is that fast!

"Internet Buyers." who comprised only 28 percent of the market in 2000, accounted for 45% of the market in 2002 and may now be in the majority. The National Association of Realtors recently reported that for the first time more real estate buyers nationwide used the Internet instead of newspaper ads as a key information source. This report states that 66 percent of the buyers surveyed reported using the Internet, compared to 49 percent of buyers who say they used newspaper ads.

You do not have to stop newspaper ads.  You simply have to add ICIWorld to your marketing plans for this next year.

In 2003, online spending reached $95,700,000,000 in 2003! (That's 95.7 billion dollars!) A recent report by Forrester Research revealed that online spending was $95.7 billion in 2003... and it's projected to grow to $229 billion in 2008! That's a mind boggline 139% INCREASE!

Around 5 million NEW households will begin shopping online in the next five years! Another report by Forrester Research reveals that around 5 million NEW households will begin shopping online in the next five years... and the total number of U.S. online shopping households will reach 63 MILLION by 2008! That means that, by 2008, online retail sales will account for 10% of the total U.S. retail sales!

Where is your budget for real estate marketing on the Internet?

Obviously with 58 million households already regularly shopping online (and another 5 million expected to join them by 2008), there are still 1,000's of exciting opportunities for you to start a profitable Internet business of your very own. Operating your real estate web site in a way that generates leads is one valuable way. Details.

For a Powerful Listing Tool

Executive Members should print out the last complete month in color to demonstrate your marketing reach to people in over 100 countries!

The highest and best price for a property depends on exposing it to the greatest number of people.

Activity and traffic makes for connections to do business . . . now . . . and in the future.

When you plug your information into ICIWorld, you get the benefit of this world wide exposure. People find ICIWorld fast. Then they find your information fast and contact you! There are over 600,000,000 people on the Internet. ICIWorld is in the top 10 out of over 100,000,000 results in google a major search engine. This means business for you when you place your Have and Want information.

According to research by the NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS®.  In the first quarter of 2003, 71 percent of buyers used the Internet in their search, up from 41 percent in 2002. 

ICIWorld is built to be a World's Have and Want Real Estate Networking Service
  • $1 Trillion of Buyers
  • Over $8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease
  • Over 18,000 real estate Haves and Wants
  • 50-100 new and changing Haves and Wants daily.
  • Your Have and Want information appears on over 18,000 other places penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet, instantly and automatically
  • Your information is distributed instantly and automatically by EMail to the public
  • Over 10,000 EMails deliver information daily to selected EMail List Servers. Subscribe to receive EMail for the listings in your state/province region. It is free.

ICIWorld is proud to be found on these major search engines:
Google Search Engine Yahoo Search Engine LookSmart Search Engine Northerlight Search Engine Lycos Search Engine Hotbot Search Engine Webcrawler Search EngineAll The Web Search Engine About Search Engine MSN Search Engine Ask Jeeves Search Engine Dogpile Search Engine Mamma Search Engine
In Google for instance, ICIWorld is 11th out of over 14,000,000 responses.
People find your information if your information is on ICIWorld.

Apart from real estate agents themselves and for-sale signs posted outside homes, the Internet is the next-most-common way prospective buyers find a new property. Bringing up the rear are newspaper ads, notices from builders or referrals from friends.

According to the survey, 72% of agents agree that an Internet campaign is integral to remaining at the top of the market, while 7% say the Internet hasn't had any effect on their business. "You have to be able to change with the times, keep up with new technology. Do more for your clients. They expect more and rightly deserve more!

Despite the growing popularity of the Internet, many in the real estate world still resist it. Ask any successful agent and they will tell you. "Real Estate agents work on the 20/80 theory ". 20% of the agents do 80% of the work. If you have listed or are planning to list with an agent, We hope you do so using the 20/80 theory. We hope you list with a progressive agent who is in the TOP 20% & understands the "Power" of the Internet and welcomes the opportunity to showcase your property on one of the world's largest and growing real estate sites! 

Why be on the Internet?

Here are some important numbers you should know about and consider:

  • 34 million Foreign Born live in the USA
  • 42% of those live in the Central and Western part of the US
  • 46% of all Real Estate Transactions in the US have an International or Cultural component.
  • 60% of all real estate clients in the next 10 years will be immigrants, 1st generation children of immigrants and international clients. You can not afford to overlook 60% of your future business!
  • 1/3 of all mortgage money in the US Commercial and Residential comes from outside the US!
  • $ 49 Billion, the amount of foreign direct investment in commercial real estate in the US in 2004.
  • $ 52 Billion, the amount of foreign direct investment in commercial real estate in the US in 2005!
  • $ 62 Billion (estimate) spent on residential real estate purchases in 2005 came from outside the US.
  • The buying power of Hispanics, African Americans, Asians and Middle Easterners is growing rapidly and they currently spend over $2 trillion annually. According to the University of Georgia's Selig Center for Economic Growth.
  • Add to this the $200 billion spent by the large influx of South Asians from India and Pakistan and you can understand why 20 cents of every dollar expended in this country is spent by minorities and this amount will continue to grow at an astronomical rate.

ICIWorld Marketing Exposure and Readership


Get right into a showing. 
Without a showing today you don't make a penny today.

How to we promote? Many ways. See explanation.

ICIWorld was the first commercial real estate information service on the Internet in 1994. We did a search for commercial real estate in 1994 and there were only 25 responses. 

For a powerful listing presentation include the following:

  • Members should print out one specific months statistics in color showing your marketing reach to people in over 122 countries. It demonstrates the activity with hits per month, per day, per hour, averages, total hits in one hour, times of the day people are active, countries from where people are searching.

  • You should also print out a list of buyers to show how well connected you are into the market place. Once someone lists with you, you literally can pick up the phone in many cases and make an appointment to show a property.  It can be that fast.

  • You may also want to print out the forty one pages of testimonials and success stories of deals being done.  This simply proves there are deals going on for everyone and you will do deals too.

Readership is now from people in over 100 countries of the world.
Statistics have doubled. See
May/2002 with May/2004 statistics. 
These stats are also a very powerful listing tool.

The readership has helped the service achieve amongst the most deals reported on the Internet, see success stories. Everyone makes connections.

ICIWorld has spent the last 10 years promoting haves and wants of members to help them service the public successfully. We are even more inspired today by the successes of members serving the public and continue to be excited each and every day to grow the service to serve the world.

Where and how do we promote?

  • It is a short question but we could provide a two day seminar on the answer.

  • To see the many reasons why ICIWorld consistently receives high statistics there is a document in our Resource Center for members only. To a certain extent this is a competitive advantage and a secret marketing plan.

In "The Resource Center" for members only you will find "How To Promote Your Web Site." This is a secret competitive report that is designed to help every single member of ICIWorld to make their own web site, number one in their market place.

This service is designed to build our members websites.  It is they who also provide portals to the Haves and Wants on ICIWorld in a way that they get the leads, they get the benefit and provide a great service to the public. See "Leads For A Lifetime."

We highly recommend that all real estate professionals belong to a real estate board.  However this service is not a real estate internet type listing service. It is more like classified ads in a newspaper and information is handled the way a real estate professional would advertise in a newspaper, not on a real estate board. 

We believe there is as much as ten times and more opportunities in the marketplace that can be worked to do deals, that can be worked on ICIWorld than can be placed on a real estate board. I see it daily.  I too have been a broker for over thirty years.  This service works this kind of information, similar to if you had free ads in all the newspapers of the world.  If you could advertise free in all the newspapers of the world free, would you?  Then you definitely should be a member of ICIWorld.  Remember it is for your Haves AND WANTS.

These are trade secrets learned since being the first commercial real estate information service on the Internet in 1994.

Call anytime to chat: 1-877-272-1721. 

This will be a new experience.  Many have become rejuvenated in the market place. For those already doing deals, it just makes things easier. You just have to place a Have or Want once and industry wide public distribution and continued exposure of your Haves and Wants is done. It is like classified ads in a newspaper but to a market of over 600,000,000 people. It works out to less than 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day and you reach over 100 countries of the world.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

Contacts . . .make contracts

Consider a membership of $240 per year.  If you had to do all of the following yourself, this is what your membership includes. We attract people to the service and they find your information fast.

Fast facts:

  • Readership from people in over 120 countries accessing information monthly

  • Over 56,000 unique viewers monthly!

  • We EMail over 130,000 people once per month with a short notice, newsletter. Subscribe to this once per month newsletter.  This EMail Multi Cast was started in the 1990's and continues to grow to this day.  People can opt out, but over 130,000 continue to receive our once per month newsletter notice.

  • Subscribers receive over 10,000 EMails daily.  These are Haves and Wants delivered to the public worldwide . . . daily! You can subscribe free.  Many deals are started right from these emails. When members add  Have or Want it is instantly and automatically distributed world wide by Email to these various EMail List Services.

  • There are over 18,000 Have and Want Messages. USA Market | Canadian Market

  • This totals over $1 Trillion of Buyers and over $8 Billion of Properties For Sale and For Lease.

  • The top of the database receives over 1,600,000 hits per month. When you add your Have or Want it receives attention!

  • Over 600,000,000 people on the Internet.

  • Have and Want information instantly appears on over 18,000 places on the Internet, penetrating the farthest reaches of the Internet!
  • Average search response time . . . 4.9 seconds. Click here for the Latest USA Listings for example.
  • Success stories. Because there is readership from literally every area of the world, you too will connect to do deals.
  • Fax Multi Cast - Information on the service is distributed by a one page fax to over 5,000 offices with over 15,000 people, monthly to quarterly.
  • Attendance at international real estate shows and conventions too numerous to mention here.
  • Participation at real estate events.
  • Attendance at various trade functions.
  • Seminars. - Overhead projector and computers available for presentations.  See Seminars. Invite us to a meeting at your company and we will teach skill talents to educate your real estate colleagues on how to really take advantage of computer and information technology as it applies to real estate to serve your clients and prospects better and make money doing it. Instructor.
  • We are also designing an educational program for every real estate board in North America available for education credits.
  • Companies with individual members who are using the service.
  • Join their ranks and be on the cutting edge. Buy a membership today.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to help you personally.

For a member, ICIWorld is like having that personal marketing and information assistant.  One does not have to supply the computers, office space, salaries, telephones and expense, long distance services, programming, distribution services, etc.  It is only $240 per year for unlimited haves and wants and you receive the full benefits.

For many it is the lack of time.  ICIWorld provides the database collection systems to distribute each members information to a whole industry . . . world wide and a member only has to enter the information once.

This service was set up by a broker, specializing in networking haves and wants in real estate. We doubt that a newspaper conglomerate would set up a service like this and only charge $240 per year.

It is unlimited ads, all year long to a world market.

Since 1994

Contacts . . . Make Contracts!