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ICIWorld is National/International Information Database of Real Estate Listings, Haves and Wants - 75% Exclusive.
Bringing together a community of people interested in real estate with readership from people in 138+ countries.

See circulation. 30,000+ real estate contacts to network with and do business.  See 50 pages of testimonials.

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This is how the ICIWorld mobile website will appear on your mobile phone. It is designed for all mobile phones in the world. It is free for you to have it.


This render is a fully functional demonstration of the mobile website. You can also go to the App or Play Store on your phone, search iciworld and install the App for iPhones and Androids. Let us know which you like better the App or the mobile website. They are all new.


On your mobile phone, open a browser, ie: safari, google chrome, the Internet, etc. Go to


Then add it to your home screen. Rename it ICIWorld.


It is contacts for real estate at your fingertips to do business daily for the rest of your life brought to you by your local real estate brokers. Build your network of contacts.


Check the new listings daily for your city and more.


Add your information so people can contact you.


It is networking on your phone industry wide, world wide.


Search and learn how to get results in 60 seconds or less.  Get creative ideas on doing business, see what others are doing. See what buyers are looking for and find it in your area, and much more. Learn how to work exclusive info.


Just click on search database at first. Then add parameters one at a time and search the database. Learn how to sort by price, find things by key word, etc.


Use the Have/Want Age Field to select how far back you wish to search. ICIWorld does not delete Active listings for five years. All listings are used for networking purposes. You will not see inactive, expired or sold listings, only members can.


Note to members:  if your listings, Haves and Wants are older than 90 days they are not displayed in the majority of searches and you can easily be missing doing deals and not realize it. We recommend updating  your information every 30-60 days.


Designed for everyone in the industry to use for networking purposes. Make sure you see Database 1 and 2.


Feel free to call anytime for assistance.


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