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A global resource center for networking Haves and Wants for Industrial, Commercial, and Investment Real Estate, Land, Farms, Business Opportunities, Recreational and Senior Lifestyle Properties, Financing opportunities and more.
Over 7,000 Haves and Wants placed by the public.

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What is the same between ICIWorld and other services in the world?
  1. They are on the Internet.
  2. They can generate leads from the public.
  3. They may have a searchable database.

What is difference between ICIWorld and other services in the world?

There are many great services in the world today, ICiWorld is one of them.  It was conceived in the early 1990's for brokers to network "information" in order to serve the public world wide and today it has grown into uniquely the largest world service bureau of its kind.

We highly recommend real estate boards for instance.  However there is a lot more information available to make you money in the commercial real estate business than can be placed on the real estate board type listing services of the world. So we work information not just listings.

We recommend newspaper classified advertising services and trade publications.  We recommend real estate boards. However there are budget limitations, exposure is limited, costs per ad, costs per day, only signed listings, etc.  Today an ICIWorld member can place as many Haves and Wants as she/he wants and make them available to a world market of 600,000,000 people with an economical $240/year membership.  Details

You must read the testimonials and get inspired. It is among the most on the Internet. It is very exciting to see the contacts being made, how their deals are being started, ie: it is the contacts that are leading to developing relationships that are leading to deals in many cases.  One piece of information in the commercial real estate business can make one a lot of money. You will see a lot of money being made by members of this service.

What is difference between ICIWorld and other services in the world and what are the reasons why you should add ICIWorld to your business information tool box?

  1. It is the ability to work information not just listings.  This one feature alone can help you make $500,000 in the next coming year if you learn how to work information in an effective and professional and competent manner.

    If you only need it for opportunity it can work for you. 

    We recommend all members work at least ten open and/or exclusive type listing opportunities and at least five buyers in addition to the average of five listings that a broker carries on a real estate board.  That way you have at least twenty opportunities in the marketplace any one of which can make you $10,000 to $50,000 and more.

    And because we are all on the cutting edge of technology, you can work information in your market place that no one else has had a chance to do . . . yet.
  2. It is perhaps the largest source of buyers on the Internet with over $1 Trillion worth.  For members, the public contacts them directly. If you have buyers, this may be the best way in the world for you to work that kind of information.  Get specific. We have reports of all kinds of brokers who were surprised by the great contacts that they made for their area by placing their wants. Sellers who are thinking of selling can contact you! You harness the power of an industry to help you locate your acquisition criteria! It works!
  3. It is the "public" placing Haves and Wants in the FREE FSBO Area. Yes, this is one of the largest sources on the Internet of Haves and Wants placed by the public! There are over 4,500 Haves and Wants placed by the public with contact information . . . and more coming in daily! Members have full access to the contact information.

    In fact members receive by email the Haves and Wants placed by the public, literally within one hour of them being placed!

    You can work direct with them or you can work them as referrals. The average referral fee generated by the service is about $10,000. It takes five minutes to do a referral. We recommend all members work a minimum 10 referrals a year!
  4. ICIWorld provides a simple way for members to add their Haves and Wants to the world database.
  5. ICIWorld also automatically and instantly, EMails the Haves and Wants to the public daily. There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information to the public . . . daily!
  6. You can subscribe to receive Haves and Wants for your area by State, Province, area and more absolutely free!
  7. It has one of the largest sources of properties and businesses available for sale and for lease with over $6 Billion worth.  For members, the public contacts them directly.
  8. ICIWorld was first commercial real estate information service on the Internet in 1994.
  9. High Traffic and we provide the statistics.   Today ICIWorld has over 8,000 pages linking to its various web sites.  There are over 700,000 hits per month from over 90 countries of the world and there are over 10,000 EMails distributing Haves and Wants by Email DAILY and it is growing!

    There are several thousand Haves and Wants placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. 

    There are several thousand Haves and Wants placed by the public.

    This all generates traffic for your information AND for your home page. Place a counter or statistics program on your home page and you will see the traffic that starts immediately coming from ICIWorld for your information.  This leads to contacts that leads to you developing relationships that leads to doing deals!
  10. Database management. Place a link on YOUR Home Page that produces your listings within an average access time of 4.9 seconds. You can add, modify, delete your listings on ICIWorld and it is automatically reflected on YOUR Home page.
  11. Database management. You can add 10,000 listings to YOUR HOME PAGE with one button and in five minutes!  These listings are provided in such a way that people have to call you for further information. Details.
  12. Database management. It gives you specialty links for your home page. IE: if you deal in Hotels and Motels, would you like a list of 400 hotels and motels sorted by price as a link from your home page? It is provided in such a way that people have to call you for further information.  You can do this for all Haves and Wants in your State/Province, City, area, etc. for most any specialty.
  13. ICIWorld provides for free home page hosting.
  14. ICIWorld provides Support, a Marketing Plan, a Training Program.  You receive a copy that you can print out, the moment you join.
  15. One hour Training Program - Upon joining, book an appointment for a training session. If it takes longer than one hour, we will spend the time with you.

    We have been training and working with commercial brokers for the last ten years and there are things that we too have learned on how to help them do deals.  You get the benefit of all of this the moment you join.  It can and has been the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.

    We spend a lot of time in the beginning with each and every member.  However, once your are orientated, you will find that do not spend much time on the service. You may receive your information of Haves and Wants by Email. You may modify your listings once per month. You may add a Have or Want once in a while for five minutes. You may search the database once in a while. You will have an icon on your desktop for that.

    The most important thing will not be the computer, it will be the concepts of recognizing important information that can make you money, and showing you how to work the information in the market place.
  16. Marketing Plan. There are specific things you can be doing now to maximize your opportunities to make money in your market place. There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that this service can help you make more money.  Why don't you call me and give me the opportunity to demonstrate this to you? There is no cost or obligation for this.  It is the difference between doing deals and not doing deals.  All we do is help brokers make money by helping them connect with others to serve their clients in the best way in the world today.
  17. The way that one service is on the Internet can be significantly different than the way another service is on the Internet. One way to measure the difference is in the traffic.  For that we have a statistical program that shows the differences. See Statistics.  We suggest members print out November/2002 statistics for instance in color and use them in listing presentations.

    When going on a listing presentation for instance, one broker will say we are on MLS and you will say you are on MLS, he/she will say they do local advertising and you will say you do local advertising, they will say they are on the Internet and you will say you are on the Internet.  However I suggest that the way you are on the Internet is significantly different than the way they are on the Internet and you will have the Statistics to show the difference.

    Most all real estate boards require listing agreements in writing.  So in many cases where you can obtain a written listing agreement, you can't even work that information on any other service in the world except ICIWorld.
  18. Only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople can join the service. The public can not join but they can read and receive the information from the brokers.  The public can place information free in the FREE FSBO Area.  There is a limited view to the world wide audience but only members can read the contact information.  People request information to us or to a member on the service.
  19. We provide testimonials We feel this is only scratching the surface since there is three to ten times as much information available to be networked in the world today than can be placed on real estate boards. One of the true valed added services that licensed real estate brokers and salespeople offer the public today is their skill handling talents. It can make one a lot of money.  We help you develop those skill talents.
  20. There is a Resource Center for members that provides links to virtually every commercial real estate site in the world, with business and personal links that will help you in your every day life. These links have been built up over several years and every member says it is worth more than the price of membership.
  21. Top Search Engine Placement. It is rather hard to get all 2,000,000 results into the top ten positioning in major search engines of the world. It takes paid dollars and certain criteria to get to the top.

    See or Google for instance and do a search for the words "commercial real estate." ICIWorld is in the top 10 or 0 out of millions of web pages placement in most all search engines of the world. This benefits you because no matter where people are when they search, many people find ICIWorld and then can easily find your information and contact you.

    It is only $240 per year and we have members making over $500,000 per year.  See Testimonials.

    Since 1994 there have been over 8,000 pages built that link to various ICIWorld web sites. People find ICIWorld and within a few clicks find your information . . . if it is placed. For only $240 per year you should be there! It is a major world service.

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