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You can add your opportunity(s) within a few minutes for worldwide marketing exposure and networking. Otherwise, you can easily be missing triggering a lead, a contact and missing doing a transaction and not realizing it.

More and  Other Ways To Search

  1. Advanced Search Real Estate Database 1 With Contact Info. in the Subject Line  Great for printouts to follow up and call people. 
  2. Advanced Search Real Estate Database 1 No Contact Info in the Subject Line. Full access for Members Only – Includes Actives, Inactives, Expireds, Solds. 
  3. Search Real Estate Database 1 By Message #
  4. Search Real Estate Database 1 by Member. Make sure you only put in your first and last names.
  5. Search Real Estate Database 2 By Business Category For the public to search. You must contact a member for more information in any message number in Database 2 FSBO Area. (For Sale By Owner)
  6. Database 2 Real Estate FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) Category Search Members Only
  7. Database 2 Real Estate FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) By Message # Members Only
  8. Database 2 Real Estate FSBOs (For Sale By Owner) Advanced Search Members Only
  9. Search for an Executive Member.

Commercial Real Estate Networking For Professional Groups and Companies

Every company and professional group can add the following link to your appropriate website. 

It is a win win situation for your members. The extra traffic that they get from the public that you can give them helps them do transactions. If they do transactions, your revenue increases. More happy and satisfied customers.



Any Company – Type the 1st one or two words of your company name at the top

Any Designation – Change the designation at the top to another designation such as SRES and search, FRI etc.

ICIWorld Global Mobile Friendly Websites

All sites are used for networking and marketing purposes. Over 100+ to be built over the next several years. 


Welcome to the ICIWorld of 

Commercial and Residential Global Real Estate Networking. 

Brokers and Salespeople Successfully Helping People Connect To Do Real Estate Transactions Since 1994 


Provided by The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Since 1994

Global Real Estate Connections “information” @the speed of thought.

Real estate brokers and salespeople building a real estate information listing service to serve the world.

We work hard and long to ensure that your information is circulated and available to the world.
If you do not place your information, no one can see it. And you can easily be missing dong a transaction and not realize it.
Everything we do is to help members help the public make connections to do real estate transactions. 

Information Tools For The Public and For a Broker’s “information toolbox.”

Install the ICIWorld App for Androids and iPhones – ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking.

Html5 Simulates the App but is set up as a shortcut that looks like an App. It is information at your fingertips daily within 3 seconds.

  1. One second opens the app.
  2. One second click on commercial or business or residential or FSBO.
  3. One second to click on Search Database

Make a connection, network and do business.

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A great reminder weekly to search for new opportunities weekly or you can be missing a connection to do a transaction. It is like being at a convention, networking with others, all at once. Otherwise, you can be missing opportunities to do business.

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News, events, interest. Articles of interest from around the world. Members can forward articles to your social media. FSBO For Sale by Owner



Database 2 FSBO Area Category Search

By Message #


Members must be logged in to access the FSBO Area and following links.

The public can post information free and see the subject line of all the postings.

Contact a member for more information
on any listing, Have or Want in the FSBO Area.


Available for Android and iOS –  ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking App.