Sample Code of Ethics of Licensed Real Estate Broker and Salesperson Members of ICIWorld

ICIWorld is supported by several hundred Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople throughout the USA, Canada and the world and the membership is growing. 

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In order to have a real estate license in the USA or Canada a person needs to be licensed. They are obligated to adhere to a set of policy, rules, regulations, laws, guidelines, education requirements, and codes of ethics, etc. as laid out in their respective States and/or Provinces.

The Code of Ethics sets out the minimum requirements that Members are expected to meet.

Since ICIWorld is a world service we are undertaking a study of codes of ethics of various organizations with a view to our members adopting the ideas in them.

So for the next few years here are some code of ethics for our members to consider implementing on ICIWorld.

All people who have an interest in real estate may join in the UK, Europe, Asia, China, India, Caribbean, Central America, South America, Australia, Mexico, Africa, etc.

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Once you join we would like all members to be guided by a code of ethics. 

The following are some examples of codes of ethics:

National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics available in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, Tagalog, Vietnamese.

The Canadian Real Estate Association Code of Ethics.

RECO Code of Ethics

Here is the CCIM Code of Ethics

Most licensing bodies anticipate that many Members will wish to exceed these minimum requirements. 

The public can read the contact details of Have and Want information placed by licensed real estate broker and salesperson members of ICIWorld.  This is one of our major databases.

We have another database where anyone can post information.  This is the free FSBO area.  Everyone can place information in the FREE FSBO Area but the contact information can only be read by members.  There is however a limited view to the public. 

If a broker or salesperson advertises in a newspaper, they should be a member of ICIWorld since this is an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper. 

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The market is over 1.4 billion people. 

On subscribing, we will show you all the ins and outs and how to make it work for you successfully.

We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.


Gary Nusca, CCIM