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  • ICIWorld is a cutting edge real estate Have and Want information service built to serve the world;

  • People around the world are starting to learn how to use this real estate Have and Want information service.  It is inevitable that everyone benefit because the readership world wide is already here to see information.  You just have to place yours.  Think of it as a classified ad in a world newspaper;

  • ICIWorld is built to serve everyone in every country of the world with 50-100 new listings daily;

  • It is exciting to hear about deals being done. See testimonials;

  • Internet access is increasing throughout the world;

  • More and more people are learning how to use the Internet;

  • Call us free from anywhere in the world or provide your phone number and we will call you.  That way you will have no long distance phone costs. We can call world wide free.  We will show you how;

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  • The readership is world wide. See statistics;

  • We provide printouts and exclusive videos including Search Engine Optimization to show you how to do everything. Videos for non members click here;

  • We find members use telephone technical support usually only in the beginning;

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  • We invite organizations, institutions, companies to contact us to operate this service for your location, company, city, country.  It can be tailored for your use;

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