Placed “Want” for space. 8,000 sq. ft. leased!

Craig Bowden, Sales Representative, Mayhew Realty, works with tenants looking for space.  He is what you would call a tenant rep.  One of his clients was a furniture company looking for space.  Craig placed his “Want” for space on ICIWorld.  Another broker called him with 8,000 square feet of vacant space for lease. There was a lot of hard work by both brokers to put in place a ten-year lease. Result?  Leased out space, a new business in town to serve the community, jobs for people, commerce conducted in the spirit of service and free enterprise and of course . . . income earned for a job well done. Many people do not have the time or knowledge to wherewithal to do all this themselves but with two licensed real estate brokers and ICIWorld, they accomplished their goal.