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Uniqueness of ICIWorld

There are 1.7 billion people using the Internet.

Are you doing all you can using the Internet to have those who are interested in real estate to reach you and vice versa?

Special handling of real estate Have and Want information can make one a lot of money.

Every commercial and residential broker in the world can benefit from the use of ICIWorld.

There are various special services for you to put in place, otherwise you are easily missing doing deals and referrals and do not realize it.

There are concepts and ideas in addition to the computer handling of information that are important. You miss a concept . . . you miss making money. 

Special unique ICIWorld Internet tools and opportunities for licensed real estate brokers and salespeople world wide not available on any other service. Here are some:

  1. Posting of Haves and Wants. Easy to do. Easy for the world to read. People contact you directly. Qualify and develop good business relationships with people that lead to doing business.
  2. Haves can consist of information not just listings such as on a real estate board. There is a special way to handle open and exclusive listings.
  3. Other brokers and salespeople have agreed to allow their listings to be on YOUR web site. The special way that ICIWorld structures the display of these ads is designed to generate leads for all our members.

    In fact it becomes absolutely inevitable that all members generate leads to do referrals or business unless you have no traffic to your web site or there is a material defect in a membership. There are solutions for all this;
  4. Special links for your web site that trigger leads. These are unique listings not supplied by any other service and are in real time.
  5. the links we supply to you provide for 50-100 new listings daily and you do not have to do a thing because it is automatically updating your web site daily with the new ones;
  6. it is these new listings that bring people back to your web site on a regular basis your prospects and clients want to see the new listings;
  7. it is information not just listings.  There is a proper and competent way to work open and exclusive type information.  There are 28,000 listings on ICIWorld and only about 5,000 are on real estate boards

    You will find there can be as much as ten times the opportunities in the commercial real estate marketplace as can be placed on a real estate board type listing service;
  8. one of the best collections of "Wants" for real estate posted on the Internet. You can use this list to show to your prospects and clients how well connected you are to the buyers in the marketplace. This is a very powerful tool, a competitive market advantage, to use in your listing presentations because it shows how well connected you are in the marketplace;
  9. telephone support. All salespeople like personal attention to get them going. We supply world wide telephone technical support as well as Webinars, Seminars, videos and much more;
  10. daily webinars - it's all about learning how to make the Internet work. Bring any questions you may have. Learn how to use computers, the internet, etc for real estate. Attend as many as you like;
  11. extensive distribution by EMail List Servers. The EMail distribution lists are substantial. We have full time people constantly maintaining these lists. You get the benefit all year long because when you place a listing not only does it go into a database that has a readership of 50,000+ but your Have or Want is instantly and automatically distributed by EMail to the public and the real estate industry.  There are over 10,000 EMails distributing information daily to the industry. This is for all your listings all year long! If you are not doing business it is something you are not doing right;
  12. proof positive everything works - See testimonials These are real testimonials. Each one was a result of a personal conversation. It is simply so common that everyone does business or in the beginning at the very least making good contacts with people to do business otherwise you must call us.  You are missing doing something and we can help.  You just have to call us;
  13. we totally set up a web site for you even if you do not use a computer.  This is your storefront to the public on the Internet. Many have not taken this seriously yet until they start generating business.  That's our goal to ensure that you do business;
  14. access to FSBO's only on ICIWorld. Salespeople ask for a source of business with principals. Database 2 FSBO Area is where principals place information free but only the members can see the contact information. You are encouraged to call them. Ask for permission to place their information in Database 1 that has the ultimate in exposure on the Internet. Database 2 has limited exposure;
  15. access to network with brokers and salespeople who have expired and inactive listings. Sometimes identifying someone in an area that does the type of real estate business you are looking to do, becomes very important.  ICIWorld helps you identify people with whom you might do business through the network of Haves and Wants;
  16. Industry listings at your fingertips: special links for your Blackberry and iPhone to latest listings in virtually any specialty, geographic area.  You can print out the latest buyers or sellers for any type of property.  Print out the latest tenants looking for space.  This service continues to become more and more important as professionals in the real estate industry simply include ICIWorld as one of their information tools.  By placing your information here the next person who clicks on a link in their iPhone or Blackberry and sees your information can call you. There are all kinds of ways to search information including searching members for the type of business they do, the geographic areas they do business in and much more;
  17. special links for your Blackberry and iPhone to the latest buyers;
  18. special links for your Blackberry and iPhone to the latest tenant wants in industrial, retail, office space for lease;
  19. web sites - the special work we do to consult, set up and help with web sites is absolutely unique. We discuss in depth the things you can do with your web site to trigger leads.  We analyze why you are not getting leads. We supply special search engine optimization techniques to you from things we have learned by attending world search engine optimization conventions.  It would cost you $4,000 to attend as we have to get these ideas;
  20. unlimited listings for a small investment.
  21. when ICIWorld is on the first page of that means you and your listings are on the first page of google because within 30 seconds and five clicks people can find your information making it easy for people to find you! If people search such terms as commercial real estate or industrial real estate or investment real estate they find The Market ICIWorld Network.  They click on their country then the state or province they are searching in, then click on the Haves or Wants or make a category choice and search.
  22. we support all your web sites with special revenue producing links. These links display Haves and Wants. They are not clickable. People have to ask you for more information. This generates leads for you;
  23. we recommend that you embrace the concept that websites are like billboards. If you have more than one web site generating leads, then why not? We recommend you link your web sites together. This can even help with search engine optimization. You will have a greater selection of listings for all your prospects and clients. You will have exclusive listings not available on any other service;
  24. we totally set up your first web site.  It is totally customizable by you. This web site is designed on our computer while you watch and give direction to what you like and do not like. Links are personally tailored to your market area.
  25. we provide daily Webinar workshops for teaching purposes;
  26. when you add listings to ICIWorld they are instantly and automatically added to your own web site;
  27. there are 50-100 new listings per day added to ICIWorld.  This means if you have the special links that we supply they instantly appear on YOUR own web site in real time and all automatically, you do not have to do a thing. In fact it is these new listings that bring people back to your web site regularly. They then call you with new listings they would like to investigate;
  28. When you add a Have or Want message to ICIWorld it may appear on as many as 1,000 and more other brokers web sites. (if you agree to allow your listings to be advertised on other brokers web sites) What is better marketing? To have your information on one web site or 1,000? This means there are 1,000 other entry points on the Internet for people to find your information.  Brokers and salespeople are spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to promote their own web sites. This brings attention to your listings, if you place them on ICIWorld. This is unique in marketplace.
  29. Remember it is information not just listings that you can work through ICIWorld. One broker made $239,000 from one message, 2 Apartment Buildings Coming For Sale. This is unique in the marketplace.
  30. knowledge, education and training to make the Internet work for you from a unique real estate brokers and salespersons point of view from studying the Internet since 1994. Specializing in helping licensed real estate salespeople world wide benefit their prospects, clients and themselves from the Internet;

The very next person to visit your web site and sees information they are interested in must call you. The very next person who sees information that you placed on ICIWorld has to call you for more information.

A simple phone call to us while you are on your computer and we can demonstrate within just a few minutes.

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