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    For licensed Real Estate Professionals . . . worldwide.

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    ICIWorld is a real estate broker's national and international database of exclusive real estate Have and Want information, 75% exclusive real estate, both commercial AND residential.

    Readership is from people in 138 countries monthly.

    Most Listings, Haves, and Wants are unique. ICIWorld started in 1994 as www.iciworld.com and with the advent of new mobile services such as iciworld.mobi  is well positioned serving the industry, networking information. This one service has gone from 0-8,000 users and expected to double in 2017 not including any other of our many services.

    See some of the transactions. Over 50 pages of testimonials of real estate brokers and salespeople doing business, in addition to their real estate board deals.

    You can see it in real time daily on any mobile device at www.iciworld.mobi and/or install the ICIWorld App. It is free to view and do business. There is no charge until you wish to advertise and network. It is industry-wide, worldwide.

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    exclusiveinformationThere is a lot more real estate business that can be done with exclusive real estate information than everyone realizes. Commercial Realtors are used to this. And now with the Internet there are more opportunities in residential real estate as well. You are no longer restricted to making money on just a real estate board, now you can do both!

    This seminar explains "how to" in a competent, professional manner, compatible with the industry.

    This seminar also presents Internet and real estate education that benefits licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in their service to the public . . . worldwide.

    Click on Seminars at www.iciworld.com for items covered in webinars and seminars all dedicated for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople . . . worldwide.

    Order this seminar/webinar for your office.

    Call today 416-214-4875 and see how easy it is.  You just need to set a date and time. For those in your office who can not attend at the scheduled time, we can record the session and send it to them afterwards by EMail as long as they register.

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    Register How to Promote a Real Estate Website

    For licensed real estate brokers and salespeople . . . worldwide.

    A website is your office building on the Internet. Respect what it can do and it can make your life a lot easier. It can automatically send out listings, exclusive and others to your clients. Let people search three major world networks of real estate and exclusive listings, get your website onto all your customer phones if it is mobilized, 48 hours to the top of google, and much more.

    We support all real estate websites with ICIWorld Widgets. IDX links to listings. Learn how you trigger leads with them.

    Visit our educational ICIWorld You Tube Channel for recorded versions of other Webinars and Seminars. Invite us to do a seminar for your real estate sales team. Make sure you see the wonderful comments from brokers and salespeople in the industry from previous events.



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