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407474ActiveWANT in USA, Florida, Miami, Orlando looking for Motel or Hotel, From 70 to 100 Rooms
405804ActiveWanted Texas, Chicago eastward Eastern USA, for multi family, shopping centers industrial self storage, office, $2M-$35M+, Good relationships with buyers.
404699ActiveWanted. USA. Office, Medical, Hotels, Shopping malls, Distribution Centre, Industrial. $25M - $250M+ Direct relationship with Buyer.
404505ExpiredWanted USA NNN Retail or Medical Office or Health Care, short term or long term $2M-$20M+ cash buyers can move quickly.
402245ActiveWanted Florida Hotel Motel Retail Plazas $1M-$50M+ More than one buyer International Buyers. Broker can be paid by buyer.
401013ActiveWanted Florida any Pre-Foreclosure Residential or Commercial properties. $1 to $10 Mil Qualified Buyer Ready to Act Quickly
400861ActiveWANTED USA, Self-storage, Medical, apartments and net lease industrial: $20M TO $75M FOR URGENT 1031 REQUIREMENT
400705ActiveWanted USA self storage, apartments, net leased industrial, medical, 1031 $15M up to $75M, can be several projects. Serious urgent. Identification by Dec. 31.
400142ActiveWanted USA Hotels, motel, vinyards, luxury, conversion properties, $5M - $500M+ Specializes in rebranding, conversions resort building NEED NOW
397151ActiveWanted Chicago to Texas and east, retail, office. and multi family $3M-$50m+, GOOD RELATIONSHIP WITH BUYER
391956Sold(Sold) Wanted USA Southeast Hotel $15M-$20M
382689ExpiredWanted Florida Resort $5M - $20M USD Canadians Looking to Buy
376765ExpiredWanted Added Value Retail Plaza/Shopping Centres/office/Apartments/medical- Hotel properties - All Across USA, No price limit.
375796ExpiredWant Canadian agents/investors to work with in FLORIDA. Creating buyer and seller lists. On and off market residential and commercial properties. Need partners!
370714ExpiredWanted USA - Southern States - FL, TX, SC, NC,TN, Hotels, Heritage Buildings, Plantations, Resorts $1.00 to $20M
356721ExpiredWanted: USA, Medical, Office, Industrial and Retail, Net Leased Properties, $5M to $50M+ My repeat Buyers are experienced and make quick decisions.
351241ExpiredWANTED: Continental US, Partial or Fully Vacant Office/ Warehouse/ Retail in good condition & Owner financially distressed, $10M-$20M+, Can act quickly
350467ExpiredWANTED: Continental US, Partial or Fully Vacant Office/ Warehouse/ Retail in good condition & Owner financially distressed, $10M-$20M+, Can act quickly
341659ExpiredWanted USA Hotels $30M-$70M+
335130ExpiredWANTED 5 STAR HOTELS "FOR SALE" IN CANADA! OR THE SUNSHINE STATES or Key Centres w/Cash Flows! Serious Buyers! Financing & Refinancing Avail 4 Right Deal!!!!
328369ExpiredWanted Miami, Florida or Atlanta Georgia area Hotel $10M-$25M all cash
317053ExpiredWanted: Exchange Requirement B+ assets in the $30 Mil+ range, multi family, office or retail - anywhere USA Quick Turnaround!
313788ExpiredNeed off market hotels, southeast FLorida, $15 million and under, stabilized or value add, principal sellers, brokers with pre market assets
281622ExpiredWanted Miami Beach Luxury hotel $10M to $20M accredited luxury hotel owners
268561ExpiredWanted USA Florida coastal areas also Miami, Orlando residential and commercial $0K-$1.2M REO's, short sales, waterfront, land, cash buyers, can act quickly.
257047ExpiredWANT: DISTRESSED COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES NATIONWIDE IN SELECTED AREAS; Properties Financially Distressed and/or Poorly Managed Property;
253422ExpiredWanted: Investment Properties Nationwide. Min $5M-$200M, (I am a buyer's broker)
252942ExpiredWanted: USA Retail, Office, Industrial, Hotels, Priced $7 Mil to $200 Mil. Can offer and close quickly for cash. Stabilized or value-added..
247713ExpiredWanted USA Residential Non-Performing Notes/Loans and REO, First Lien Position, Balances $150K-$800K, SFR, Townhome, Condo, $5M to $50M Portfolio Sizes
231392ExpiredWANT Southeast - Interior Corridor Hotel - 60 - 80 key preferred - Flag or Independant - Distressed or producing %to 2.5m
231391ExpiredWANTED: SouthEast, Interior Corridor Hotel, 60 plus rooms, up to $2.5. REO, Distressed or profitable
231390ExpiredWANTED: SouthEast, Interior Corridor Hotel, 60 plus rooms, up to $2.5. REO, Distressed or profitable
225223InactiveWanted USA Retail and Office Triple Net Leased Properties NNN $20M-$100M+ buyer motivated because of 1031 exchange
225222InactiveWanted USA Retail and Office Triple Net Leased Properties NNN $20M-$100M+ buyer motivated because of 1031 exchange
217750ExpiredUSA Auctions Sold on a certain day. Bidders have cashiers cheques. Must close in 30 days or forfeit down payment. See other advantages on our web site.
201644ExpiredWanted Miami Palm Beach Broward Florida Ocean Front Hotel Distressed property preferred or will buy notes funded and ready to buy
201643ExpiredWanted USA National Grocery anchored shopping centers $5M-$ 1 Billion no financing needed assumable mortgage preference
186828InactiveWanted USA, Canada, and the World. Retail, Office, Industrial, and Residential. $1M-$900M+ Professional consultants to several buying groups.
179227ExpiredWant Supermarket/Grossery Store Anchored Plaza. Or Mall w/good income and AAA tenants. Any where in USA or Canada. Have Buyers W/cash Ready to close fast.
169762InactiveWANTED Florida&Alabama 1,000-500,000 acres for Timber land. Buyers will be qualified.
162915InactiveFlorida Hotels wanted! 150-200 rooms. $100,000/key. Prefer Full Service but will consider Limited. Prefer flagged BWC Un-flagged. Serious buyer! Coldwell Banker
147636InactiveWanted Investment Properties 8% Cap Rate and up.
145180InactiveWant **HOTEL** Any where in florida up to $5M Quick closing ****Principals ONLY***
143305Inactive* WANTED * Anywhere in Florida * Hotel (Flag or Non-Flag) * $10-$20MM * Good condition or better *
139595InactiveWANTED URGENTLY * Condo conversions (Preferred) * Wholesale priced * $50MM-$150MM * Nice Areas
139594InactiveWANTED * Broward County, FL * Flagship Hotel * Up to $20MM
139593InactiveWANTED * South Florida area * Hotel/Motel * Up to $10MM
121228Inactivelooking for hotels and motels in u.s.a.1$1-$10M.
89682ExpiredWanted multi-locations needed Tampa Bay area 2,000 sq. ft. free standing buildings office or retail. Qualified buyers.
79432InactiveWant Upscale Hotel on / near college campus in US. $5M to $30M. Agressive Buyer
78440ExpiredWANT a manufacturing or distribution company located in OR, AZ, NM, TX, IL, FL, GA, OK. Expanding Mexican Food line. We are projected to make $68M in 2003
77397InactiveWanted: Florida Oceanfront Upscale. $10M to $100M. Number of rooms is not important, however must be oceanfront and 20% CAP. Cash Buyer.
77394InactiveWanted: Orlando area motel 200+ rooms. Restaurant, Lounge, Pool. National Franchise. Must be in $5M to $7M range w/ min NOI of $1M. Buyer wants to move quickly.
75335InactiveUpscale Hotel FL / OH / PA / WV
73939InactiveWanted Florida Resorts $6M - $50M Buyer can move promptly