The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network

Why this service?

A major shopping mall of information is necessary on the Internet to save time.  ICIWorld is built to be that major shopping mall for commercial real estate information that may not be on the real estate boards and real estate board type Internet listing services of the world.

Some people think they are already on the internet and that is enough. They already have a home page and it is registered and that is enough. Nothing could be further from the truth. There are over 1 billion web pages on the Internet. Most everyone is lost in the crowd. Searches bring up tens of thousands of results. People can't visit every single web site to search.  However there are some web sites where the cream rises to the top.  ICIWorld is a major web site supported by the brokers of the world, with a tremendous amount of traffic that makes it easier for people to find information in one major place.  In fact everyone in the world can now subscribe to receive information by EMail Free. If and only when a Have or Want becomes available in the area you choose, then you would receive a copy by EMail . . . free.  These services require great skill and money to develop and build self building databases.  They benefit the industry.  

A service like this is simply required to make it easy for every single person in the world to network Have and Want information and connect with others no matter where in the world one is located.

If you had a business in a downtown major city but on a side street can anyone find you in the normal course of business? Not likely. That is what a normal home page on the internet is like.  However if you had that business in a major regional shopping mall where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic would you do better? You bet!  The Market ICI World Real Estate Network is like a "Shopping Mall" of commercial real estate information in the world today.  Your information is then only one or two clicks away from the people who are reading your listing and they contact you directly.  We invite you to place your information.  Haves and Wants from 0 to $2.2Billion are placed.

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Why Join? 

Registered Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople require a membership to take advantage of the latest technology and connectivity to make connections to make money.  There are many reasons, here are a few:

  • Unlimited networking of Have and Want Information and distribution to the world.  ICIWorld receives over a quarter of a million hits per month from the public.  It is a tremendous readership for commercial real estate information that very few web sites in the world can match. We will show you how to spark interest.  ICIWorld distributes to tens of thousands monthly by way of twenty major services . . . all included.
  • Access to the Private FSBO area for contact names and numbers and do business directly with principals.  Principals place information free.  You should do business directly with them. Get on the private FSBO Mailing List!  Get on the private Sold Mailing List!
  • Access the Resource Center . . . five years of links collected that open up the whole world to benefit you personally and for business purposes . . . one idea can benefit you immensely . . . there are hundreds!
  • Receive the Training Program.  We empower brokers to learn some of the true powers of the internet such as the Power of Linking.  It is part of ICIWorld's Training Program and what we call The Ultimate in Marketing on the Internet. You offer a very special value added service to the public, that of networking and marketing information . . . we help you develop your skills to do the absolute best job in the area.  There is no question from our point of view that, without it you are missing doing deals in your market place.   We have been doing this for over ten years so pardon our certainty. 
  • Having a database for your home page is absolutely free with your membership. We provide information and advice on on having a Free Home Page, hosting of Home Pages free with your membership, and much more.

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We publish our statistics in two main areas. One at near the bottom of the page and one at, click on the button called Statistics. You will see almost one hundred countries of the world that access our sites. You will see the number of hits per day. These are commercial real estate hits since we do not deal in flowers, residential real estate, games or anything else. People are just not interested in NOI's and Cap Rates unless they are interested. Hits by day, by the hour with averages are all given. No commercial real estate site that I know of is getting these kinds of hits like this site does. No matter where in the world you are, your information will get seen by others who are capable of doing deals.

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I don't believe any service in the world is circulating information as much as we do on your behalf. In fact our business is a service bureau for licensed real estate people who can not possibly understand and keep up with all the changes occurring in the information business. We do it all for you.

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Marketing Ideas

  • We have many but I will share one with you that is worth its weight in gold. It would cost you $10,000 to build a web site as good as a local economic development agencies web site. Yet what they do is paid for by the government and it is fully setup to convince businesses and people to locate in their area as the greatest place to live. All you have to do is link to it. Our service provides for the placement of these links within your messages. Demographics, the labor market, pictures of parks, schools, shopping, crime rates, etc.. can influence whether people want to locate there. All of this can be linked for free within your messages. And there are others you will find out about when you subscribe. 95% of the brokers today really have not arrived on the internet because they are throwing properties on the internet with no due regard to the location.  We will show you how to really market your location no matter where in the world you are located.  It works great and every broker appreciates it once shown!
  • What to design links on your home page to a database of your listings on this service. It is like your own personal database and it is free.
  • How to register your home page in 250 search engines of the world.
  • How and when to design your information to be more effective to generate calls.
  • How to develop databases yourself to distribute information to.
  • How to develop a fax multicast to people in your area. Circulate the information on this service and work the calls. Some brokers report 3 leased building within the first 3 months of this service.
  • How to develop your EMail and Fax programs to ship information directly from your computer to others.
  • How to develop EMail Multicasts yourself.

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Time Saving

Place one listing not only is it maintained on Canada's Largest Commercial Real Estate Information Service and one of The Top Ten In The World Today but it is circulated throughout the industry locally and world wide in fourteen major different services.

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Save Money

To maintain the databases and make corrections on circulation of information would require a full time person of $30,000 to $50,000 per year. We do it all for you. The fax multicast for instance to 4,000 requires changes daily to keep it up. We could supply this database to you for free and it wouldn't do you any good because in a matter of months it would be out of date.

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With one entry for one listing by you this is what is done.
  • placement on Canada's Largest Commercial Real Estate Information Service
  • Generation of an EMail to our List Service which sends it to all the people on the lists
  • Fax multicast to over 4,000 people who deal in commercial real estate.
  • EMail multicast to thousands.
  • maintain these databases is a job that requires full time people.

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You are an information expert. You are licensed in your state or province to trade in real estate information. We help you become an expert in the handling and placing of information that can make you money and satisfy the needs of your clients and prospects.

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  • One example is marketing. You are a marketing expert. There are ways to market your properties that involve how you present them and who they go to.
  • Market knowledge of buyers and sellers.
  • We have private areas that contain information and contacts that can make you money.
  • For appraisers it is market knowledge of buying and selling cap rates that could be important.

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It is one thing to have a personal jet outside your door that could take you to Monte Carlo. But you won't be going anyplace if you don't know how to fly it. We have been helping brokers plug into information technology since 1991. We have helped literally thousands. Many brokers in this industry will attest that we have helped them get on line, place their first message, transfer their first file of commercial real estate, or give advice on what programs or computers to buy. Without this kind of industry advice, one could spend years going down the wrong path, with the wrong programs and costing one self a lot of time and money for nothing.

We are like a marketing and information assistant to you personally.

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Listing Power

Brokers report this is a powerful listing tool. Being on Canada's Largest Commercial Real Estate Information Service and one of the Top Ten in The World Today is a powerful listing and selling tool.

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There is no other service that I know of that receives as many hits and circulates information as much as our service does. No matter where people are in the world they are only one or two clicks away from your information and contacting you.

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  • We have the largest cross section of independent real estate brokers and salespeople in Ontario alone for example networking commercial real estate information successfully to the public.
  • There are three ways to make money on this service. Call on and ad and go show it. Place an ad and have someone call you. But the third way was responsible for one of the largest sales (6 figure commission income) where one broker called on one ad, it did not suit him, but the two parties developed a relationship and discussed something not on the service and went off and did a deal.
  • The internet does not sell properties, people do. This service simply helps the introduction. If you develop a good relationship with someone you may find out about other opportunities not on this service yet the original introduction was started here.

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Competition to The FSBO Services

It is our belief that information in an industry will flow when the right ingredients are in place such as when brokers are not cut out of transactions but included. Our service is a operated in a win win situation for real estate brokers to network their information with the public. The public can advertise free on this service, but the information goes to the broker members only. Brokers who are interested can act on this information directly with the owners.  In order for principals to receive world wide and local exposure their information must be placed by a licensed real estate broker or salesperson.  More information flows through the industry as a result and this benefits the very principals who place it this way.  There is no other service that does this quite so effectively.

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Ability to Network Information Not Possible on Other Services

Brokers on our service are reporting making more money on their information than they are on their listings. One broker has sold 7 shopping centers that were not on real estate boards. This gives you an opportunity to work your information not just your listings. This includes buyers and what they are looking for, and open and exclusive listings. This is not to say that you do not cover yourself with a listing or agreement before you show it. We recommend you always cover yourself with some type of agreement before divulging the address or showing the property.  There are several types of agreements and we would be happy to discuss them with you on subscribing.

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Competitive Advantage

  • This service is one major tool in a brokers tool box. Anyone in commercial real estate who does not have it is losing out on competing on an effective basis.
  • Owners of properties can also place information on the internet the same as you. The advantage that you have is that you are on Canada's Largest Service and you can provide exposure that he can't get with his/her site. If they were to put a counter on their site they might get a few hits mainly from their programmer. What you want are qualified buyers and sellers dealing in commercial real estate and the greatest number in the world visiting any site today is at You can provide exposure for them at this site.
  • This service provides you with a powerful listing tool. Print out a list of countries that reach this service.  People are only one or two clicks away from your information!
  • Where else or who else can print out a list of say 60 buyers in the case of apartment buildings?  There are none that I know of!  This is because of the efforts of licensed real estate brokers placing their information on a service that benefits both principals and themselves.

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Local, National, International Exposure

  • In come cases brokers have paid $25,000 to join a franchise for international exposure. Now you have international exposure from the comfort of your home or office.
  • In many cases we know you obtain your buyers in the local market. You also reach these people. Stories from our brokers tell about people down the block from where they are saw the want on the internet and responded.
  • Although many sales are consummated locally, the owners of properties want the maximum exposure. It is a function of value. The more exposure the better the opportunity to achieve a better price and terms or even make a sale.
  • You will find investors, REITS's, Pension Funds, developers, as well as small investors looking to acquire real estate.

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Personalized Service

I would like you to consider us as your personal marketing and information assistant.  Most brokers and salespeople simply do not have the time to do all the things that are necessary to network information.  Almost everyone can use a little help with organization.  It can be as simple as filling out a Have or Want Sheet and faxing it in.  In fact we can even take a Have or Want over the phone.

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This is not just an advertising service.  There are several concepts which are vital to taking advantage of information services.  Without a good solid understanding of these fundamentals, it is like having a car without the keys.  We are in the middle of an information revolution that is moving so fast that one main part of my function is just to figure out what is coming next and incorporate it into our services.  We all have to continually learn.  It is a lot less frustrating when you have someone you can contact like us to give you a hand.  In fact we conduct training in your office over the phone.  In some cases with hands free phones that several people can participate in.

I am personally inspired by all the brokers that have done deals, who have obtained listings and sold them, who have made excellent contacts that will lead to doing business.  I invite you to join them and include this service as one of the important information services of our time.  I hope to earn your respect and praise over the coming years in our mission to provide you with value added commercial real estate information services.

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Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

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