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The previous page are honest reports from members to the best of our ability.  I have personally talked to each and every one of the brokers and salespeople and asked them to be honest and sincere in their reports to me. Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP, President,, Inc.

Basic Axiom - The more opportunities exposed to the world marketplace of Haves and Wants to do business, the better the opportunities there are to match those opportunities with a corresponding buyer or seller to do business. This applies within real estate offices, this applies to the whole world.

This also results in the highest and best price being obtained by sellers and results in the best deals being obtained by buyers.

If you miss placing your Have and/or Want information, you miss doing deals.

ICIWorld member information now receives over 1,000,000 hits per month from the public. We suggest you simply include it in your marketing plans.

Testimonials should show you that the market is here for all licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the world to do business. It is for you to make connections to generate business. Treat it as a world advertising and networking vehicle. Keep your information up to date by modifying your Haves and Wants every 30-60 days. We recommend not to let your information be older than 90 days. It is only two clicks to update a listing. Treat it a responsibility to the people you serve.

ICIWorld services work from virtually every where in the world no matter where you are located. If you are the first in your area . . . be the first! The readership is here. That means you would have the business in that area. Grow with us and we will grow with you. It is up to real estate salespeople to discover and learn the power of Internet real estate information services and how they work and take the leadership to put them to use on behalf of your prospects and clients. 

The following is over 50 pages of testimonials of ICIWorld members doing business.

This should be an inspiration for you to get excited, as it is to us. We are working for you to grow this service. The more connections you make the more opportunities you have to do business.

These are cutting edge services. They continue to be developed in consultation with licensed real estate salespeople in Canada and the USA. It is available world wide.

This service is being built on the request and enhancement suggestions of people like you. We invite you to contact us and learn how things presently work and then to assist to make it better.

As you read through the success stories, it will also give you ideas on how networking with other people really works when you make a timely connection.

This service seems to work well with MLS.  For example one broker found a Want in Database 2, a buyer for an income building, found a 7 plex on the Toronto Real Estate Board and sold it.

If you can not place an opportunity on a real estate board, yet it is available, place it on ICIWorld. Now there is a special way to handle that kind of information which you can learn very quickly upon joining.

People can search and within 30 seconds and five clicks find the information they are interested in and start to do business with members. Search the words "investment real estate" or "commercial real estate" You should find The Market ICIWorld Real Estate Network International on the first page. People click on a country, click on your state or province and if your information is placed, bingo they call you.  It is that fast! If your information is placed and up to date. (within last 30 days)

The Haves and Wants help people identify you as someone with a like minded interest in real estate and vice versa.

People do business even when the property advertised is not exactly what they are looking for. Is it possible that if you contact someone who has a certain listing that DOES NOT MATCH exactly what you want, is it possible that because that person deals in that kind of property, they may know about other opportunities not on the service? This is part of networking. It is like planting seeds.  Is it possible this person you just met may come up with a property three weeks from now and because you have a good relationship with him may call you back and you end up doing a deal?

So it becomes important to establish good business relationships with others because that can open doors for you.

It is all about networking.  The true power of the service is the people behind each and every listing. They have a wealth of knowledge, contacts, energy that can work for you if you develop a good business relationship with them. The listings help you identify the people with whom you can do business.

These success stories should be your inspiration to join this service do business because the majority of them are not possible on a real estate board because they are exclusive. This service complements real estate boards and in fact real estate boards may wish to adopt this service someday. We invite them to speak with us.(2011)

Networking is free.  You just have to know who to network with. ICIWorld.  

Consider ICIWorld as an personal marketing assistant to you personally.

Place information in one to five minutes and reach a whole real estate industry of people. As more and more people learn about this service it simply becomes easier to make a connection to have a showing today. Expensive ads become a thing of the past. Without a showing you make zero. With a showing you have a chance to make money today.  Network with others through information compiled for you from a whole industry of people.  

We invite you to experience the power of networking through ICIWorld.

Industrial, commercial and investment real estate networking . . . for the world.

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