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"The difference between making money or making zero, between serving new clients and clients successfully, or not at all."

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One of the true value added services that all real estate professionals offer the public today is their information handling and marketing abilities.

ICIWorld helps real estate professionals increase their skill talents in handling and marketing information to serve the public.

There are so many things to learn, how can one maximize ones use of time to learn the most essential items, the ones that make a difference, concepts and ideas to serve the public well and make a lot of money.

Since 1994 we have been helping real estate professionals and the public, daily. We do this on the phone, in seminars, in sixty minute training sessions conducted in their offices over the phone. And due to the increasing volume of increasing membership we do this in world wide conference calls and Webinars and reach more people. Now they are all on video.

We too have learned and continue to learn ways to help contribute to make people successful. See testimonials of transactions.

A theme of one recent World OnLine Commercial Real Estate Conference where over 40,000 people registered was "the technology is here to help people, it is just up to people to learn how to use it."

If you are a commercial real estate broker or salesperson, we will demonstrate concepts that make the difference between doing deals and not doing deals, between making money or not making a penny. 

There will be a point in this training session that you will see that you are actually missing doing deals and you don't even realize it.

Hi, I am Gary Nusca, CCIM and have been a real estate broker for over 30 years and have served on real estate board committees, commercial real estate chapter committees, and as a chairman of a world conference.  Over ten years ago, I chose to specialize in bringing information technology, the benefits of the Internet revolution,  to the practical and down to earth use of people operating in the real estate business.

Today in google, out of 40,000,000 search results, ICIWorld is in the top ten. This means business for your and everyone who visits this web site.  We have become media sponsors for many major real estate conferences, conventions and happenings.

Please consider us a personal marketing and information assistant, and mentor and consultant to brokers and salespeople throughout the world to help them in their service to the public. 

This service essentially is created by brokers for brokers to serve the public. It has been the input of many brokers, salespeople and the public, that has helped to create the special unique ways to serve the public using information technology.

I can assure you, there are concepts that are the difference between doing deals and not doing deals that we have learned that we share in the training and orientation sessions that we provide for new and renewing members of ICIWorld. It is the successes of individuals that continue to inspire us to this day.

These are the kinds of topics that are covered in training sessions:

  1. Information in the commercial real estate business can be quite valuable. How can "information" make you money and serve the public well - not just listings on a real estate board. 
  2. One of the True Powers of the Internet is the Power of Linking.  Many times it is not the property a broker has a problem selling, but the location. Instead of you having to spend $10,000 to build a web site that helps to sell the location of your property, there is a way to link to one already built, that helps sell the location . . . absolutely free! In our opinion 95% of the brokers on the Internet have not really arrived on the Internet in an effective fashion because they are simply throwing properties on the Internet with no due regard to the location. When you think about it, they are missing the three most important words in real estate, location, location, location. We show you how to address that.
  3. The Power of Linking can be the difference between influencing people to make a positive decision about buying or leasing one of your properties or losing to the competition.  In the case of industrial properties, many times it is a board of directors decision.  Learn how to influence them. We will show you how.
  4. There are ways to market your location, no matter where in the world you are located. How can the Internet help you sell the location of your properties effectively.  We give you the tools.
  5. We will show you how one piece of information made one broker $239,000 and helped the buyers and sellers in the process.
  6. Learn how to find principals . . . sometimes before listing a property!  This is what we call properties "coming for sale." An information service can help you get a jump on the marketplace. An information service can flush out qualified buyers without giving away what it is that you have. You can mention this to the owners and it can help them immensely.
  7. What should I place in my ads on the Internet and more importantly what should I NOT PLACE in my ads on the Internet. There is a lot of money at stake in earnings.  You make a mistake here and you just lost a lot of money.  We will show you how not to make a mistake.
  8. I have confidential information.  Is there a way to find a buyer or seller in the  marketplace keeping the information confidential? You bet there is and ICIWorld has been helping brokers do this successfully since 1994. Read the testimonials.
  9. Many people do not want to be forced to sign an exclusive listing agreement. Is there a way to handle this situation?  There is a successful working model that has been helping brokers serve the public well since 1994 while protecting the interests of all parties.
  10. What should I place in my ads?  Is there anything that I should not place in my ads on the Internet?  Why not?  Discover the strategies that make the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.
  11. Are there new sources of business?  Are there a steady stream of new prospects? How can I find out about them? You bet there is.  Database 2 for example contains over 8,000 haves and wants placed by the public who want to do business. These are new prospective clients for you.
  12. Learn the model of how to work information successfully through the industry. Learn the three basic questions to ask an owner that can lead to you making a lot of money. One broker reported making $52,000 with two hours work.
  13. Learn how to qualify your "Wants" from purchasers and tenants looking for space that can make the difference between finding properties, sites, space for lease and not finding anything suitable. Some of the largest transactions and deals over $3,000,000 are started from Wants not Haves. Learn how to work both to maximize your opportunities to do business.
  14. Learn one of the most important responsibilities that every real estate broker and salesperson should recognize important information in the commercial real estate business that is the difference between making a lot of money or making zero.  Otherwise you are missing opportunities to make money and don't even realize it!
  15. Learn how you can make the absolute best use of time to be most productive. This one concept can help you be more productive than you have ever been. You will actually not be spending time on ICIWorld. 
  16. Is there anything better than listing and selling real estate?  Yes.  It is called referrals. Why? Because referrals can make you $10,000 and only take five minutes of your time and help to serve the public. The only reason brokers do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads. We will show you how to get the leads.
  17. What is the easiest and most simple, fastest way to gather information?  There are some specific simple things you can do and you will be serving the public well. Many people just do not realize the power of the Internet to network information with other people in the world today. There is a special way and we will teach you.
  18. What is the best method for working computers, the internet, etc. if I do not know anything about computers? There actually are ways to generate referrals and never touch a computer! And it takes only ten minutes of your time. Learn now or you miss one of the easiest and best ways to serve the public and making money in the process.
  19. How can I make a lot more money than what I am doing now?
  20. How can I work smarter to make money - not harder?
  21. Why do I feel like I am spinning my wheels on the Internet?
  22. How can I make maximum use of my time?
  23. I feel overworked.  What and how can I delegate things?
  24. How can I compete with other companies so that I get the listing?
  25. How can I get Power of Sales from banks over other brokers?
  26. How can I find out about properties before they hit the market?
  27. Where can I find a whole new source of principals to deal with?
  28. How can I increase my opportunities to make money, and not cost me any money?
  29. How can I reach an industry of people with my information within an hour?  Within a day?
  30. How can I represent the Internet and its benefits, better than my competition?
  31. How can I help my buyers find properties?  There are five ways.  You miss one, you miss connecting with others to do business, and don't even realize it.
  32. Can I find out about properties before they hit the market?
  33. Can I really learn about people who are thinking of selling?
  34. I need a home page and do not know where to start and I have a low budget.  What can I do, I am not a computer junkie? There are some fast quick solutions that surprise everyone.  Do you know what they are?
  35. I would like some far sighted ideas of what to place on my home page.  I heard you can place a database of Haves and Wants on my home page?
  36. I hear one can place pictures on the Internet, free.  Is that true? How?
  37. Is there a way for me to add listings to my home page anytime that I want to?  Can it be free?  How?
  38. I heard one can print out a list of 100 buyers and print them out for a listing presentation?  How?
  39. I heard one can sort all the shopping centers in an area and sort them by price, industrial buildings in an area sorted by square footage.  How?
  40. Can I print out all the apartment buildings and their cap rates. Or can I find all the properties where the owners will take back a mortgage? Yes to all of the above and will show you how.
  41. I am overwhelmed with information.  I am suffering from information overload.  How can this service possibly help? Call today and see.

With an Executive Membership, these and the answers to other questions are covered in 60-75 minute Training Sessions conducted in your office over the phone while you are on the Internet.  With the volume of people joining these are now conducted by way of videos.

You can have a jet outside your door, but if you do not know how to fly it you still are not going anywhere. The Internet is like that jet. We have specialized in helping the real estate industry since 1994 to make effective use of the Internet, Computer and Information Technology.

Has it worked?  You really must read the testimonials

Take the training program now and take your skill level up to where you start making great connections to do deals.  Simply join today and with our startup checklist you will be up and running pronto.

Each year we recommend you take our upgrade Training Session on renewal.  There are many new technological advances every year and it is important to be up to date to take full advantage.

There is much business that you can reap. 

ICIWorld . . . serving the real estate industry since 1994.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

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