Executive Membership $319 Yearly 

Executive Membership $40 Monthly


Executive Membership $319 Yearly

Executive Membership $40 Monthly


Executive Membership $319 Yearly

Executive Membership $40 Monthly


Join Details

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople, networking exclusive real estate information, marketing listings, on mobile devices and computers on the Internet to a market of people in 138+ countries. 

Make an appointment. For a demo, to get started, any ongoing assistance and one-time setup orientation.  

There are really only two things you will be doing once you are a member: 

  1. Search from time to time.

    Connect with others to show property and make money. Do it on any mobile device with or an ICIWorld App. Network with others. Make appointments, show property S, get offers, do deals. See deals being done.

  2. Add listings, Haves and Wants from time to time and reach the world with one click. Trigger interest, make appointments to show property, get offers, do deals. See deals being done.

In one respect ICIWorld is like an electronic equivalent of classified ads in a newspaper but in real time and to a world audience locally and to people in 138 countries. With a membership it works out to less than 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day.

See the testimonials so you know you are not wasting your time. Get excited. You have a chance to make money not only by advertising your listings but networking real estate Have and Want information. 

Our Pledge.

Every member either does a deal every 90 days or at the very least develops good business relationships with someone you feel will lead to doing a deal otherwise make an appointment with us. We have a special checklist and in almost all cases remedies the situation to ensure your success.

Only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople USA and Canada and mortgage brokers may join and advertise directly to the public.  

We accept all major credit cards.

Any questions call 416-214-4875.

For Members

Members are licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in the USA and Canada and support the service with a monthly (no contract) or yearly fee. 

It provides for lead generation in many ways:

  • your real estate listings, Haves and Wants are permanently available and displayed in a searchable National and International Internet Real Estate Database 24/7.
  • readership includes a world audience locally and from 138+ countries.
  • Operating since 1994 as and fifty+ other domains all bringing people globally to search.
  • with one click your ad reaches a global audience of the public and the real estate industry in many ways such as daily EMail distribution, appearance on 1,500+ other brokers website, 1,000’s of people using Apps, mobile devices, computers and more. See circulation below.
  • We recommend updating your information every 30-60 days and never let your listings go less than 90 days old. There is a responsibility on the part of the whole real estate industry to keep your information up to date.
  • Mark listings sold. 
  • your information is displayed instantly on mobile devices industry-wide, worldwide.  
  • 0-8,000 users of and ICIWorld Apps on mobile devices in 2016. People are using their phones seven (7) times more than a computer. ICIWorld makes your information available on all handheld mobile devices.
  • extensive circulation, distribution, readership. We promote the mobile applications such as on the front page of industry publications with a readership 300,000+ and thousands of handouts at real estate shows all in addition to the Internet.
  • add unlimited listings, Haves and Wants all year long. Works out to less than 1/10th of 1 cent per line per day to a world audience.
  • add exclusive opportunities and put agreements in place first before divulging the address or identifying the property.
  • major lead generating services unique in the industry.
  • Links are automatically in your ads to your website, email.
  • Add links to pictures, virtual tours, photos, links that sell your location and more, all lead generation.
  • add exclusive opportunities that you can not place on real estate boards. Every member should have a minimum of fifteen and more opportunities working on the Internet.  We teach how to do it in a competent and professional manner from having been in the business for over 40 years and a CCIM.  
  • See ICIWorld’s You Tube Educational Channel. Learn how to work exclusive information as well as advertising listings.
  • Widgets. Add the link to listings that are on ICIWorld to your website.  This is the content of listings, Haves and Wants for your website that makes your website trigger leads! Do referrals and direct business! It is absolutely inevitable that you trigger leads or you have little or no traffic to your website. We have a solution for that too!
  • search Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO’s. Full access. Learn how to do it on within 3-7 seconds from your mobile device or with an ICIWorld App.
  • Haves and Wants are EMailed out to the industry to the public daily, approx. 20,000+/- daily for all your new listings, all year long.
  • 75% of the information on ICIWorld is of an exclusive nature not on real estate boards.  Since 1994 we teach how to work this kind of information for both commercial and residential real estate in a competent and professional manner compatible with the industry.
  • mobile websites the new Internet Revolution that are more powerful than a $30,000 website. Ask for a demo and THEN you be the judge. Helps you take full advantage of the powers of the Internet. Works automatically. You just have to log in to it a minimum of once per month for 10 minutes.  
  • ICIWorld membership includes complete design and setup of your mobile website with personal one on one assistance over the Internet using gotomeeting software. 
  • statistics
  • Make an appointment anytime to ask questions, assistance, etc. We operate like a doctors office with appointments every hour starting at 6am daily.

For the Public:

It provides for:

  • This service is built to serve the public free.
  • Doing it this way, more real estate buying and selling opportunities become available to serve the public with exclusive real estate information that is not on real estate boards. Members provide both.
  • The public, buyers, and sellers search Active Status listings in Database 1. About 75% of the commercial real estate is exclusive and about 50% of the residential real estate is exclusive.
  • The public can post free ads in FSBO (For Sale by Owner) Database 2.  The subject line only is displayed world wide but the contact information is accessible by members only.
  • free alerts by EMail of new listings
  • directory to search members by geographical, specialty, language spoken.


oneclick1. Real Estate World Marketing. Type in an ad and . . . with one click reach the world!

Circulation, Distribution, Readership CLICK HERE 

This results in successful transactions for buyers and sellers. All from networking exclusive information and advertising real estate board listings.

Read the testimonials of members making connections to do business. This proves everyone has a chance to do business on ICIWorld. 

And for the cost of one ad in a newspaper, do it all year long for all your ads, all your listings, and all your Have and Want networking opportunities. One simple service, expands your opportunities to do business.

Executive Membership

An Executive Membership in ICIWorld is like an automobile club membership, most everything is included.  See items on this page.  Pick one membership and add it to your cart and then checkout.  

All items on this page are included throughout the year including personal one on one assistance, training and support. 

Summary of value items:

  • Unlimited ads and networking 24/7 to a world market of people with a like minded interest in real estate.
  • Access to all information on the network in Database 1 and Database 2 FSBO Area.
  • ICIWorld Widgets of listings for your website 24/7. Without them you are missing doing deals and do not realize it. If not convinced ask for a demo for you and/or your whole real estate office AND then you be the judge. These unique widgets of listings, built up and working for over ten years for brokers world wide. It is for every single real estate salesperson on the planet earth. Yes this is unique. One email set of instructions for you to forward to your website designer is all that is needed.
  • 90 minute video presentation of How ICIWorld is uniquely designed to absolutely work for all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.  

Get ICIWorld working your information for you 24/7 and the widgets on your website generating leads 24/7 all year long . . . while you do other things.  You just have to add your information and search from time to time. The widgets work automatically on your website 24/7.

Get excited, this is the Internet and ICIWorld information technology at work for you in real estate 24/7 helping you make connections and expanding your real estate and business opportunities to make money working exclusive info as well as real estate board listings.

Invoice PDF File

Feel free to call anytime 1-877-272-1721. 

Time Required

Our Pledge

Contact us.

3. Market listings on 1,000+ broker websites!


You can select to have your listings, Haves and Wants displayed on other brokers websites. Other brokers have agreed to allow their listings on your website.  What is better marketing exposure for your clients, to have your listings on one website or on thousands? If another broker brings you an offer, would you work with them?  If another broker has a lead generated from his/her website, would do a referral with them?  This is good for brokers and salespeople. And it is great for the public who would not have found out about the listing since 75% of them are exclusive not on real estate boards.

4. Display six widgets of listings on your own website in a way that you get the LEADS!


See samples and to order

These ICIWorld Widgets of listings from members of ICIWorld are specially structured so that if you are a member people must ask you for more information. They can not click on the message numbers. However, if your membership expires, the message numbers are clickable. Get your information displayed and working through the industry by having an up to date membership.   

7.  Market unlimited ads and networking all year long, commercial and residential!

For the cost of one ad in a newspaper for one day, you can have unlimited ads all year long to a market of people in 138 countries as well as locally on computers, tablets, iPhones, Androids and all mobile devices. It is the ultimate in networking . . . all in the palm of your hands with mobile devices.

See circulation.

8. Market listings globally on all mobile devices with and Androids iPhones with the iciworld App.

Everyone makes connections to do business every 90 days or call us. See Our Pledge.

mobilewebsites9. Access to 30,000 contacts to do business including Database 2 FSBO Area  
Add them to your mobile phone


Results in 60 seconds . . . in the palm of your hand. for all mobile phones in the world

Add the iciworld App for iPhones and Androids


See Testimonials

Join The ICIWorld Real Estate Brokers Mobile Advertising Network Today

$40/month, $319/year.

Upon Joining Call To Make a 30 Minute Appointment
USA 954-317-2327
Canada 416-214-4875 
North America 1-877-272-1721


Over the last twenty years, we find that a one time 30 minute orientation is helpful and for you to be comfortable with asking for support anytime.

You will be adding, modifying and deleting your own listings over the year and dealing direct with the public much like classified advertising in a newspaper. 

The orientation will help get your website set up with the ICIWorld Widgets of Listings that trigger leads from your website for you. They work automatically 24/7 once set up. 


Once you have purchased an item in your cart and then made an appointment (we operate much like a doctors office throughout the day):

  • At your appointment time you will go to
  • Click On Log In.  You will see a picture of Gary Nusca, CCIM
  • Click on the blue printing 10 minutes before your time.

    Details for all members click on Log In, Executive Member Login, See everything on the Log In Member Management Page. Miss one item and you can be missing doing a deal.

    Training and Support Click on For Members, click on Number 7 Training and Support for Executive Members

Become familiar by connecting with us on our Social Media and other services. CLICK HERE

Please consider us a personal marketing and information assistant.

After the one time setup 30-60 minutes of orientation if you want it, the only things you will be doing is adding and searching from time to time. It is ICIWorld that works 24/7 marketing your information worldwide in many, many, many, many ways. 

Since 1994

Social Media 

Please call the office before using this payment option:

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