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If you are having any kind of a problem, just ask us.

Otherwise how can we help you if we do not know.

It is your responsibiity.

If you have a flat tire on a car, do you abondon the car? No you get the tire fixed.

If your car runs out of gas, do you abondon the car? No. You get gas to fill it up.

If your use of the Internet is not producing results, if you are not producing leads every 90 days, it is something you are missing or not doing. Call ICIWorld. Once an issue(s) is identified, there are solutions! Once a problem is remedied it can be like a light switch turning on, all of a sudden the Internet starts to work for your better. You can generate lead and be into deal.

There is a minimum quality standard level of Internet use that all licensed real estate salespeople in the world should have or you are simply missing out, yes missing doing deals and you do not realize it. May we show you? Just ask.

This service is your assistant. Any questions, just ask.

Most things work automatically once set up. Time required.

Just Ask

In order to ensure the success of every single member using ICIWorld, we have examined the reasons why some are doing well and some others are not.

We want to make sure you have all of the following working for you. For example:

  1. With a readership of 30,000+ people per month, 15,000 EMails delivering information to the real estate industry, 18,000 pages displaying information on ICIWorld on the Internet, and with 2.4 billion people on the Internet, do you realize that it is absolutely invevitable that every single member generate leads from their Haves and Wants (we recommend a minimum of fifteen Haves and Wants - see this movie how to get up to fifteen) and their web site unless you have a material defect in your membership or no traffic to your web site or not many listings on your web site? (See the Search Button on these web sites.) Need help? Just ask. We will help you one on one to get things set up properly.

  2. Material Defects Here are some differences between those who make money and those who do not using information and the Internet services.

  3. On your home page, do you have all of these types of links working for you for your area? See web sites with links. Take your time to study what is in the Search button of every web site. Mark the ones down that you would like to have working on your web site. We can help you install them. If you have more than one web site, mark all the ICIWorld links that you would like because they can go on all your web sites. There are many different links, by category, type, city, Active versus all listings, etc. Just ask.

  4. Do you know why links to listings are important for lead generation? Do you know how to structure these links so they generate leads for you? Do you have a great set of resources for your customers on your web site? Do you know there is a great set of resource suggestions for you to add to your web site? (In Training Videos) Just ask.

  5. Do you know why we recommend you have more listings than just the listings in the specific area that you work? Just ask.

  6. Do you realize your web site has or should have exclusive listings that other brokers do not have? This is a major competitive advantage when you tell people you have exclusive listings on your web site that are not on MLS. Most all brokers have MLS listings on their web site or should have (we install IDX links from real estate boards for you) But not all have exclusive listings. You have exclusive residential, exclusive condos AND exclusive commercial. This is a major advantage. Are you promoting this when you hand out your business cards? Do you have your web site address on your business cards? Do you know how to promote this? Just ask.

    Do you know there are many ways to promote your web site. Do you know we have a monthly program that helps you learn How To Promote Your Web Site.You can register now. Do you know there are recordings of past sessions in the Training Videos section on ICIWorld? Just ask.

  7. Do you realize that of all the industries on the Internet, real estate provides the Highest Return on Investment (ROI)? Because just one lead can make one a lot of money? Do you realize all the tools on this page help you realize that potential? See the deals being done all for a $240 per year investment. Not getting your share? Need help? Just ask.

  8. Do you have fifteen opportunities, Haves and Wants, working for you on ICIWorld? If not here is a video that shows you how to achieve that. Part 7 (The Three Questions) 12 minutes (In Training Videos) All FSBO's in everyones market can and should be placed by you on ICIWorld using this concept. They say 80% of FSBO's are sold by real estate professionals. This gives you the chance to be ones doing it. Need help to get to fifteen? It is actually easier than you think! Just ask.

  9. Do you realize you have better marketing exposure than FSBO's? When your listing goes on ICIWorld it can be on one thousand other brokers web sites instantly and automatically. The same when you place listings on the Point 2 site. Readership on ICIWorld alone is 30,000 people monthly and in addition there are 15,000 to 20,000 EMails delivering Haves and Wants daily to the public. You just have to place one ad to get all this done! This is for all your listings all year long. See statistics. You can print out a list of countries and use it in your listing presentations. Any questions, just ask.

  10. Did you know you can print out a list of buyers and use it as part of your listing presentation. It shows how well connected you are into the buyers in the marketplace. It is a powerful listing tool. There is no other list like it in the world today that we know of. Are you using it? How to do it? Just ask.

  11. Are you familiar with how to search both Database 1 AND Database 2? Set a showing today and you have a chance to make money today. If not here is a video that shows you How To Search Advanced 13 minutes (In Training Videos) If you have any special searches that you want to do, just ask.

  12. Every single member should have the mobile web site added to their mobile devices, etc. How to do it? Just ask. See

  13. Do you know there are other videos on all aspects of this information service? They can be found at, click on Log In Member Management, click on Training Videos on the left. They are YouTube videos. Do you know how to play them, stop and pause and restart, full screen and minimize? If not, just ask.

  14. Do you realize you should update your listings every 30-60 days and the reasons why and never let them go longer than 90 days? How To Add a Want 7 minutes How to Add a Have Listing 21 minutes (In Training Videos) including linking to help sell the location of your property. You can put links in your listings to the listing on your web site, you can put photos, link to a city site that helps to sell the location of your properties. You are a global real estate salesperson applying things locally. One of the true powers of the Internet is in linking. Do you know how? Just ask.

  15. Do you realize on your listings, that you answer the question "Will you allow your listings to be on other brokers web sites?" if you answer it no, your listing is on one web site. If you answer it yes your listing is on 1,000+ other brokers web sites? If no it is on one web site. What is better marketing exposure?

  16. Once you have a web site, what good is it if you do not have traffic going to your web site? Do you realize we have a once per month program that teaches you how to promote it? See video recorded 2013 02 22 ICIWorld How To Promote Your Web Site. Register yourself into the next three Webinars How To Promote Your Website. Do you know why this should become a passion for every single real estate broker and salesperson? Just ask.

  17. If there is anything you do not understand do you know it is as simple as a phone call. 416-214-4875. Just ask.

  18. If you need your log in, do you know you can go to click on Log In Member Management at the top and Log In Help Password on the left and it will get sent to you within three minutes? If not call 416-214-4875.

  19. If you are not getting calls on your Haves and Wants, we should check them out. We have found Business Areas not properly filled in, Business Categories not properly filled in, Have and Want box checked as a Have when it is a Want. Listings not updated every 30-60 days. A simply phone call 416-214-4875 and we can do a check with you.

  20. ICIWorld Our PledgeDo you realize what Our Pledge is? Have you ever asked us for assistance? If you are not generating leads every ninety days you are to call us. You are missing not doing something or not having things properly set up. Do not let your membership sit. If your car is out of gas you puts some gas into it. You do not get rid of it. If you have a flat tire in a car, you take it to a mechanic. There is a lot of money to be made in real estate. Who do you call if not producing on the Internet? Call the Internet doctor, the ghostbusters, ICIWorld. There is a lot at stake. Just ask.

  21. Have you seen some of the deals that are being done by the members who are practising good information and networking habits. They have worked hard learning and getting things set up. It is all about networking and developing good business relationships that can and does lead to doing other deals. Build your database of people. To increase your revenue, increase your network. Need help? Just ask.

  22. If you have more than one web site are they properly linked to each other? Do you know how? Do you know why this is important? Do you know why you can be missing doing deals and not realize it? Just ask.

  23. If you have a Point2 web site do you know that we recommend you must log in to it a minimum of once per month? Do you know why? Do you know what you are supposed to do every single time you log in to it? ie: Your To Do List. If it is not generating leads, it is like having no gas in your car. Or for any problem. Call us if you do not know what to do. Call Point 2 1-866-977-1777 9:30am-5:30pm six days a week. Just ask.

  24. Are you doing referrals? Every single membe should be doing referrals. If not, why not? Ask us.

  25. Do you realize we do residential all price ranges now as well as commercial?

  26. Have you ever seen and studied our Table of Contents?

  27. Do you have yourself set up with social media? Have you connected with us on them all? You should do it now.

A simple phone call and the knowledge can be like turning on a light switch. All of a sudden things can start working for you. Get one item fixed can be responsible for your next transaction.

Much like a doctors office, you make an appointment. In most all cases it is almost always 30 minutes. Have a cup of coffee with us. Have a pad of paper and pencil handy to take notes.

Ask us.

Don't leave this until you membership is due for renewal. Ask us during the year for assistance.

With ICIWorld you are dealing with one computer that displays all the Haves and Wants to the world.

It is one computer designed to collect all the real estate industry Haves and Wants in the world.

This allows you to advertise and network directly to the world in the most inexpensive way possible in the world today. Keep in mind this is a $240 per year service. If we had to hire more people it can not stay at $240 per year. If we had an account receivable clerk it would add to the cost for you. If we had a person who called you every month it would add to the cost for you. This way it is just you and one computer dealing directly with the world. Make it easy on yourself and us. Get things working for you by allowing us to help you throughout the year and your renewal before your renewal date to keep your costs down.

We keep in touch by sending you this EMail. With a thousand members it is hard for one person to call everyone. However we are addressing that with a special dialer. You will only hear that periodically when there is an important event, announcement of some sort. And by EMail.

This is Lead Generation. One lead, one showing, one offer, one deal, and a holiday for you that is the goal each and every time.

If you have a health problem, you ask a doctor for assistance. Any Internet ICIWorld problem or issue, just ask.

If you have suggestions please let us know.

All the best in real estate.


Gary Nusca, CCIM, AMP, Inc.


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