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23 Westmore Drive, Unit 102
Rexdale, ON, M9V 3Y7

Date :
Saturday, January 18th, 2020.
11:00 a.m. - 1.00 p.m.

Harjit Khalsa
(416) 740-4000

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Presented by:
Gary Nusca CIPS CCIM
ICIWordl.com Gary Nusca, CCIM
  • Gary Nusca, CCIM CIPS has been in the Real Estate Business since 1972.

  • Past President of the Central Canada CCIM Chapter

  • Past Chairman of the CCIM International Commercial Real Estate Conference

  • since 1990 he has specialized in creating information technology through the use of the internet

  • It continues to be his vision to explore and develop technology and the Internet as a major benefit to the Real Estate industry.

If you are:
  • a Commercial Real Estate Broker

  • a Residential Real Estate Broker

  • a Real Estate Sales Representative

  • a full time, part time, and retired salesperson.

  • You can take advantage of the information in this presentation.

    Presentation Information

    This presentation is designed to help show you how to maximize your potential using the internet. ICIWorld.com covers 2 major segments of online commercial and residential Real Estate transactions. Business to Business, generating leads from and to other professionals. Consumer to Business, giving consumers
    a place to advertise their properties, helping you leverage your clients with listings not available through MLS. We will help to show you how to "work smarter, not harder".

    Key Points:
    • Exclusive Real Estate Information – don’t miss out on these lucrative opportunities

    • Philosophy of your website - without this understanding you still wont make money

    • Why some are making money and others are not

    • Add content to your website that makes you money for the rest of your life

    • Make your existing website more powerful to Generate Leads

    • How to increase traffic to your website – we show you how

    • Websites - How to Promote Your Website; Search Engine Optimization

    • Websites - Why they are like billboards, how they can make you money

    • Mobile real estate websites – the new Internet Revolution to better serve the public –find out why everyone should have one

    • How to reach Buyers and Sellers on your mobile phone within seconds!

    • How to get your website on your customers' mobile phones and why

    • How to trigger leads from listings (haves/wants) where only YOU get the calls so you can do referrals AND show properties AND make money

    • How Brokers and Salespeople are missing doing deals and do not realize it!

    • The impact of the Internet on Commercial and Residential Real Estate

    • The Internet's #1 Marketing Tool / Powerful features of the Internet

    • Cutting Edge Technology using the Internet

    • Growth of the Internet to over four billion people - How to reach out to them effectively

    • Open and Exclusive Listings – A Model that Works

    • Public Information vs Private Information

    • Powerful Marketing Techniques and Tools for your Listings, Referrals

    • Working with the Wants, some of the largest deals start with the Wants,

    • See Why and How - Don’t forget the Buyers. Work the Wants.

    • The Broker’s Largest Responsibility and tools for a Broker's "Information Tool Box"

    • How Information identifies people with whom you can do business

    • How to reach Principals effectively

    • Training - upgrading skill talents, information handling value added services

    About ICIWorld.com
    ICIWorld.com is one of the largest in the internet base listing services in the world, with tens of thousands of unique viewers, over million hits per month, with 50-100 listings per day coming on line. Our Databases circulate over twenty thousand EMails daily to registered subscribers.
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    Helping you reach a global audience within a few minutes. Your listings reach 20,000 email recipients daily and will be exposed to 30,000 unique global visitors monthly.
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    No member should go longer than 90 days without doing Business, a deal, a referral or at the very minimum developing a good Business relationship with someone you feel can lead to doing Business someday otherwise call us! .
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