This page contains sample MOBILE websites that you can order now. They are free for 30 days then $16.50/mo. in the form of one credit card payment of $199 per year.

ICIWorld Widgets are also displayed on every website and you can order them for your existing website. They trigger leads. Order ICIWorld Widgets for your existing website. Receive the installation instructions by EMail and simply forward it to your website designer. Over fifty different website companies now have over 1,000 websites with ICIWorld Widget Links generating leads for their customers who are also our customers.

Register for How To Promote Your Website. Learn why you could you have a $30,000 website and it is not as powerful as others for as little as $16.50. It is because of three major world networks of listings not just one as most brokers have. It is because you will have exclusive listings, Haves and Wants from other brokers that are not on real estate boards. It is because on your behalf we structure listings so that people have to call you, they can not click the listings and get the other broker when you are a member.

Powerful links for your existing web site!

Links to thousands of listings exclusively from ICIWorld.
All in a way that YOU get the calls. Addresses are not shown which means people HAVE to call you.

See the Search Residential and Commercial button on each of the following web sites
The links to listings can be added to your web site easily. (nominal yearly fee)
They will generate leads . . . as long as you have traffic . . . and . . . we help with that!

Sample powerful working websites

This is Lead Generation!

Pay particular attention to the Search button on all these web sites and see the choices.

ICIWorld web sites are unique because of the content of Exclusive AND MLS Listing Opportunities

It is the listings that trigger calls.

In fact retired brokers can do this. See www.retiredbrokers.com
The best one we know of is one Re/Max agent did fifteen referrals and made $45,000.

If you miss having these links, you can miss generating a lead and not know it.

Sample Mobile Web Site Designs
Residential with Commercial

More Samples

Residential brokers do referrals on the commercial real estate leads.
Commercial brokers do referrals on the residential real estate leads.
All do referrals on properties out of their own market area.

Look for:

Residential Haves and Wants, Ontario Commercial, World Commercial, FSBO's, Business Opportunities. All of these links generate leads from a website. BC Commercial Florida Commercial New York Commercial and much more depending on where you are located.

Richmond Hill

Richmond Hill



British Columbia












Order a website
Free for one month.
Then 199/yr if you want to keep it

All websites are capable of being commercial or residential simply by changing the graphic. If the front picture is commercial it makes your website look commercial. So you can take any design of a residential looking website and . . . change the graphic to a commercial picture and presto . . . you have a commercial website! Naturally it is all tailored for you and your business.

Sample New Web Site Designs
Commercial with Residential

| 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8

Commercial brokers do referrals on the residential real estate leads.

Web Sites with Residential AND Commercial Buttons

1 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7

If someone visits your web site and does not see any of these opportunities in the ICIWorld Widgets links to listings, you can easily be missing generating leads and not realize it.

  • It is content that generates leads.
  • People are looking for listings on the Internet.
  • For $16.50/mo hosting and an Executive Membership in ICIWorld
  • We install IDX links from ICIWorld to all your web sites.
  • Web sites are like billboards, you can have more than one generating leads! We support all your web sites! Give us a chance to show you how you should consider keeping all of them.
  • We install IDX links from your real estate board.
  • The listings in the links from ICIWorld are supplied by other brokers and salespeople who have agreed to allow them to be on your web site.
  • The links are structured so that people have to call YOU for more information.
  • Design is done with you one on one, using gotomeeting software. You get to see it being built before your very eyes. It is a 90 minute one time setup. After that listings update themselves automatically.
  • Upon joining you will have full access to ICIWorld to place Haves and Wants and full access to Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO's.
  • You should make an appointment at your convenience for 30 minutes to add links to your existing web site.
  • Support from ICIWorld provided by way of 30 minute one on one web site workshops by appointment, daily from 7am to 4pm. Support also provided six days per week from web site hosting company.
  • Powerpoint demo on linking and web sites. This requires a very good Internet connection and patience.

This is Lead Generation!

Web sites created daily.
Click here for details and to order on line
1-877-272-1721 or 416-214-4875.
One phone call and 30 minutes.
Most everything is a one time setup.
We are a first line of support for you.

Order links to listings for your existing web site.
It is adding listings in a way that you get the calls.
It makes your web site more powerful.
Visitors want to see listings on your web site!

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Any questions and to register for a web site and/or to redesign one please feel free to call anytime.


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