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Click on the image to go to Google Play Store

How can I install the app from Google Play?

  • Click on the logo above to view the ICIWorld App in the Google Play Store
  • Visit the Google Play store  search ICIWorld and Install it!
  • Send this link to your Android device and choose install
  • It is free and available for all of your Android devices such as Samsung Galaxies, Nexus Google phones and more.

Click on the image to go to Apple App Store

How can I install the app?

  • Click on the logo above to view the ICIWorld app in iTunes
  • Alternatively, find the App Store on your device and simply search the word ICIWorld
  • It is free and available for your iPhone and iPad
  • It will ask you for your Apple ID. If you have trouble knowing your ID call 1-800-275-2273 Apple.

NOTE: On the iPad I personally prefer to visit our main site on the iPad

Blackberry, Windows, Tablets and other Mobile Devices

This is really not an app but a mobilized version of the ICIWorld App in html5.

To access the html mobilizad version of the ICIWorld app click here!
Copy and send this link to your Blackberry or Window mobile device. Click on it and save it to you favorites
Click here to send this link by EMail to your Blackberry and make it easier to click on and load.
Add it to your Home Screen. (Use the Blackberry button and choose ADD TO HOME SCREEN)
Note: Someday ICIWorld may become an App in the Blackberry Store but the quotes we have at the moment are $100,000 which we are holding off on for now. If anyone knows how to do it more economically let us know. The mobilized version is working smoothly once you add it to your home screen. It is called html5.

What our Executive Members are saying:

ICIWorld Mobilized Service for All Mobile Devices in the World.

  • all licensed real estate brokes and salespeople in the world can have it.
  • add this link to the home screen on your moibile device
  • you can use it to search listings, Haves and Wants, new ones daily from your mobile device.
  • place your Haves and Wants for others to view

ICIWorld App – Why is this important?

Mobile internet devices ‘outnumber humans this year’ (2014)

Cisco report says number of smartphones, tablets, laptops and internet-capable phones will exceed number of humans in 2013

Get excited, the next Internet Revolution is the mobile revolution where smart phones outnumber people on the planet. See this article.

This is breaking down the barriers to expensive real estate estate advertising for your listings and opportunities.  Almost every one in the world can access their mobile device and find ICIWorld . . . and . . . your Have and Want real estate information for anywhere, everywhere on the planet earth. This is unbelievable! It strengthens and increases all your real estate opportunities to do business. .67 cents per day with a membership.

There are billions of devices that can now access ICIWorld information which is YOUR information.  This is because an App is specially structured for a phone or mobile device and available in the App Store for an iPhone, iPad and the Play Store for Android phones: ie: Samsung Galaxies, Nexus, and more.  We have a mobile solution for Blackberry and Windows on this page.

There is a responsibility on you however your part to keep your information active and current. Only Active listings will appear on mobile devices and the default is six months. If your membership lapses your listings are immediately cut off.  If your listings are more than six months old they do not appear in the default settings.

So keeping your listings active, we recommend up dating your listings every 30-60 days and never let them go more than 90 days old.

Make your real estate Have and Want information available. It is easy, place one ad on ICIWorld and reach the world! 20,000 EMails deliver information daily, readership 30,000+ on ICIWorld, plus listings appear on 1,000’s of other brokers web sites and now 1,000’s accessible on mobile phones world wide.

This video explains how to use the new ICIWorld App for your mobile device.

[vsw id=”47Tj_1DB2bQ” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

It is information at your fingertips!

You will still be able to make connections for all listings for networking purposes at

What is the ICIWorld Real Estate App?

  • It provides exposure to the world five times more accessible than computers.
  • Your clients and customers will appreciate the world wide exposure.
  • It provides access to thousands of exclusive real estate and business buying and selling opportunities not available on other services
  • It provides access to Haves and Wants in real time. Add a Have and Want and it is instantly available.
  • You will have access to six months of listings with an Active Status with contact names and phone numbers.
  • It allows people all over the world to access your information when you place your information.
  • You can search and produce a list of buyers for different property types and locations.
  • Key word searching to find businesses.
  • Search by Business Category.
  • Search by any Business Area in the world.
  • You can search through thousands of exclusive Haves and Wants for the specific information you need to get more information and to set up showings for properties, do deals!
  • Have real estate Have and Want information with contact names, phone numbers, email address’, and websites in your pocket and at your fingertips!
  • Search contact names and numbers of Executive Members along with searching their specialties, market areas, languages spoken and much more. These results produce links to the brokers web sites, their listings and more information on listings in their areas.
  • You will have to modify your listings regularly we suggest 30-60 days and no later than 90 but listings will remain up to 180 days only in order to have them appear on ICIWorld worlds apps on all mobile devices.
  • Don’t forget to make sure you place your information so it can be networked worldwide throughout the industry.

Within minutes add your listings, Have and Want Opportunities, onto the world stage 

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Your Executive Membership is designed to work for you:

1. Unlimited Ads 24/7 Listings, Haves and Wants With one click it is the ultimate in world wide marketing.
2. For Your Website – Widgets of Exclusive Listings These are links to listings that generate leads . . . absolutely.
3. Mobile Websites The Race Is On. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your mobile website on all of your customers phones? Do it before others do it before you.
4. Search Database 2 FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner) Only members can contact the fsbo’s.
5. Subscribe EMail Alerts of Exclusive Listings
6. Search For An Executive Member
7. Training/Support for Executive Members
8. Time Required after 30 min. setup
9. Search Help and Recommendations
10. Network industry wide on your phone!
11. Connect With Social Media and more.
12. Retired Brokers Program
13. Brokers Referral Program
14. Seminar for Real Estate Offices
15. Testimonials from Exclusive Information
16. Information – the Gold On the Internet

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