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Subject LineINVESTMENT OPPORTUNITY In A Sustainable Wet Air-Filter Technology & Help Restore the World to Pre-Coronavirus (COVID-19) Conditions. Projected/Year ROI 12.50%.
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Date of ListingJune 1 2021
Type DescriptionInvestment Opportunity in a Sustainable Technology
CommentsDexwet is Seeking Investors to Help Grow as they are Exceeding all Company Projections and in the process of Signing Several Contracts with a Number of Municipal Government Agencies. Also Planning to License their Technology with a number of other major Air-Filter industry leaders. Projected Annual Return 12.50% plus ROI.

Dexwet is an Air-Filter Technology Company and currently owns over 60 global Patents in the Air-Filter industry. Dexwet Patented Wet-Air Filter Technology has been used in Commercial Equipment to Filter Fine Dust Particles since 2005. Fine Dust Particles are harmful to people to breathe but are equally harmful to machines that require internal cooling fans.

Dexwet presently has Licensing Agreement with the second-largest gaming machine company in the world. Dexwet Filters work to help machines run at their peak efficiency by eliminating 99.99% of Fine Dust Particles from entering the working mechanics of their system.

Dexwet will sell up to 6,800 Series A-1 Preferred Units at US$10,000 per Unit, only to accredited investors in an exempt offering. Also Dexwet will provide investors with a 5.75% annualized dividend paid out quarterly, plus 15% participation of the net annual pre-tax profits.

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