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  • Place unlimited Have and Want ads all available to the public world wide;
  • Instant and automatic delivery of your ads daily to the public and the real estate industry;
  • Turn key web site.  $5,000 looking web site with thousands of residential and/or commercial real estate ads all in a way that you get the leads. Web sites are like billboards, you can have more than one, automatically updating working 24/7 while you do other things. There are marketing strategies;
  • Links for your web site to content of Haves 80% exclusive and MLS properties for sale and for lease, Wants which are a list of what buyers want all structured in a way that YOU get the leads from people who see these ads on your web site;
  • If you are not generating leads from a web site and making money, click here to see what you are missing:
  • Leads For a Lifetime links for your web site. Lead and revenue generating links for your all your web sites. 90% of people are searching for listings. Now you will have both commercial and residential real estate listings in a way that you get the calls.  Do referrals. Do direct business;
  • Full access to Database 1. Only about 4,000 can be seen by the public;
  • Full access to Database 2 FSBO's, over 9,000 real estate Haves and Wants placed by the public.  Only Executive Members have full access;
  • Database 2 FSBO Area - Receive Haves and Wants by EMail from buyers and sellers as they become available;
  • A database of your listings for your web site. It is a link to your listings for your web site. Add a commercial listing to ICIWorld and it is instantly added on your web site.  Add residential homes directly to your web site;
  • Add, modify, delete, mark sold, UNLIMITED Haves and Wants, all year long. Reach an industry of people interested in real estate;
  • Readership 60,000 people regularly;
  • Distribution of all new listings to the public by EMail over 10,000+ EMails per day;
  • Training and support in your office over the phone see Daily Webinar Workshops and by windows media video. This training includes personal support on how to work with the web site and how to make the web site work for you.  Includes education and training sessions on video;
  • See
  • Private and confidential ones available in the 'Training Videos area such as How To Promote My Web Site and more. go to click on Log In Member Management click on Training Videos on the left;
  • Resource Center - many say it alone is worth the price of admission.
  • Powerful listing tools; statistics, print out lists of buyers;
  • Retired Brokers Program. Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $5,000 to  $10,000;
  • ICIWorld World Directory of Executive Members listings by market area, specialty, language spoken;
  • more.

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