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Who can join? 
What's Free? 
What are the costs?

ICIWorld is all about the power of the Internet and information to help you in your every day affairs. There are many tools.


Four ways for everyone to do business, otherwise you can miss doing a deal and not even realize it.

The Market ICI World Real Estate Network
Since 1994

Subscribe Detail

This service is built by licensed real estate salespeople to serve the public free world wide.

In Canada and the USA membership is restricted to licensed real estate brokers and salespeople.

For the rest of the world membership to advertise and have full access to Database 2 FSBO's is open for non licensed real estate sales people, business consultants and owners of properties until such time as organized real estate in a country are members of ICIWorld.

Certain other memberships are available. See below.

  • High Tech . . . Low Cost Business Solutions

  • Reach the World!

  • Complete Database Solutions specializing on the Internet.

Contact us


Subscription memberships for:

If you could advertise your Haves and Wants in a newspaper for free, would you?  Then you should be on this service.

The service is supported by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople through out the world. 

It is free to the public to place Haves and Wants in the FREE FSBO Area. This provides limited exposure.

However principals can join  where we do not have a member.  Details for Principal Membership. This  provides for maximum exposure globally. May we suggest you place your Haves and/or Wants with a member for maximum exposure.

Instructions, Invoice and Proceed to Membership Application, Secure Credit Card Payment, Receipt, Directions and Start Placing Haves and Wants, Book Appointment for Training, Help. GET STARTED



Why join today?

Click here for the Backups World Database made 6am Daily for a  quick view.  Email is distributed World Wide with links to this file. You will be surprised at how wonderfully qualified many responses will be.  And don't forget to contact others. Just dig a little and you "can find gold." (Members have told me this!)

Residential Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

Residential real estate brokers and salespeople are joining:

  • to add content to their home page,
  • to generate leads which lead to referrals,
  • to have a professional looking web site they control,
  • to contact buyers and sellers of residential property who are placing their haves and wants in Database 2,
  • to network limited commercial real estate Haves and Wants which can make a lot of money.
  • to provide a value added service from their web site.
  1. A home page within 60 minutes.
  2. A link to all the Haves and Wants on ICIWorld in a way that they get "Leads for a Lifetime." Work leads in five minute referrals.
  3. Access to Database 2 where there are buyers and sellers of residential properties and more leads that can be worked as referrals and/or direct business.
  4. There are buyers and sellers of apartment buildings, triplexes, etc. in both Database 1 and 2.

Corporate Special

If promoted within your organization, company, association, real estate board,  franchise, chapter everyone may join for $240/yr. We waive the $79 signup fee.


  • Put a Search Matrix on your corporate web site.  See samples This helps everyone see all your sales people's haves and wants at a glance with contact names and numbers of your salespeople. It helps them do business! It can be designed to suit your specifications as much as possible. ICIWorld can be a back end search database engine displaying Haves and Wants only.
  • Put a link to 16,000 real estate ads on your corporate web site in a way that your salespeople get the calls.  Details. This generates leads for a lifetime for your sales people.
  • Three or more people sign up at one time or within 30 days.
  • There is some form of promotion within the company, organization, group, association, etc.
  • Signup here. Call for the id and password.
  • Contact us for your specialized search matrix for your company. We will send you the link. You place this link on your corporate web site.

Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople

 Click Here To Start Now

Executive Membership Individual 

  • $319 for the first eight months. Renewals are $310 for eight months.
  • Canadian Residents add $41.47 hst (319 + 41.47) = $360.47 for the first eight months.
  • Four months bonus for full payment. (12 months service to your first renewal date).
  • This is tax deductible
  • Canadian residents receive a hst credit.
  • 12 months service available for full payment by American Express or Bank Transfer or Deposit, Major credit cards Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover.  Your renewal date becomes one year from today.
  • Corporate Discounts for three or more joining at one time. 
  • There are special screens for Managers of Information Services (MIS) with higher level access controls, for batch file processing, importing for listing and member management. Your whole companies listings can be placed in one upload and each member will also have full membership and individual attention and training where requested.
  • Corporate Special Search Screens and links from your home page with full search capability are tailored to your company, either with an ICIWorld presence or without.
  • Monthly 
    • U.S. and the world $40 per month.
    • Canadian Residents $40 per month plus hst.
    • Payable by 12 monthly post dated cheques dated for either the 1st or 15th of each month or
    • On line choose monthly payment option
    • Call our office by credit card for monthly $40 option.
    • 3, 5 and 10 year options available.
  • Who ever is going to benefit from the sale or lease of a property advertised on ICIWorld, must have a membership.  Partnerships, Husband and Wife Teams must pay for two memberships at sponsorship, corporate rate total 240x2=$480) Included are three memberships, the partnership where each name appears in each listing, the husband separately and the wife separately.

    I want to get started now. Instructions, Invoice and Proceed to Membership Application, Credit Card Processing, Receipt, Directions and Help. 

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Principal Membership

It is Free for Owners, Business Consultants, Principals to place their information in Database 2  the Free FSBO area.   It has limited exposure.  Limited View Contact Information is circulated to members only.

Business consultants and owners of properties in the rest of the world may join and place information in Database 1 which has the highest exposure in the world today on the Internet. Database 1 has over a one million eight hundred thousands hits per month and distribution world wide by EMail with over 10,000 EMails distributed daily to the public. Public Area Quick View .

We would like you to conform to the National Association of Realtors Code of Ethics.

We reserve the right to cancel your membership at any time at our option with no refund.

If you are a business consultant or an owner of a property anywhere in the world except the USA and Canada you have full access and membership to the service to advertise.

  • However you are not permitted to advertise any property you own or that is for sale in Canada or the USA in Database 1. 
  • You can use Database 2 for this purpose if need be. 
  • For the rest of the world you have unlimited ads.

Membership cost is the same as for a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Salespersons in the USA and Canada. 

Search membership.

Principals may join for a guaranteed term of one year and may renew until such time as there is organized real estate in your country.   

At that time, it is expected you would work through a  licensed real estate broker member or salesperson of the service in your country that is a member of this service.

I want to get started now. Instructions, Invoice and Proceed to Membership Application, Credit Card Processing, Receipt, Directions and Help. 

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Professional - CCIM

Any person with a CCIM designation as maintained by the CCIM Insitutue is permitted and encouraged to join ICIWorld effective January 29, 2011. This does not include candidates but only designees.

It is Free for Owners, Business Consultants, Principals to place their information in Database 2  the Free FSBO area.   It has limited exposure.  Limited View Contact Information is circulated to members only.

Membership in ICIWorld is restricted to basically licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who place information in Database 1 which provides for the ultimate in world wide exposure.

CCIM is a professional designation that can be attained by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople AND by non licensed people but with the training and knowledge have a higher level of expertise in commercial real estate.

We have also found there is a higher level of integrity on an average.  I should know.  I too am a CCIM and have met CCIM's personally.

Database 1 on ICIWorld  has one of the highest exposures in the world today on the Internet for members information. Database 1 has over a one million hits per month and distribution world wide by EMail with over 10,000 EMails distributed daily to the public. Public Area Quick View .

Membership cost is the same as for a Licensed Real Estate Broker and Salespersons in the USA and Canada. 

Search membership.

I want to get started now. Instructions, Invoice and Proceed to Membership Application, Credit Card Processing, Receipt, Directions and Help. 

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Corporation and Company Membership 
(non real estate brokerage)

  • $750 per year (Canadians add hst)
  • Direct distribution to ICIWorld Membership within minutes on a regular basis.
  • Examples:
    • Distribution of space for lease to the industry on a regular basis.
  • Mailing lists are available for delivering your information industry wide within minutes.
  • Internal Mailing Lists
  • Assistance in Marketing ie: Electronic Brochures, etc.
  • Provides for unlimited ads and links. 
  • There must be a commitment to place information in Database 2 FSBO area only.  This information gets distributed to all licensed real estate broker and salesperson members as well as emailed to them throughout the industry.
  • This information is displayed world wide so the public may see the subject line and then contact a broker to contact you.
  • We suggest you also make arrangements for placement of your "principal and developer information" with a member in Database 1 since the exposure here includes delivery to the industry by EMail.
  • EXCEPTION - In any area of the world where we presently do not have a licensed real estate broker member, all information placed by a developer or principal may be placed in Database 1 for one term until such time as we do have licensed real estate broker members to service that particular area. 
  • Call 416-214-4875 to get started.

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Economic Development Agencies

  • $750 (Canadians add hst)
  • Provides for unlimited ads and links. 
  • There must be a commitment to place developer and principal supplied information in Database 2 the FSBO area only.  This information is available and gets distributed to all licensed real estate broker and salesperson members as well as emailed to them throughout the industry.
  • Information supplied by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople may be placed in the public area that is receiving the over 1,500,000 hits per month.
  • We suggest you also make arrangements for placement of your "principal and developer information" with a member in the public area.
  • EXCEPTION - In any area of the world where we presently do not have a licensed real estate broker member, all information placed by a developer or principal may be placed in the public area for one term until such time as we do have licensed real estate broker members to service that particular area. 
  • Call 416-214-4875 to get started

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Real Estate Board, Association, ICI Council Membership 

$419 per year

  • Announce all your meetings all year long.
  • Announce education programs.
  • Promote your group.
  • World Wide Exposure for your group.
  • Call 416-214-4875 to get started.
  • Helps to build membership.


  • For members of your real estate board, organization, association, and ICI Council who also have a membership with ICIWorld, you can place a link on your home page that pulls all their Haves and Wants off ICIWorld and displays them on the screen of the viewer within an average access time of 4.9 seconds.  All from YOUR HOME PAGE.
  • Note: there is no extra charge for this service!
  • Searchable Database from YOUR home page of YOUR members listings at  ICIWorld
  • Custom database for your group with links you can place on your home page to search listings.
    • search the latest
    • search by category
    • search for lease
    • sort in many ways
    • tailored for your group
    • ICIWorld does not even have to be mentioned although we think it is helpful and can explain why later.
  • Industry Wide EMailing and Distribution
  • Marketing for your organization
  • EMailing and group emailing, subscriptions, designed to deliver just the information that you want.
  • Batch file processing of your database available. Separate grouping of your group available.  See Professional in left frame at for an example. 
  • Marketing Sessions is our specialty.  We provide direction on how to collect before, during and after Haves and Wants. This includes everything from real estate board listings to exclusive and open listing opportunities. 
  • NOTE: We may be the only major service in the world that does not require a written agreement to place information.  Please contact us on how this is handled.  It is important.  
  • We will be glad to post haves and wants for you within hours of your session.   We will fax you our have and want sheets, you photocopy them, hand them out to the room, package and courier them to us. Please staple a business card to each persons haves and wants.  Get your Marketing Sessions exposed to the world.  We will do this free. You can advertise this in your promotion!  We will highlight and help promote your session!  Please call for details. 416-214-4875
  • The placing of all commercial real estate listings can now be done in batch file. 
  • You can export all listings and they can be imported into the database.  Special screens are available for your administrator to import and/or delete listings.
  • Every one of your members who has a listing can add, modify, and delete listings as well.
  • Unlimited ads, announcements for all commercial real estate seminars, meetings, conferences, etc.

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Real Estate Franchises, Commercial Real Estate Networks, Commercial Real Estate Groups

When one is on the cutting edge of technology, and new things are developing, we are open to new and creative ideas to make this service work for you.

This service is designed to fit into the plans of every single person in every single commercial real estate organization , group, company in the world in a way compatible with everything they are doing now. 

Call 1-877-272-1721 or 416-214-4875 to get started.

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You can start to add listings immediately if you do any of the following:

  1. fill in online credit card information and process.
  2. provide us with a credit card number over the phone. 1-877-272-1721.
  3. make a deposit to any branch of TDCanada Trust (call for account number).
  4. mail or courier your cheque or post dated cheques and inform us.

Once you have made arrangements for payment and conveyed your method of payment to us you can immediately start to add listings.

Go to Buy Membership off the Main Menu. Fill it in. For an identifier use the first letter of your first name and all of your last name, in small case letters but in no case exceed eight characters. When finished click on Member Links and then click on add a listing. It's that simple.  Any startup problems please contact us immediately at 416-214-4875. This is an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper. There is no limit to the amount of ads. It is direct to the world advertising by membership.

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Cheques Payable to:, Inc.
131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M5S 1R8
Call 416-214-4875 when you have questions.

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Payment Methods

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover On line (click on Join or Buy Membership at or by phone to 416-214-4875.
  • Bank Payment at any branch of any TDCanada Trust (Call for account)  The Market ICI Network. Using this method since your cheque acts like a receipt, you can mark on the back of your cheque the renewal date (12 month service). The teller will also provide you with a receipt. Also please instruct the teller to mark your name in the description field so that we can properly credit you. Call us or fax a copy of your receipt to 416-214-4763. We will send you our welcome information package, make an appointment for training and upgrade your access so that you have full service now.
  • Mail by cheque. Mail to The Market ICI World Network, 131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M5S 1R8
  • Courier today to the The Market ICI World Network, 131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200 Toronto, Ontario M5S 1R8 -   Canada phone 416-214-4875 Gary Nusca, CCIM contact person and we receive within 2 days.

If you are wondering who I am, you can visit About ICIWorld

Hopefully you will have enough information to trust and respect our service to continue to provide these services as we have since 1991 when we first started with on line Commercial Investment Bulletin Board System.

Take a tour of our data center.

Backup systems in place now virtually provide no interruption of service as you will find out in the training session once you are a member.

We continue to be inspired by all the successes of members on the service and it has grown virtually every month.  You can check Statistics with now over a quarter of a million hits per month and hundreds of transactions  that we know of with many more deals in the works.  It is our intention to grow the service world wide as evidenced by our commitment since 1991 when we started commercial real estate information services on line.  There are no other services that I know of that handle information quite the way we do here.  This provides opportunities for you that you will not have in any other venue.  It will probably take over six months for you to more fully appreciate all the benefits that will accrue to you as you gradually implement all the ideas any one of which can make you a lot of money.  This is a full consultation and real estate service, not just ads on the internet.

Call 416-214-4875 to get started.

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Upon Payment

  • We will EMail you a welcome information package with your renewal date on it and our welcome information package.  It contains help sheets, how to link, etc. These help sheets include concepts and ideas to place photos absolutely free, links absolutely free, etc..
  • We are also providing you with a free training session in your office over the phone.  If you have the capability of getting on one line on the internet, while you are talking with us on the other line, this can be done.  In fact we are in training sessions daily every hour on the hour.  We can book a convenient appointment for you anytime. It is one thing to have a jet outside your door, but you are not going any place if you do not know how to fly it.  We have a ten point training of concepts and a program specifically geared for people dealing in commercial real estate anyplace in the world.
  • These ideas will help you make your listing presentations very powerful, help you gain "tools" in your "information tool box," organize and help you take advantage of what I call "the ultimate in marketing."  We will also help you maximize all your opportunities to make money, some of which have helped our members make over $250,000-$500,000 this year alone. These sessions we used to charge $100 for but not all people took them.  It benefited everyone so much we are including it in your membership at this time for a limited time.  We have found it to be a win-win situation.  When you are successful, we are successful.  We have found the ones with this training are way more successful than any without it.
  • Call 416-214-4875 for questions.

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Provides and Includes:

  • Unlimited message/ads until your renewal date. There is no charge per ad when you place them yourself. For faxed listings after the first 60 days of joining, there is a $5 charge to represent our labor charge to place them for you.  There is never charge when you do it yourself.  We take Wants over the phone free.
  • Database Management - Place a link on your home page that says "my commercial database" or "listings" etc.  When people click on it, your listings will be pulled from this service and displayed on the screen of the viewer.  You only have to add, modify and delete listings on this service, which is free with your membership, to maintain your listings on the internet.  You do not need to modify your home page at all.
  • Place a link on your home page to 16,000 listings. Details.
  • Membership Directory
  • Automatically inserts your membership information in every message ad.
  • Automatically inserts your home page in every message ad.
  • Automatically inserts your EMail address in every message ad.
  • Free Internet Links to photos. These photos can be on your real estate board or on your home page.
  • Free Internet Links to support materials, other supporting sites and/or information.
  • If you have a Home Page, free link to the database which will pull up all your listings. It is like you have your own private database right from your home page.  We can show you how to created and maintain home pages free.
  • Unlimited access to the Private FSBO Area as well as other private value added areas coming on stream soon.
  • Circulation of your information by way of several other information services such as:
    • Multi-Cast Fax broadcast to 5,000 offices reaching several thousands of people. If you wish to be on this service please contact our office or request by EMail with your full business card details. It is free to receive information.
    • Multi-Cast Email broadcasts to over 140,000 in the USA, Canada and the world. If you wish to be on this service you can do one of two things: request by EMail or go to, click on Free EMailing List Services, subscribe to one of the List Services.
    • List Services - Several Professional Commercial Real Estate List Services. Distributed to tens of thousands.
    • New Groups - Several Commercial Real Estate News Groups - Read by thousands.
    • Conferences and Conventions - Yearly at some of the largest real estate shows and conventions. In one show over, 15,000 people walk up and down the aisles and visit our booth. In another over 20,000!  Haves and Wants are made available. Executive Members are invited to serve at the booth. No where can you meet this many people in one short 3 day period face to face.
    • World Commercial Real Estate Conferences.  Gary Nusca, CCIM was the Chairman of the 1999 CCIM Commercial Real Estate World Conference in Toronto at the Westin Harbour Castle Hotel.  You can see the Haves and Wants from this conference by going to, click on Professional in the left frame and searching for the conference listings.
    • Other Business Shows such as Town Publishing presents Business Expo's : The Productive Workplace. Speakers Peter C. Newman, Paul Henderson, and Jerry Goodis.
    • Seminars - We produce commercial real estate technology shows. Last year with Jack Peckham, CCIM which was sold out and this year with Jerry Anderson, CCIM.
    • ICIWorld Seminars.
    • CCIM Monthly Meetings - CCIM chapters meet seven times per year. Information is distributed at these meetings.  I call it the "the bloodstream of commercial real estate."  Networking, Education, great speakers, and much more!
    • The CCIM network. 
    • CCIM International World Conferences and Marketing Sessions
    • You will also have access to the private areas where the public has placed information in exchange for a referral fee.
    • Mailing List Services - Instant notification of listings by EMail.  Delivered to you within minutes of haves and wants becoming available.  You can now select an EMail Mailing List Service by individual category and area.
    • Daily Backups - Files arranged by area and category on two sites. If one site is busy or down go to the other site. Another great way to get information fast and not wait for the internet. You can download the category that interests you.  You can download a list of buyers, for example 40 buyers of shopping centers and use it in listing presentations.
    • Download the complete database and read it off-line conveniently. No waiting for the internet at all when you search off-line.
    • There more programming features we are bringing on line and always more in the works.  It seems we continue to reinvent ourselves to take advantage of cutting edge technology that makes things easier, faster, better. All built to save time and money and help you make connections to make you money.

    All the above items are included in every Executive Membership.

    Call 416-214-4875 to get started.

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  • Only Licensed Real Estate People can place messages in the public area.
    • However where we do not have representation, this is waived until we have real estate brokers who can serve that area. Principals can pay (regular subscription) to place message/ads but the renewal provision may not be granted if and when local brokers subscribe to ICIWorld.
  • Only your name can appear in the message/ads. You can not place another persons listing within your office.  Any person who will benefit from a sale or lease as a result of an ad on ICIWorld for that listing in your office must have a membership as well.  People who are not trained or do not receive the personal ten point training program seem to totally miss out on how to take advantage of everything.  The membership is designed to be a low cost hi tech solution for every licensed broker and salesperson in the world to serve the public.

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For Your Listing Presentations

  • Go to, click on Statistics, print out last months statistics in colour.  It is very powerful when used properly in a listing presentation.
  • In terms of listings (over 12,000) it is the 2nd largest in the world.
  • It has the most number of completed transactions of any site on the internet for industrial, commercial and investment real estate, including businesses, land, financing and more.
  • Also selected in the top 1% by Real Estate Library.
  • It is now averaging over 1,000,000 hits per month, 65% from the USA and the rest of the world.
  • Averaging 34,000 hits per day, 1,441 per hour.
  • Most all countries of the world are visiting this site on a regular basis. Click on Statistics at See the number of hits per day.
  • Print out lists of buyers provides for Powerful Listing Presentations. 
  • This is an information service. You can place a message that you might be getting a listing and describe it.  You could have people interested before your listing presentation.  One broker obtained a power of sale from a bank on an office building doing this.  Feel free to call and we can explain.
  • Any questions call 416-214-4875.

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Related Professionals and Service Providers to the Commercial Real Estate Industry.

  • There are over 1 billion people on the internet.  Surely there are people interested in your product or service.
  • $750 per year.
  • However you may not place Haves and Wants for  commercial real estate property, leasing, information. These Haves and Wants must be place by a licensed real estate broker or salesperson.
  • You may place most kinds of information to promote your products, services, meetings, etc.
  • Virtually every service imaginable can and should be communicated to the industry. 
  • One can target areas.
  • One can target business categories. specialties.
  • You place messages the same as for member Haves and Wants.
  • Information is receiving over a million hits per month and your messages (ads) are emailed to the industry.
  • We suggest you modify your messages once per month to keep them fresh and on top of the database and re circulating through the industry.
  • We help in the design, placement and training for you to show you how to work your information effectively through the industry.
  • Banner advertising is $1,000 per month US, or  $700/month with a three month minimum with only compatible services accepted at our discretion.
  • Please call 416-214-4875 or EMail if you have a product compatible with our service and beneficial to our viewers and members.  If so, then you should follow all instructions for prospective members to join and start placing your ads today.
  • Actual Examples: environmental companies receive 3 orders during their one year, lawyers, selling books, spreadsheet software, products for developers, commercial moving companies, office equipment, building materials, jobs, and more.
  • Think of the service as reaching an industry of people. 
  • Book a one hour orientation and training session.  Contact us.

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Other Internet Commercial Real Estate Services

Our private FSBO Area can receive all your Have and Want information.  We can do this in a batch file processing method. Send an ascii file, excell file, etc. and we can set it up to receive the whole file.  Promote your services in your listings on this service. It is a win win situation for you.  This is totally at our discretion and we wish to talk with you over the phone. Call anytime, 416-214-4875.


  • Principals do not pay.  It is free to the public.
  • They can place information directly on the service.  This goes into a private for members only area.  Please see the FSBO Area.
  • They can and should place their information through licensed real estate people.  This way it will have maximum exposure.
  • Some comments from members.

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  • Countries accessing our other site Click on the latest month. You should use this kind of information in your listing presentations.  Print it out in color.
  • From the Main Page at, click on Statistics. One particular item I watch is the total hits for the month and totals hits by date of the month.
  • Additionally we publish information in News Groups, List Services, EMail MultiCast, Fax MultiCast that yearly reach 100,000's of people directly dealing in commercial real estate.
  • Our site does not deal in anything else except commercial real estate. Our statistics are not fudged by people who want to buy flowers, play games or deal in residential real estate. It is NOI's, Cap Rates, square footage's, upsides, returns, etc.
  • This site is read by people from all over the world. If it is shy of listings in a particular area or category it does not mean people are not reading those areas! You may be the only one in an area. You can get results!  It is the readership that counts!  Just place your information and watch!
  • It is our wish and goal that virtually everyone in the world will check in at one time or another every once in a while. This will mean business for you when they do. Our statistics show this.
  • This service continues to grow. We are totally inspired by the many successes of the brokers on the service!  It is these inspiring stories that has got us through the rough times in the beginning.  We continue to make this for brokers and real estate salespeople, the absolute best way to network commercial real estate "information" in the world with the public. And for the public, it becomes one of the best ways to network information and find opportunities to do business.   Opportunities in many cases, not available on any other service in the world.  
  • There is a small select niche within the commercial real estate industry of information that we specialize in.  And yes you can post listings but it is the information side of it that we particularly enjoy helping you get together with others in a way totally compatible with how you do business.  Do not hesitate to contact us at you earliest convenience.

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  • You will plug in to this traffic only by placing your information. It has taken thousands of man hours and $$$ to build this service and the same to maintain. We hope the fee of $319 for eight months service is an economical value for the time spent delivering your information to 20 major services regularly, reaching 90 countries of the world and sharing what we learn to help you connect to make money. 
  • There are twenty major features and services, each alone worth way more than $319/yr. The Fax MultiCast alone would cost thousands to maintain with all the daily changes in the database!  The training alone has helped brokers make money and there are many, many, many testimonials and we could go on and on.  
  • It is the readership that is important!
  • In one aspect you will be hiring a marketing and information assistant to you personally and it is only $319 for eight months. And you do not have to supply the office space, computer, pay CPP and UI or government contributions, long distance telephone services, etc.
  • You have a specialist and expert in information affairs as it affects commercial real estate people.
  • You have an assistant to help you develop and design your computer software and hardware with advice and counsel. One tip can sometimes save you 2 years of grief and headaches to select the right programs for the right job.  We will help you.
  • You definitely will develop contacts that you never had before. These can of course be added to your database for future considerations.
  • It might sound good if someone said you had a jet outside your door and it is yours.   But if you do not know how to fly it, you still aren't going anyplace.  We will show you how to fly it!  The Jet is the information age and this service has been on the cutting edge the whole time.

Do not hesitate to call if you have any questions.

We welcome your feedback and appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

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