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401169ActiveUSA: Bring us your great real estate/business deals. Slow credit OK. USA Investor private funding financing solutions for residential, commercial $100K to $15M+
401124ActiveCONDO CONVERSION LOANS! Need to Re-Positioning an Existing Property To: A For-Sale Product in the form of Units-For-Sale? Then Contact us Today to learn more...
401122ActiveBRIDGE LOANS/WORKING CAPITAL FINANCING! Loan Amounts up to US$50M, Nationwide within the USA/Canada & INT. Quick Closing for Time-Sensitive & Unique Situations.
401121ActiveCONSTRUCTION & LAND LOANS! From US$25M and up to US$500M; with Loan Terms from 24 months & up to 60 months, with Interest Rates from 6.00%...
401120ActiveEQUITY PARTICIPATION UP TO 100% FINANCING, for Commercial Real Estate Property with Value-Added Acquisitions, Rehab & Restoration on Various Property Types.
398598ExpiredUSA - Private Funds available $1 Million to $500 Million Construction Projects, Medical facilities, Apartment Retrofits, Land Acquisition and Development.
394640ActiveBRIDGE AND SHORT-TERM LOANS! With loan amounts from $2.50M up to $250M Nationwide within the USA/Canada, and International Loans from $5M US dollars.
392868ActiveWANT* Corporations in Financial Trouble* Canada Or U.S. Share Purchase Up to 2 Billion Dollars*
391402ActiveEQUITY PARTICIPATION CAPITAL! Are you a Real Estate Property Developer/Builder in need of Equity Capital for your Real Estate Projects? Minimum Capital $5MUSD.
391301ActiveCONDO CONVERSION LOANS! Need to Re-Positioning an Existing Property to a For-Sale-Product in the form of Units-For-Sale? Then contact us today to learn more...
386916ExpiredHave private funding for US and Iternational Real estate, Land Development, Alternative Energy etc. $250,000 to $500,000,000. Easy qualify. Contact me now!
386915ExpiredUnsecured Lines of Credit,USA Only! $10,000 to $500,000! Business and Personal lines available. Cash wired directly to your account!
386913ExpiredCommercial Real Estate Locator in Florida.Consultant will locate buildings,land,Commercial and High-end Residential also! $500K to $100,000,000.Contact me now!.
386912ExpiredAttention Large scale land developers! Millions of dollars to lend . Acquisition and refi also. Domestic and abroad. From $250K up to $500,000,000.Easy Qualify.
386887ExpiredAttention Large scale land developers! Millions of dollars to lend . Acquisition and refi also. Domestic and abroad. From $250K up to $500,000,000.Easy Qualify.
383530ActivePRIVATE COMMERCIAL MORTGAGES! Loan amounts from $2.50M up to $500M plus Nationwide within the USA/Canada, and International Loans from $5M US dollars.
382359ActiveCONSTRUCTION LOANS! With loan amounts from $5M and up to $500M Nationwide within USA/Canada, and International Loans from $10MUSD. Interest Rates from 6.50%.
381346ExpiredCleveland Ohio Call me for Commercial & residential Real Estate $20,000-$4,000,000+ I have done a lot of BPO's for banks.
375796ExpiredWant Canadian agents/investors to work with in FLORIDA. Creating buyer and seller lists. On and off market residential and commercial properties. Need partners!
374662ExpiredHave Investment funding and business loans. Affiliated with hard money lender. $50k to $300M. located in Florida. 2nd homes big market here and have lenders.
367999ActiveOur finance dept. is closing deals. Private money. Outside the box thinking. Credit enhancements, POF, asset-based loans upwards of $20mm. Will consider JV.
367459ActivePrivate Funding Options 10 Private Lenders. $1MM to $100MM++
367458ActiveLUXURY LINE LOAN: Leverage Your Luxury goods or similar items to guarantee a short or long term loan.
367457ActiveJV PROJECT PRIVATE FUNDING $1MM-$100MM. Include, Energy Projects, Real Estate, Commercial, Industrial, Hotels, Retail, Technology and More!
361663ExpiredWant Anywhere, Offshore Bank or Lending Institution, Any Reasonable Price, with or without Property. Buyer is ready now
361601ExpiredUnited States, Commercial and Business Loan Financing, Min. $5,000 to Max. $500,000,000, over 200 different lending sources, NO UPFRONT FEES!
361182ExpiredBuying or selling a Business. ? Franchise? Commercial Property? Can you trust the buyer or seller? We provide a full report: See below
357134ExpiredWant $5.5 mm construction loan - for new student building - university town _ Ontario Canada -
355935ExpiredWanted Florida residential mortgage for a Canadian buyer approx. $500K
332429ExpiredNeed, investors cash for 2 business plans, one for SFR homes acquisitions to hold some for rental revenue and sell others, plus Hotel purchase and manage
327999ExpiredWANTED: Broker/Lender/Bank/Servicer, USA with $2 million mthly closed deal volume
327983ExpiredHAVE: Whole Sale Lines of Credit
292851ExpiredHave, opportunity for a Equity partner for Florida home / condo rehab / flips. possible security via Florida Real property.
291254ExpiredHave commercial loan products for United States locations, SBA, owner occupied, businesses, Multifamily, retail,Industrial, Office, etc. Investor property
284196ExpiredLeased Financial bank instruments available.
284058ExpiredUSA Funding $2M-$100M+ all kinds of commercial real estate, good turn around time, competitive rates and terms.
278260ExpiredWANTED $300M+ for Alternative Energy project - Good ROI - Asset backed
274373ExpiredHave, SBA loans, end users, refinance for some deals, retail, hotels, office,just send person financial statement for the borrower and inc/exp data on the asset
274214ExpiredWant: Joint Venture Partner You own financials cd, bg, mtn, cmo, or assets with SKR. In JV can return high yield, buy / sell or monetize
262765ExpiredFinancial Instrument and Intl Bond Monetization funding 25mm on up.
261886ExpiredOil and Gas Funding 25mm on up
261042ExpiredMonetize any Bank Instrument 25mm on up
260935ExpiredUSA Project Financing $100M-$1B+ Retail, Office, Industrial, Residential, Resorts, Development, etc. Testimonials provided on request, done deals $100M+
258804ExpiredSHORT-SALE SOLUTIONS FOR BROKERS & AGENTS! Short-Sale about to be Auctioned? We have the Solution to Save Your Commission; Call or email for further details!
258671ExpiredIn Ground Asset Monetization Financing 500mm on up
257788ExpiredLarge project financing 50mm on up Domestic and International
257194Expired Project Funding mis is 50mm on up must be 1% liquid to close
257047ExpiredWANT: DISTRESSED COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES NATIONWIDE IN SELECTED AREAS; Properties Financially Distressed and/or Poorly Managed Property;
256921ExpiredNEED: CDN$300,000 FOR COMPANY WITH UNIQUE CONTRACT (Canada & USA); 15% Min. ROI - Payable Monthly; Real Estate Related Products; $50,000 - Minimum Investment;
256603ExpiredLarge Project Funding 50mm on up Domestic and International
256191ExpiredLarge project funding 50mm on up
256188ExpiredFunding for Oil and Gas 50mm on up
255750ExpiredProject funding of 50mm on up must be 1% liquid to be considered
254971ExpiredProject funding Worldwide 100mm on up
253190ExpiredLarge project funding 100mm on up
250688ExpiredHave funding for projects 100mm on up
249112Expired100mm min financing for all types of projects USA and Intl
248221Expiredneed funding 100mm on up
247717ExpiredWanted USA Multi - Family Non-Performing Notes/Loans, First Lien Position, Individual Loan Balances between $2,000,000 and $40,000,000. Cash, can act quickly.
247714ExpiredWanted USA Residential Non-Performing Notes/Loans and REO, First Lien Position, Balances $150K-$800K, SFR, Townhome, Condo, $5M to $50M Portfolio Sizes
247713ExpiredWanted USA Residential Non-Performing Notes/Loans and REO, First Lien Position, Balances $150K-$800K, SFR, Townhome, Condo, $5M to $50M Portfolio Sizes
247313ExpiredHave available in ground asset financing 100mm on up up to 100% funding
246184ExpiredProject funding 100mm on up client must be 12% liquid to close,Domestic and International.
244713ExpiredProject funding for projects of 100mm and up client must have 12 Liquid to close.
243079ExpiredAsset Financing programs 100mm on up
242893Expiredlarge project funding 100mm on up must be 12% liquid.
240272ExpiredGround Asset Financing and Capital Asset Program 100mm on up
238847Expiredlarge project funding 100mm on up must be 10% liquid.
238846ExpiredFunding for proven reserves,25mm and up for oil,they are very active in this area forward a detailed summary for review.
238655ExpiredUSA financing and refincing for churches, renovations, $100,000-$50M see our web site
225458ExpiredHAVE Financing for world-wide real estate, mining, energy projects and business expansion. 10M+ We wlcome large projects
225389ExpiredNon performing US farm mortgages at great discounts to market value, great short to medium investment opputunities.
219509InactiveInvestor for Movie
219508InactiveAre you having a hard time closing your commercial loan in Texas? We are still closing loans in the current credit environment!
219285InactiveFinancing available for commercial & business loans in Texas. We specialize in the Houston, Texas market.
211875ExpiredWant Florida commercial foreclosed or short sale properties for CASH buyers--hotels, apartment complexes,shopping malls marinas, condos
209334InactiveWanted - Business Seeking Expansion Capital and Exit Strategy. Let us be the representatives to pitch your company story to Private Investors. Going Public?
209331InactiveWanted Investor for Deeply Discounted Res. Real Estate. Market demands property not encumbered by Banks & beuracracy. 80+% of listings R tied-up in quagmire.
206173InactiveWANTED URGENT! Food and or Bank anchored Plazas, Motivated Buyer. ALL CASH..
206086InactiveUSA ON-line Environmental Reports in minutes, Env. Site Assessments,Property Condition Inspections,
202339InactiveWant energy related, new technology and resource development projects worldwide that need financing or joint venture partner. Executive summary a must.
202009InactiveWorldwide investment funding group looking for projects of any type that need financing or joint venture funding. Executive summary needed.
196289InactiveCalifornia financing for acquisitions $500k - $5M+. Private and bank financing. Call to chat about the opportunity.
196017InactiveWanted Real Estate Investment Money for purchase of over 450 homes in the U.S. $2 - $3 million required. Great return.
193530ExpiredUSA National Real Estate CyberConvention & Expo Feb. 22-28 expected to attract over 30,000 real estate professionals.
190542InactiveSouth Florida $2M Funding Wanted Mature Datacenter with Commercial and Eneterprise Accts Seeks to Expand as the trends suggest the market will be 3X in 3yrs
190526InactiveWe have financing for your renewable energy projects
181577InactiveCancun Restaurant Operator Looking For Serious Investors. Have two restaurants with capacity of 400 guests and is willing to sell, rent, or partner 1 million US
178255InactiveWanted: Northwest USA, $100M investment, Capital investors needed for a world class golf course and luxury home development.
174351Inactive**HAVE** Commercial Real Estate Finance, Hard Money Loans, Construction and Project Finance from 1M UD-750M USD+. We specialize in difficult-to-do loans.
173116InactiveNorthern California residential non-performing debt / REO pool. 30 loans. 6 REO. $9.5M unpaid balance. MAKE OFFER!
173115InactiveSouthern California, non-performing residential debt package. Over half in foreclosure. Easy conversion to REO. Make offer!
173074Inactive*HAVE* Commercial Mortgages, Hard Money Loans, Construction and Project Finance from 1M USD-750M USD+. We specialize in difficult-to-do loans. NO UPFRONT FEES.
172966Inactive*HAVE* Commercial Mortgages, Construction/Development Loans and Project Finance from 1M USD-750M USD+. We specialize in difficult-to-do loans. NO UPFRONT FEES.
171858ExpiredHave: Modular Homes for Sale, Install one of our Modular Homes on your Serviced Lot, from $90k for approx. 1000 sf. to $150k for 1700 sf. Perfect for a Cottage.

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