Global EMail List Servers Deliver Haves and Wants Daily to Subscribers


Over 400 EMail List Servers under construction for the world

Oct./2020 You can help.

List servers are built to serve you.

Testing is “live” while working.

GMail and Yahoo EMail are displaying results nicely. 

Your feedback appreciated.

All listings placed today, are Emailed out to subscribers starting 12:01 AM so you will have them in the morning.

For a full explanation see Our Blog Article.

If anyone wants an EMail List Serve call us, ie: for your city, state, keyword, group, etc.

All MIME DIGEST METHOD – Means one EMail Digest daily whether there are 2 listings or 10 listings. 


Choose regular for one at a time. (not recommended unless you know what you are doing.)

So far EMail LIst Servers working great with GMail and Yahoo Mail. Please let us know how your EMail Program is working for you.

This is double opt-in. In other words, you have to confirm each one.

It is conducted by subscription.

You are dealing directly with a computer to sign up and to unsubscribe.

You manage your own subscription. 

Need help? Make an appointment and we will be glad to help.

One developer has purchased three properties through the EMail List Service. Says he does not visit the website.


From 1994 to 2020, ICIWorld has operated EMail List Servers for the world with up to 20,000 emails delivering information daily to the public and the real estate industry. The software is no longer supported so we are building a new server with new software.


Over 200 EMail List Servers are to be built over the next year. 

As of 2020, October, about five have been built and are undergoing testing to iron out all the kinks.

An EMail List Serve for every country of the world, all states in the USA, all provinces in Canada, are being built.

In addition, various EMail List Servers can be built for CCIM’s, CIPS members, other professional designations upon request. Chapters can have their own email listserve.

Real estate boards and associations can have their own email list servers.

Companies can have their own email list servers.

Provide your request and feedback.

Make an appointment. Make an appointment even if it will take only 15 minutes. 

ICIWorld using the powers of the Internet to deliver real estate information.