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30,000+ contacts to do business. Marketing real estate ads and exclusive real estate.  Networking with people from 138 countries daily.

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  1. Total turn key website setup to be working within 1-48 hr.
  2. Customized to suit you.
  3. We show you how to change it.
  4. Set up with listings, Haves and Wants so people can search your real estate board if it is available.
  5. Set up with Haves and Wants from ICIWorld so people can search the listings on ICIWorld but from YOUR website.
  6. Set up in a way that people have to call YOU for more information.
  7. Set so that people can subscribe to receive new listings by EMail from YOUR website.  They can subsribe themselves or YOU can subscribe them.
  8. Residential AND commercial properties.
  9. Do referrals on the inquiries.
  10. Do direct business on the inquiries.
  11. Other brokers have agreed to to allow their listings to be on YOUR website.
  12. When you add a listing, your listings can be on 1,000+ other brokers websites instantly.
  13. You only need to log in to the website a minimum of once per month to keep it active and look after a TO DO LIST.
  14. Book an appointment with us and see the website created before your very eyes.
  15. Free for thirty days.  Then $199/year if you want to keep it.
  16. Complete support from ICIWorld 416-840-6227.

To Increase Your Revenue . . . Increase Your Network.