ICIWorld Orientation For Executive Members

ICIWorld Executive Member Orientation

ICIWorld is a society of real estate brokers and salespeople.

This is a one-time 60 minute orientation program for new and renewing members.

It is also a checklist for any member who has not either done a deal or at the very least triggered leads or made connections with others that you feel will lead to doing a deal someday.

There are 4+ billion people using the Internet.

Tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars are being made by members of ICIWorld with exclusive real estate information and the sharing of Have and Want information on each others websites.

And many of the information tools we teach work full time on your behalf even though you may be part-time, retired, or busy full time doing other things.

More info. at www.ILS.realestate Your information can be placed by you within a few minutes.

Make an appointment for questions.

ICIWorld Orientation For Executive Members

ICIWorld Orientation For Executive Memberrs


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