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Since 1994

What is ICIWorld?

It is built for the world  as a real estate Have and Want information service.

It is independently owned and operated by Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP, and a real estate salesperson since 1972 and broker since 1974 and since 1994 has devoted his service to serve real estate salespeople world wide, using the tools of the Internet to serve their prospects and clients.

Designed to be a small investment with high yields and benefits, self help, with a small number of people to support the service. We find once new members are acclimated things work fairly automatically.

Networking is free if you know who to network with. This service helps you identify people through the Haves and Wants so you can do business.

It now also has a major residential component through the residential and commercial real estate web sites we design and setup for you. They are customizable.

We support all your web sites with special links to listings that generate leads, SEO, knowledge to make them work, and more. In one respect web sites are like billboards and if they all generate leads then why not! We teach the marketing strategy very quickly.

The service was originally conceived in the early 1990's out of a CCIM chapter where marketing sessions presented up to $200 million worth of real estate over a one or two day period. It was to exchange Have and Want opportunities from real estate brokers and salespeople.  It simply made it easier if all Have and Want information was collected and shared in one place in a simple format instead of trying to write everyone's Haves and Wants down as fast as people were talking.

This world process of accessing a database from the comfort of ones computer helps you match buyers and sellers very successfully.

It started as an online Bulletin Board System before the Internet with telephone lines where members could post their Haves and Wants. However this was before most knew how to work computers let alone have a modem, etc.

Training and education are an integral part to help teach how to work information in the marketplace in a competent and professional manner.

The concept of networking information and using the the Internet to help people connect to do real estate transactions is what ICIWorld is all about.

It was the first real estate information service on the Internet in 1994 as the Commercial Investment Bulletin Board System. (CIBBS)

It evolved to the extent that it has now grown to a global scale with our inspiration being the among the most successful deals you will see of any real estate type Internet information exchange service of an independent company. See testimonials.

After all these years since 1994 when we were the first on the Internet with a real estate information service, it was incorporated in February 2, 2009 as, Inc. and has zero long term debt.

The vision is to provide the most cost effective way in the world today to help real estate broker and salespeople help the public to connect with them and each other to do business in the most economical way in the world today.

Mission accomplished. The platform is working to serve the world as smooth as can be.

The challenge today is to continue to grow the service. With the introduction of the iPad and 80 other hand held and playbook type devices, the Have and Want information on ICIWorld becomes all the more valuable as it is instant information, up to the minute of lists of active buyers and sellers.

The inspiration to grow the service comes from the hundreds of members who report to us deals and making great connections to do business not just on ICIWorld but leading to business being done not on the service. But the connections made were from ICIWorld.

This is a lifetime of opportunities for members and future business transactions, friends made all started as a result of this little service.

The service is available to seven to eight figure dollar investment opportunities. Other companies have had $20,000,000 of investment to get to first page of google. ICIWorld is on the first page. Call anytime to chat.

ICIWorld started building from the ground up, one salesperson at a time not from the top down. The belief is following Naploean Hills "What the mind of man can conceive and believe it will achieve." And . . . Dale Carnegie's "build a good service and the money will follow."

Networking is free if you know who to network with. Thus, Inc. The Haves and Wants help you identify people with whom you can network with.

It is absolutely inevitable that every single member either do business or at the very least make connections to do business.

This serves the public exceptionally well and members earn revenue based on their service to the public.

Today powers that were formerly reserved for governments and the Fortune 500-1,000 companies are now alive and working well on ICIWorld as attested to by our statistics of people world wide accessing the database on a daily basis and the success of networking going on between the public and members.

Database 1:

  • 14,000 Haves and Wants placed by Executive Members who comprise of licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada.
  • An Executive Membership in ICIWorld is with an annual nominal investment and is restricted in North America to licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. Others can join in other countries of the world until such time as there is organized real estate in their area.
  • Haves and Wants appear world wide.  The public contacts members directly.
  • ICIWorld is not a real estate board type information service.  It is more like classified ads in a newspaper where you can choose to place as much or as little information as you wish.
  • There are business areas and categories as well as many ways to search and sort information.
  • The public contacts the advertising real estate broker members directly.
  • Brokers have unlimited ads for a nominal annual fee.
  • Brokers maintain their own listing inventory of Haves and Wants on line themselves.
  • The database is searchable in many simple and sophisticated ways by the public.
  • The public has access to Active listings only.
  • Expired, Inactive and Solds "contact information" can only be accessed by Executive Members and are maintained for networking purposes.
  • Current Have and Want information is distributed by various EMail List Servers. This is once a day in active areas. The public may subscribe free.  One can unsubscribe anytime directly from an email.


  • 13,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public.
  • Free for the public to place Have and Want information.
  • Only Executive Members have access to the contact information.

Today thanks to all the members it has grown to one of the largest independent ad services on the Internet generating leads for thousands. Search for commercial real estate, investment real estate or industrial real estate and you will find The Market ICIWorld Commercial Real Estate Network on the front page of results.

This means business for absolutely anyone who places Have and Want real estate information on ICIWorld particularly in Database 1 which receives the highest exposure world wide.  People search google knowing nothing about you yet can find you within 30 seconds and five clicks if you place your Haves and Wants on ICIWorld.

Real estate brokers and salespeople have not had the time to study the Internet for fifteen years like we have. Yet it is the greatest marketing medium known to man. And there are 2 billion people using the Internet! It requires know how to make good use of it. 

ICIWorld is dedicated to continue to provide that know how, to licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. With technology one can lower costs while increasing revenue through increasing your networking abilities.

Information is power. The Internet provides the highway.

ICIWorld has tools, services, training and helps you understand the powers of the Internet to help you serve the public successfully.

We enjoy and appreciate the opportunity of serving you.

Call anytime to chat.

Contact us

Since 1994, Inc. Since 1994 (The Market ICI World Real Estate Network)
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If you could advertise your exclusive real estate type information without an address in a newspaper would you? If all your ads in a newspaper could be free all year long would you advertise?

Then you definitely should be on ICIWorld because all your ads are free all year long with a nominal investment.

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