Made money. Sold restaurants, revenue properties. Builds her network.

Judy Kazimer, Sales Representative with Re/Max Commercial Focus Inc. uses ICIWorld exclusively.  She has made $30,000 in the first two months alone this year.

[Six members in Judy’s office recently joined and are placing their information through ICIWorld.]

She has sold restaurants, she has gotten other clients and sold them other businesses and revenue-producing properties. She has built up a large personal network of people through contacts on ICIWorld that has helped her market property internationally.

She highly recommends it to every broker in the world.  It has been the success of her business.

She says there are more people looking for commercial real estate and businesses.  It is clear information, it is worldwide, it is a broad range.

She says there are more people are shopping the net these days and are not privy to real estate boards.  This service serves both purposes, putting out your haves and wants and having people find them without any trouble.  It is simply great exposure.