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This is a material defect that is the difference between you making money or making zero.

TIP: Placing information with the correct Have Want choice selected in the listing.

If you place a Want in the Have listings, whenever a person looks for buyers they will not find your listing!!!

We have just completed a key word search of the word "Want" part of the word Wanted in the subject line of listings on ICIWorld but chose just "Haves"  One or more listings showed up. This means one has placed a Want in the wrong Have/Want Category.  People that are searching for buyers are not finding that Want listing! Here are some examples of listings that are in the Have category and should be in the Want category.

  • WANT: Scarp Yard / Recycling Facility in Southern Ontario.

  • WANT: Plazas in the GTA up to $5M, must have at least 7% cap rate, please.

  • Wanted vehicle sales, repair and storage business

  • Want approx.15000 sq.ft Industrial Free standing Building

  • Want TORONTO Downtown Night Clu

  • Wanted Medical Clinic in GTA or Surrounding Areas

  • up to 200 more.

This means that members who have placed a Wanted without changing the Have category choice to a Want when a person searches for buyers, ie: Wants, their listings will not show up.

You must change the Have/Want category in your listing to a Want if you are placing Wants.

Haves Are the properties for sale and for lease

Wants Are the acquisition criteria of buyers of real estate and tenants looking for space.

Now it can be confusing if a person has a Have but you state wants buyers. 

If you have a buyer it is a Want.

  • you should start the subject line with the word Wanted and;
  • make sure the Have/Want category is changed to a Want.

We have identified one or more Wants on the service as a Have and they should be changed now. 

Some people wonder why they have not done a deal when they see everyone else on the service doing business. This can be the reason!

If you need a hand call me personally anytime and we can check your listings with you and go over them.

Other resources:

Now this message can be ignored if you placed a Have and said you want buyers. 

  • 229 Unit condo conversion in Orlando, Fl. Bank wants offer
  • Wanted Builders to Purchase Lots

You may find that making this change in your listing helps you connect right away and you can make a sale pronto!

Gary Nusca, CCIM, Inc.