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Measure Your Success With Our Pledge

No member should go longer than 90 days without doing business, a deal, a referral or at the very minimum developing a good business relationship with someone you feel can lead to doing business someday otherwise call us!
There are 5+ billion people using the Internet. We have the experience since 1994 of helping 1,000+ brokers make tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now over $1M. With sales to $50M+
Every single member should be able to make connections to do these kind of transactions. Now if you do not have the experience get someone to help you. Or, split your commission and get assistance. Or,  do a referral to one who has experience.


The goal is to help you network with others and make connections.
Someone might call you on one ad that does not suit them, but many develop a good relationship with them, discuss other opportunities that are not on the service, and go off and do a deal.  This is networking. We like to take credit for that because the networking helps you make that successful connection and if it wasn’t for that you would not have done that other transaction.

If you have not made money, completed a referral, develop leads then it is something you are missing doing and if you give us a chance to help it can be fixed.

If you have not made over $50,000 using ICIWorld we recommend that you take in a Webinar-On-Demand Featured Video at your convenience.

See others who have made from $50,000 to over $1M. Testimonials.

For assistance, here are some things we will go over with you. Visit the Log In Member Management Page numbers 1-10. Make an appointment. Within two minutes we can determine whether you have maximized your use of the ICIWorld information service or not. If not, within a short time we can help you fix it.

It is inevitable that every ICIWorld Executive Member does business no matter where in the world you are located unless:

  1. you have a material defect in your membership.

    SOLUTION: Fix them; A material defect once fixed can be like a light switch turning on, all of a sudden you can start getting calls. Many members have some form of material defects in their membership and sometimes only by spending just a little time in one Daily Webinar Workshop once or twice a year as recommended can they be fixed. There is new technology happening all the time and the way you place your information has to adapt.

  2. or you have little or no traffic going to your website(s).

    SOLUTION: Register for How To Promote Your Website every single month until you are generating leads every month from your website. If you do not have the ICIWorld Widgets working 24/7 on your website you are missing opportunities to trigger leads from customers visiting your website. You will learn why it is absolutely inevitable to trigger leads for every single real estate broker and salesperson in the world. Generate leads and do referrals. 

Need help?

Make an appointment. 

This pledge is now supported by way of Daily Webinar Workshops. Make an appointment at www.iciworld.com. Ten minutes before your time, go to www.iciworld.com and click on Webinars Workshop.  One on one workshops, by appointment, starting as early as 6 am Eastern Time, to 4 pm, selected times on weekends, no matter where in the world you are located.

This is a pledge, not a guarantee.

This is because there is a responsibility on your part to look after your information, to keep your listings, Haves and Wants less than 90 days old, answer phone calls promptly, have at least fifteen opportunities working, learn how to work exclusive real estate information, be available to show a property, to close on an appointment, on a sale, get the ICIWorld Widgets working on your website to trigger leads, etc. If you do not do your part, or you ignore things or do nothing, how can anything work?

Read these testimonials and that proves that every single member can and should be doing deals.

Get excited and expect to do business.

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople, networking exclusive commercial and residential real estate Haves and Wants, advertising listings, on a searchable Internet database 24/7, available to search from mobile devices as https://iciworld.mobi (set it as a shortcut) and install the ICIWorld App for iPhones and Androids, and on computers www.iciworld.com, to people from 138 countries of the world, operating since 1994 as ICIWorld.com.

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Resources for new, renewing and existing members. 

Go to www.iciworld.com and click on For Members for a description of services.

For assistance: 

Go to www.iciworld.com, Log In. All assistance is on the Log In Member Management Page. 

  1.  Orientation. Print out the full step by step instructions.
  2. Video How to Place a Want.
  3. Video How To Place a Have.
  4. How To Promote Your Website
  5. Webinars-On-Demand See a Featured Video
  6. YouTube Channel, Vimeo Showcase
  7. Social Media
  8. EMail List Servers
  9. Add Exclusives to the Menu Bar of YOUR Website
  10. Websites
  11. more.

As we build this service, the design will be more streamlined in the future and we develop content that continues to work for members.

The good news is there is really only two things you do on ICIWorld once you know what to do and this usually only takes one Webinar Workshop with us.