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When the first railroad was built from the Atlantic to the Pacific in North America one engineer said "we are not building a railroad, we are building a nation."  
"Connecting people to do business builds prosperity for a nation." Gary Nusca, CCIM 2002

The successes of the members continue to inspire us to grow the service and we have absolutely no doubt it will benefit you one way or another . . . big time.

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How did it all start?  

You should see the entertaining film called "Antitrust" (Jan/Feb 2000 release) the story of how some teenagers got together in a garage with their computers and took over CNN, NBC, CBS, and all the other great communication mediums to make a major announcement.   The power of the Internet is at work here. 

In the mid eighties after fifteen years in the real estate business selling land to builders, building custom new homes, I began taking CCIM courses.  Yes we learned about the before and after tax implications of real estate and many other important tools and we learned that it is still people that do the business.  No matter what, it is still developing relationships that leads to doing business.   

I started using computers to build a database of retailers, developers, buyers and sellers, brokers, etc. and their Haves and Wants  that I identified as doing business in commercial real estate.  I participated in Have and Want Marketing Sessions conducted by The Central Canada CCIM Chapter and other chapters in New York State and since that time throughout the USA from Chicago to San Diego and more. We have participated in and helped in conducting Have and Want Marketing sessions in National and World Conferences.

CCIM is a professional designation of the CCIM Institute which is a division of the National Association of Real Estate and is the most prestigious commercial real estate designation in the world.  Chapters represent the local members who meet on a regular basis to listen to great speakers, for education, networking, technology events and more.  

Networking information, developing relationships are an important part and vital to the success of professionals in the commercial real estate business. Marketing sessions are one way to present Haves and Wants in a format to connect with others to do deals.  This service grew into a world wide service out of the concept of marketing sessions that CCIM chapters conduct in their local chapters to this day. 

One of the biggest problems was remembering what was presented.  People would stand up and say "I need a shopping center $1M-$3M"  another would say I have 20,000sf for lease, and on and on it would go.  After a while it was just impossible to remember and write fast enough.  Yet each one could have represented an income of $10,000 to $50,000 and more.   There had to be a way to ensure that opportunities were not lost.  That had to be a way to allay the feeling of helplessness because we knew we were missing deals and just couldn't compile all the information in the marketplace fast enough and track it.  

Now it is a world wide on going 24 hr per day marketing session! When you plug in your information it is local for not only your area but for the planet earth!  It works very smooth from no matter where in the world anyone is located!  Members simply place their Haves and Wants on ICI World by clicking on Member Links and clicking on Add Modify Delete, and filling in the Have and Want Sheet.  Information is immediately available on the internet in searchable databases that are now receiving over a quarter of a million hits per month with contacts and deal making taking place every hour.  A member can click on My LIstings and have all their inventory pop on the screen where they can modify or delete them.

Additionally . . . automatically and instantly, Have and Want information is EMailed out to the industry to anyone and everyone who wishes to subscribe, absolutely free, to ICI World's Free EMailing List Services.  It is these services that we are in the process of improving dramatically because many people in the world today are overwhelmed with information.  By providing specific and targeted categories, areas and price ranges, people can zero in on just the information they feel can benefit them, and no more.  Everyone in the world should subscribe to their area, their category of expertise and price range.  

When you go on a listing presentation, you already may have 100 buyers now looking!  You will have the contact names and numbers and you can immediately start booking appointments.  It works that fast!

Bill Gates wrote a book "@ The Speed of Thought" We are applying principles from this book to this service and the commercial real estate industry.   Transmitting thoughts have made some of our broker members $239,000.   We know this works because there have been so many successes of members and the public through this service.  Feel free to contact me anytime to discuss these concepts, it is quite exciting.

It is difficult and can be very expensive in a brokers office to manage information in a timely.  Now that is reduced to almost nothing and in fact makes money to network information and it is now so easy that once you know how, you will say I should have started this a long time ago.

It has been the successes of the individual brokers and salespeople that has inspired me through out the years. There were some very tough economic times in the early 90' where everyone in commercial real estate from "the big guy to the little guy" took a big hit.  We all suffered. But it was and is the inspirational comments from members and the public that continues to inspire me today to grow the service. 

It is not work, it is a way of life for me.   It is also all the attitude things that I have learned throughout the years including Napoleon Hill's "What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it will achieve."  And Dale Carnegies "Provide a good service and the money will follow."  And who said "build it, and they will come?"  And Bill Gates Information at the Speed of Thought.  To provide the ultimate in commercial real estate information delivery services is our mission.

This service is worthy of your respect and continued support.  It is worthy of building it into the best world wide service available in the industry today.  The cause to serve the public in the best possible way is worthy.  And the best people on earth to collect, and manage and circulate information are registered real estate brokers and salespeople.

I look forward with your assistance to continue to grow the service on your behalf.  For many in the industry, it has now become their most important service.  We appreciate the opportunity to serve you and look forward to serving the whole world.

Gary Nusca, CCIM
The Market ICI World Commercial Real Estate Network
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Read This Part If You're Not Sure About Using

"The Market" to Gain Leads, Referrals, Listings, Contacts and More Sales!   If you are hesitant about The Market, I don't blame you. There are many questions you may have. You may have no computer experience at all let alone "What is hypertext and how do I link my listings" Information in the commercial- investment business must be treated carefully, professionally and confidentially at times. Can it save me time and money? Can it help me to connect to make money? How can I get started? You may have other questions. If so pick up your phone and call 416-777-2633. Let me answer them for you. I would be happy to talk with you anytime.

Now is the time for brokers and salespeople to get outside of the traditional "box" that we do business in, and learn new ideas and techniques that will keep you on top of your business. This is a cutting edge service that has developed ideas and techniques that has benefited many in the industry. We continue to do this while building a major following in the world that will provide at all times, one major place in the world where one should place information to be found. 

In addition to whatever else you are doing, this is a major sphere of influence in the world that you should be plugged into. 

We can now say that hundreds of individuals have made hundreds of thousands of dollars to benefit their company, themselves, their families, their customers and the community and look forward to helping you do the same.

Gary is a graduate of the following educational courses:


Estimating Net Operating Income
Compounding and Discounting Cash Flows
Introduction to Present Value and Internal Rate of Return
Comparing Alternative Investments
Introduction to Real Estate Taxation
Financing Real Estate Investments
After Tax Analysis of Cash Flows
Cash Flow Analysis and Calculation of Internal Rate of Return
Measures of Return and Investment Portfolios


Introduction to Market Analysis
Location and Demand Analysis
Urban Growth Trends
Forecasting, Competition and Feasibility of Leasing
Residential Market Analysis
Chain Restaurants
Marketing Office Buildings
Shopping Centers and Gas Bar Case Studies


Tax Process
Principal Business Corporations
Soft Costs
Capital Cost Allowance Deductions
Leasehold Interests
Disposition & Recaptured Capital Cost Allowance
Capital Gains
Terminal Losses, Reserves
Involuntary Dispositions
Tax Planning Tax Traps
Corporations and Partnerships
The Alternative Minimum Tax


The Job of a Commercial-Investment Broker
Understanding Ourselves
The Process of Understanding Others
Developing Communication Skill
Effective Management of Yourself and the Sales Process


Client/investor profiles
Match properties to clients
Negotiate participation financing
Analyze alternative methods of how real estate is used to
Maximize client wealth
Forecast Net Operating Income
Target marketing presentations
Lease vs. own alternatives


Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.  It is as if you have hired us for $100,000 per year to work for you.  But you do not have to supply us the computers, software, office space, phones, etc. You do not have the expense of long distance for faxing, database management daily, training, computer technology and development, research, time to fix hundreds of changed email addresses and fax numbers daily, time for registering in thousands of search engines, time to attend and promote at major local and world conferences, design, marketing and much more. You save on paying programmers, clerical staff, and just figuring out how to do it all.  We do it all. May we show you how?

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