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You can have a jet outside your door, but if you do not know how to fly it, you still are not going anyplace. 

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Make the Powers of the Internet work for you.

Contacts . . . Make Contracts!

One of the true value added services real estate brokers and salespeople offer the public is their information handling abilities.

Internet Marketing Plan for Executive Members

Introducing Help Videos

Each point in this marketing plan is specifically designed to help you generate business.  May we suggest you implement them one at a time.

In commercial real estate one piece of information, one idea in marketing, can make one a lot of money. Each of the following are concepts, ideas, tips that are evaluated to make you money.

For instance, if you do not update your listings every 30-60 days and no longer than 90 days, they sit in an older part of the database and people simply get so busy working the top half, they do not get down to the bottom where your listings might be. 

And secondly if you do not update your listings, they do not get sent out to the industry by Email. Many people do not even visit the website.  They receive all their information by EMail in the daily DIGEST, one email with the Haves and Wants for their region! If you modify a listing within 30 days it does not get sent out to the industry by EMail. If you modify it after 30 days it does get sent out to the industry by EMail. All new listings get sent out to the industry by EMail.

If you have not modified your listing, you miss sending it to them and all the new subscribers each month.  This is just one example of what I call concepts that can make you money. And do these ideas work, please read the Testimonials.

One of the true value added services all real estate brokers and salespeople offer the public today is one's "information handling abilities." As more and more people gravitate to using the Internet since it is so inexpensive for advertising and convenient for searching a lead to your next deal, the skill talents that you have will come more and more into play.

If you have any questions and want a further explanation on any of the following with  examples, please do not hesitate to contact us.

ICIWorld Summary of Marketing on the Internet

The following are ideas and concepts that can make the difference between doing additional deals for you or not doing additional deals.

Things are moving so rapidly, that as new concepts are developed, they are updated here.  Your ideas and feedback are appreciated.

Make sure you see and take advantage of the Training Videos. Teaches how to do just about everything on ICIWorld.

  1. 1. Sound Byte Update your information every 30-45 days for best results. Why? People simply get so busy working the top half of the database, they do not even get down to the bottom and your listings do not get worked.

    Modifying your information brings your listings back to the top where there is a readership of over 50,000 people from 120 countries.

    And secondly, listings modified after 30 days get EMailed out to the industry. There are over 10,000 EMails delivering information daily to the industry. There are new people subscribing to these EMail List Services who may have not seen your listing. They will now receive copies.

    Many people do all their deals from these EMails and do not even visit the site! If you do not modify your listings people will not see your listings. If you have not had any calls, modify your listings. Examine your information. We know the public is reading the information. It must be your information that is not attracting them or there is a material flaw in your information, ie wrong area, no price, location not filled in, no sizzle, etc. or your information is sitting in an old part of the database.
  2. Internet Links Box to link to Economic Development Agencies.

    For many brokers it is not the property that is the problem selling, it is simply getting people to come to the location in the first place.

    Sell the location of your properties. Link to Economic Development Offices, Chambers of Commerce, place photos, virtual tours, logos and banners for your company, etc.

    Linking is one of the most Powerful features of the Internet. Instead of you having to build a $10,000 web site that markets the location of your properties, there already are sites that do that and you can link to them absolutely free! These links contain demographic data, quality of life and business issues and much more.

    There is an Internet Links box in the form for adding listings to ICIWorld. Learn how to use it.

    For list of sites and explanation, go to www.iciworld.net click on Member Links & Entry, click on Resource Center and look for Economic Development Agencies.

    This takes only a minute or two to teach while you are on line talking on another phone with us.

    If you do not link to an economic development office to sell the location of your properties you are missing one of the easiest and most effective ways to market locations of properties and missing opportunities to do deals.
  3. Print out the Have and Want Sheets and keep copies of them handy in a legal size file folder. Why?

    One of the biggest responsibilities of all brokers and salespeople in the industry in my opinion is to recognize important information and then . . . to write it down the moment you recognize it!

    If you do not write down your Have or Want immediately, that information can easily get overlooked because everyone is so busy, then it does not get worked through the industry, and you can easily miss doing deals and not even realize it! Would you agree? Most all brokers do.

    Write down your Have or Want first and then you can delegate the placement onto ICIWorld.

    How long does it take to write down a Have or Want? 15 seconds to a couple of minutes!  How much does it cost?  How much can it make you?  You have done the most important job and that is recognizing important information and then writing it down.  After that it is easy, delegate the placement to someone to place it on ICIWorld, or delegate it to yourself, or call us.

    Here they are Have Sheet | Want Sheet (in Microsoft Word Format) Print them out and make photocopies of them and maintain them in a legal size file folder in the top half of your briefcase. Whenever you recognize a have or want, pull out the Have or Want Sheet and write it down! Everyone is a potential major sale that makes you money.
  4. Follow the guidelines in the Subject Line of the Four Ingredients and mainly in that same order. Everything on the service is a Have but for "wants" you must type the word "Wanted" at the beginning of the subject line.

    Keep in mind when you place information on ICIWorld it is to a market of over 600 million people. People get frustrated if you do not place the general area and other ingredients in your subject line. To click takes time and people will not investigate every listing.  Make it easy for them.  Include the four ingredients.

    What is sizzle?  Ask yourself, "why would anyone want to buy this property when there are 50 other ones out there in the same price range?"  The first thing that comes to your mind?  That's sizzle.

    Location does not mean you put the exact address in it just a general area. Do you put exact addresses in a newspaper ad? You should not do that on ICIWorld because this is not a real estate board listing service. It is more like classified ads.  If you put the exact address, the public can go direct on you, wait until the expiry date and try to buy it direct and you may not get paid.

    Use ICIWorld to trigger a call out of the market place, qualify the people first, know who you are dealing with first.  You have a name of someone introduced during the term of the listing, then its up to you from there if you want to reveal an address.
  5. Suggest you always type in upper and lower case letters, particularly the subject line. All capital letters is like screen blare, like someone yelling at you. (We have started placing the location only in all capital letters and that seems to work good) more . . .
  6. Sold listings. When properties are sold, mark (SOLD) at the beginning of the Subject Line, change the Status to Sold and modify the listing. Brokers report being contacted by people to list their property because they see the broker is successfully selling properties in the area.
  7. Photos - We suggest you place photos on your own personal web site. You can link to them in your messages on ICIWorld so that they appear.  How do you do it? If you have a photo on your web site, place your mouse over top it and click your right mouse button, click on properties and you will see the address.  It is that address you place in the Internet Links box.  It will take 120 seconds for us to teach you this! 

    Here are instructions you can print out.

    Just because you have a photo, does not mean it is helpful. Do not use photos that do not help to really market the property.  Keep in mind, once you place a photo, the public can see it, and people will try to go direct.  Just because you have photos does not mean you should use them.  People can figure out which property it is and go direct.

    Keep the pictures for your package to give, after they have introduced themselves to you.  Then you know who you are dealing with.  That is a different story. 
  8. Referrals - There is something that is even better than listing and selling real estate and that is referrals. That is because they average five minutes to do and make $3,000 to $10,000 and more. One reason people do not work referrals, is because they don't get the leads.  Now you will in two ways!  Visit the FREE FSBO Area that only Executive Members of ICIWorld can access.  There is information added daily.  These people want to buy and sell and lease!  These are referral opportunities.  

    Another is to have a web site and links to listings on all your web sites to listings from ICIWorld. It is these listings that generate interest and calls to you. You can do direct business or do referrals on the enquiries.

    One of the true value added services you offer the public is your information handling abilities.  What difference is it if it is in another city nearby or far away.  They are both a phone call away to do a referral!  You can do referrals globally.

    If you do not have a referral network, use www.ccim.com and find a CCIM.  Let them know I recommended you to call them. Let them know you are not sure how good the lead is, but that you are on a service that provides these leads and a lot of business is being done. If they can do something with the lead, would they provide a 25% referral fee to you?  5 minutes!  $3,000 to $10,000 and possibly more! One broker member did 15 in a three month period! Commercial real estate information can make one a lot of money. There is lots of business to be done.
  9. Resource Center - We let members discover it. Every one says it in itself is worth the price of membership. Resources for the commercial real estate practitioner for both business and personal applications. There are recommendations one of which was recent from a retired broker and SIOR who said to me, he could have saved another's life if he had know about chelation for instance. We show you how to search www.google.com for instance to find out more about this. Have your heard of this?  Then you are hearing about this for the first time from ICIWorld and the sharing generosity of others, all in the Resource Center.  Links to everything in commercial real estate as well.

    If you have not been through the Resource Center you are missing knowledge that is power.
  10. Free FSBO Area Database 2 - Keep in mind there are two major world databases on ICIWorld. One of them is where the public places information free but only members can read the contact information. To get to it, go to www.iciworld.net, search Database 2, click on Member Access on the left. Make choices on the left. You will have full access. The public can not click on these listings. They have to contact a member and that could be you.

    Some listings you will see in Database 2 have a star beside the number.  This indicates listings that have been placed by brokers who are not members of ICIWorld.  We allow that for three reasons: 1. If you can make $50,000 with one of these real estate people then that is a benefit to you; 2. we are not giving anything away because the public can not click on these message numbers; 3. these listings will also be on your web site in a way that generates leads for you.

    Make sure you subscribe to receive the private FSBO Area listings daily. You must be logged in. Go to www.iciworld.net click on Get Haves and Wants by Email. Click on My Lists to see what you are subscribed to. Click on Subscribe. Click on Property Type and choose For Sale By Owner and search. Choose either For Sale By Owner USA or For Sale By Owner Canada.  Choosing the DIGEST method ensures you only ever receive one email at the most per day with new Haves and Wants from the public.

    If you are not receiving listings from the FSBO Area you are missing opportunities to do referrals and direct business.  As a member your are entitle to this.

    You can offer your services to place their information in Database 1 with you. Their contact information has limited exposure to broker members only.  Your information gets distributed to the public world wide with over 10,000 EMails going out daily.  Distribution of Database 2 FSOB'S is to ICIWorld Executive Members only.
  11. Subscribe/Unsubscribe - Generally speaking, all members should subscribe to two list services, Database 1 and Database 2.

    Go to www.iciworld.net and click on Subscribe/Unsubscribe Free, and click on My Lists (log in first). Everyone should probably be on a minimum of two lists, one for their state/province or region and the other the private FSBO's for one's country.

    Normally one chooses the DIGEST method as it sends only one EMail, with many Haves and Wants in the one EMail. 

    However one may choose EMail for the FSBO listings for one's country since it only averages a few a day. 

    We have had stories where someone checked their email 9am, talked to a client at 10:30am, showed the property at lunch time, wrote an offer in the afternoon, presented at 4pm and sold the property that day! It was a signature type office building on a corner in a high traffic location.

    Now why would you want the FSBO Listings all over Canada delivered to you?  Answer: Referrals. There is one thing better than listing and selling real estate and that is referrals. Why? Because one referral can take an average time of five minutes and make you $3,000 to $10,000. Why do you not work referrals?  Probably because you do not get many, however now you will!  The public is posting Haves and Wants free in the FREE FSBO Area and you have full access to them. 

    If you do not have a referral network for your company, use the www.ccim.com and search for a CCIM. As a suggestion tell them Gary Nusca, CCIM recommended that you call them. You have a lead of someone that wants to sell or buy a property, you do not know much about it, but if they can do something with it, is a 25% referral fee okay with them? What is the difference between working a referral in your next city or state?  It is all just a phone call away to get one started. 
  12. Great and Easy Source of Business -

    For sale by owner signs,
    for lease by the developer, brokers protected, kind of signs.

    I would not drive by any of these signs again without marking the phone numbers down. Every member in every area of the world should be doing this!

    Call the owners and after introducing yourself and getting acquainted, ask them three questions.

    1) "Will they pay a commission" and then negotiate it,
    2) "Will they cover you with a 48 hour exclusive listing to show the property once  you have a buyer or a tenant," and
    3) "ask them for permission to market it but you are going to do it without the address."

    RECO Guidelines for Advertising. RECO is a typical real estate licensing entity in one province with similarities with other licensing bodies in all states and all provinces. One of the articles is:

    (8) A registrant shall not include anything in an advertisement that could reasonably be used to identify specific real estate unless the owner of the real estate has consented in writing.

    "Mississauga Restaurant $350K Making money" does not identify the specific restaurant or property. You can advertise and network this kind of information on ICIWorld.

    Sample: "Shopping Center GTA $10M 7% cap" does not identify a specific property. You can advertise and network this kind of information on ICIWorld.

    Give a copy of this ad to the owner and in most cases they will say "well if you do it like that, go ahead."

    I conduct surveys in the seminars that I do and I found that the average broker has between 0-5 listings on a real estate board.  I then asked them "how many open and exclusive listings opportunities could you come up with in the next three months, if you wanted to, and the National Average is at least ten and  more.  And further they mostly are working with at least 5 buyers and many have 20 or more.  In other words this is 15 to 20 opportunities and more to do business any one of which can make you $10,000 to $50,000 and more!  There is no other service in the world that we know of where you can work this kind of information so efficiently.

    Instead of only have 5 opportunities on a real estate board to make $20,000 to $50,000, we suggest you can have 30-50 opportunities to explore to make money. The ones who are doing this are working an average of three offers going back and forth on a weekly basis!

    These extra sales that can happen contribute to the economy because many purchasers upgrade the property.  In the case of land, developers build houses, commercial sites build shopping centers, industrial land build manufacturing plants and industrial use outlets, and much more.  All create jobs and contribute to economic growth.

    What are many waiting for?  Is it that some do not know about this or are too busy?  Are the phone calls simply making you reactionary?  Plant seeds.  The information that you place on ICIWorld is like a farmer planting seeds so that next spring something may grow. The farmer plants seeds while busy harvesting his crop before winter!  You should be cognizant of the fact that information can make you money and then place that information so people can find you.  The ones who do not place their information could be
    (tongue in cheek) called "secret agents."

    In one recent month, 44% of all the deals reported were of the open and exclusive type information.  I personally believe there may very well be twice the information opportunities and more to do business in the marketplace than just listings on a real estate board. We recommend real estate board listings but in many cases you either can't get the listing or you may not want it.

    Why is an overpriced listing still helpful to help you make money?  One call off one ad can make you a lot of money. See the Testimonials. Every broker and salesperson should run 20 or more opportunities to make money, your Haves and Wants!  Keep them up to date, it is easy, two clicks once every 30 to 45 days to update them!  They go to the top of the database and they get emailed out to the industry.
  13. I have noticed that the people making the most money have 15-50 listings on ICIWorld. Listings are not like listings on a real estate board. They can be open listings, exclusive listings, and/or buyers that are looking for space or properties to buy. They can be properties coming for sale where you place people on a list when they call and say that when you will place them on a list and call them the moment if and when you get the property listed. Keep in mind this is an information service, not a listing service like a real estate board or the Internet type listing services of the world. It is more equivalent to the classified ads in a newspaper in terms of the information placed. It is a commercial investment bulletin board system on a World magnitude.  Everyone on the planet earth can click in within 4.9 seconds average access time.
  14. Statistics - Makes for a Powerful Listing Presentation. Print out the statistics in color. Pick the last month. Show the hits 1,600,000 per month, the unique visitors, the number of hits per day, the 120 countries of the world that are visiting the site on a regular basis. It is quite impressive and will help you in your listing presentations. The competition can not do this.  The competition is missing out on a major way to market and network their Haves and Wants, and they do not even know it.
  15. Powerful Listing Tools - If you have an appointment to list a shopping center, print out a list of buyers for shopping centers. This is a very powerful listing tool. Members have obtained listings from Banks on Power of Sales because they have been able to show them how well connected they are in the marketplace. Printing out a list of one hundred buyers is pretty impressive!  They just have to give you a listing, you can start making calls to show the property, it can be that fast! Print out a list of 100 countries that have access to your information.
  16. Searching

    Database 1
    Is over 15,000 Have and Want ads placed by broker and salesperson Executive Members complete with contact information! This is public information that the public reads just like classified ads in a newspaper.  They can pick up the phone and call you. You must be a licensed real estate broker or salesperson to place Haves and Wants of real estate. It is unlimited Haves and Wants for members.

    Learn how to use the Advanced Search feature with contact information.

    atabase 2 FSBO Area is over 14,000 Have and Want ads placed by the public free. There is a limited view for the public. Details. Contact Information of each ad is only available and circulated to Executive Members only. Go to www.iciworld.net click on Search Database 2 click on Member Access on the left. Make choices on the left.

    Learn how to use the Advanced search feature on the left.

    You really need a few minutes with us to show you the power of finding information that can make you money and doing it within a matter of seconds. The advanced search feature, and the advanced search feature with contact names and numbers should literally help you find anything you need fast. However you need to know just a little about key word searching. Ask for a short training session on this.  It is included in our weekly training sessions.
  17. Home Page - Place 10,000 listings on your home page with one button structured in such a way that people have to contact you for further information. Place a link on YOUR HOME PAGE to your commercial listings on ICIWorld. Specialty links available.
  18. No Home Page?  You can have one, literally within 60 minutes of reading this.  Go to the Resource Center and click on Home Pages Free. It is explained there why it is free. When you have a web site up and running, call us.  We will install the special link to 14,000 listings for you, in such a way that people have to call you.
  19. Retired Brokers Program: Work referrals. Source?

    1. Database 2

    2. Generated from a web site and ICIWorld's content of 18,000 real estate ads. While you are retired would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $10,000?

    It is so easy to set up, in fact all you have to do is ask for it.
  20. How to Promote Your Web Site? If you are about to make a lot of money generating leads and referrals from your web site, it is important to generate traffic to your web site. Print out the circular "How to promote your web site," located in the Resource Center.
    ICIWorld now does residential in three ways:
    1. luxury and estate properties $750,000 and up now all price ranges, no minimum or maximum.
    2. the public can add their homes to Database 2.
    3. through the distributed web sites that we supply to members. Web sites display thousands of residential homes in a way the broker gets the call. Add residential homes with pictures and, homes are googled from outer space, and more! See turn key web sites in ten minutes. On going training program and technical support. Call now for a demo 1-877-272-1721.
  22. Virus's, fraud, hoaxes and spam. See News Page. A car needs a regular oil changes and tune ups to preserve and protect its engine. A computer needs daily virus definition updates and maintenance. Learn what it needs.  Learn what you need to know to be careful about people approaching you on the Internet. Suffering from spam? Stop spam instantly.
  23. For the advanced users only of ICIWorld and for those who know how to unzip a compressed file, it is now possible to download the whole database to your laptop and read it offline. It is the world of real estate at your fingertips with contact names and number of the brokers of all their Haves and Wants.  Click here for details.

If for any reason you are not getting results, contact us.  In almost all cases it is because you have not renewed your listings and done it effectively, do not have a web site with content working for you or have not promoted it, or are not aware of the opportunities in Database 2, etc. 

Take our training sessions. It has taken years to build all this information technology but it is easy to learn.

It is a simple matter to get on the computer on one line, while speaking with me on another line and we will walk you through it things to get you going.

We are as close as the nearest telephone to get you working smarter not harder.

Do not hesitate to contact us when you have questions 416-214-4875 and cell phone 416-831-1620.

Thank you for the opportunity to work with you.

Please consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally.

Gary Nusca, CCIM

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Contacts . . . Make Contracts!

Business Lessons Bill Gates

Business Lessons Bill Gates

If you take the service approach, arm your knowledge workers with digital information tools to connect with customers and manage those relationships. This service will help every member of your organization or group to connect with potential customers.

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