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Status of Listings

There are four status's of listings on ICIWorld:

  1. active

  2. inactive

  3. expired

  4. sold

One can search only active listings using the advanced method and advanced with contact information method.

  • choose status and make a choice.

All listings can be searched by date.

For example:

One can search only active listings placed within one year.

  • choose status Active

  • click on the first button of the date of listing between field and using the calendar choose the start date of your interest.

It is in the best interest of members to maintain and keep their listings up to date. 

We have found the majority of deals take place at the top of the data base, not at the bottom. 

  • This is because when you modify a listing it goes to the top of the database that is receiving readership of over 50,000 people.  We find people simply get so busy working the top half of the database they do not get down to the bottom;

  • Secondly, when your place a new listing or when a listing is modified after thirty days, not only does it go back to the top of the database that is getting all this readership but it is also sent out to the real estate industry and the public . . . by EMail.  There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily to the public.

We recommend that members up date their listings a minimum of once every 30-90 days.

We all know however that there are many listings that have not been kept up to date.  It certainly does not achieve the maximum exposure.

Is it necessarily bad?  The answer is an unequivocal NO.  Many deals have been started as a result of a connection between people. If you miss this concept you miss an important networking concept of this whole service.  For example:

  • all members are required to mark their listings as sold when they are sold.  However if you call a member and find out it is sold, could it benefit you to find out how much it sold for?

  • is it possible that because this person deals in this kind of property they may very well know about another property that is not on ICIWorld and . . . if you have a good business relationship with that person, you find out about it and go off and do a deal?

  • is it possible that because this person deals in this kind of property that they could get a listing in three weeks from now, remember your conversation, call you with a new listing?

So you see this service is not really about the listings, it is about the people.  It is about networking opportunities that the listings identify.

One recent month, 44% of all the deals that were done were done this way.  Someone called on something, it did not suit the person.  They developed a business relationship, discussed other opportunities, and went off a and did a deal.

We have some brokers who were members who are no longer members.  They have listings that are designated as expired and inactive.  Does that mean their listings are not active?  Does that mean this is not an opportunity to network?

Let's also use the example of Wants.  Many times a broker or salesperson will have a major buyer for life.  Their wants are wants for a lifetime.  Their investor is always looking.  Just because they placed their Want a long time ago does not mean it is not active today!  Yes it would be better to up date their listings. We strive to remind the whole industry to do it.  However everyone is overwhelmed with information.  Everyone is suffering information overload. Does it mean the listing is not valuable to identify potential opportunities.  The answer is an unequivocal NO.

Remember you can use the advanced method and advanced with contact information method to search just active listings.

This service is all about networking. 

This includes information not just signed listings on a real estate board. 

In commercial real estate some say 90% of the shopping centers are not on real estate boards.  And this goes for all business categories. 

In my surveys of commercial brokers, they have an average of between 0-5 listings of a commercial nature on a real estate board.  However if we gave these same brokers 90 days to identify open and exclusive opportunities to do business every single one of them can come up with 10 or more opportunities to do business.

There is a special way to work these kind of opportunities that we will share with you if you are interested. 

ICIWorld is not a real estate board type service.  It is more like classified ads in a newspaper.  Do you place addresses in all your listings in a newspaper?  The same readers that read classified ads, also read ICIWorld on the Internet.

This service helps everyone in the world to explore opportunities to do business. Yes all brokers place their listings on ICIWorld.  But it is also meant to explore other business opportunities that can not normally be placed on a real estate board.

Please call anytime to discuss this further.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


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