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Haves and Wants

Highest Traffic and Readership in the World for Commercial Real Estate Information.  Statistics.

That is why everyone in the world who has Have and Want information should work their information through ICI World.

An independent service bureau for the commercial real estate industry . . . world wide.  

Free for Principals

Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople through out the world provide this "shopping mall of commercial real estate information" for the world.

This is one of the world's most unique and largest and highest traffic centers for networking commercial real estate information.  

The information is read by people from all around the world.  

There has been a dramatic increase in the use of the internet world wide as people read this information on their computers and on television all over the world with Web TV, and as licensed real estate brokers and salespeople learn how to place their information effectively to a world audience. 

It has increased the number of completed transactions and lifelong business connections for Executive Members in their successful service to the public.  

The use of this service continues to grow and benefit the industry.  See statistics.

It is very exciting and we are happy to be a part of it, to help make it all happen. 

We invite you to make connections, place your haves and wants and if you are a real estate broker or salesperson we invite you to join

The service was designed and built for brokers and salespeople to successfully serve their clients in the best possible way. Details.

It is working great for those who know how.

If you have contacts for buyers and sellers of any kind of commercial real estate it is just a matter of setting up showings until you have solid interest.  You can be into a transaction before you know it.

Hundreds of sales have been consummated with members now reporting deals regularly.   

Brokers and salespeople on this service have made from $10,000 in referrals to over $500,000 in commissions serving their clients.  One broker has made as many as twenty sales, others $52,000 with two hours work and more.

You will require a training program to learn how to take maximum advantage of the Internet.  We will teach you in your office over the phone in a one hour session.  If you can get yourself on one line on the internet, while you are speaking with us on another line,  that is the best way.  You do not need your own computer.

There have been hundreds of transactions by members who have taken the training program . . . very few deals by those who have not.  Yes . . . its vital.  How can one expect to know what has taken us ten years to learn?  We too wish it was simpler because it takes a lot of our time to share these concepts with you . . . but it is not.

A short one hour orientation and training program conducted for you personally in your office over the phone will bring you up to speed and ensure you maximize your opportunities.  

We are confident that absolutely everyone will benefit . . . no matter where in the world you are located!  We are inspired by the successes of members all over the world.  It is high traffic readership that counts and you have it here.  We will show you how to market to this traffic effectively.

Please do not hesitate to contact us and discuss anything or to get started . . . anytime.

Gary Nusca, CCIM