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Office Seminars

What you will get

The Seminar is designed for Real Estate Professional who want to learn How to Master the Powers of the Internet and learn How to Work Exclusive Real Estate Information.  One of our Instructors will travel to your Office and present this information to your Team.

Mastering the Powers of the Internet

How to Work Exclusive Real Estate Information


With the use of internet technology ICIWorld.com is able to present the Seminar to any where in the world.

ICIWorld.com is connected

Supporting and Promoting our Executive Members.  Worldwide.

ICIWorld.com Mobile Ready Searching

Mobile Deployments

iciworld.mobi will give you access to ICIWorld.com Real Estate Information on the go.  Lightening fast search results help you meet the pressure of delivering results to your Clients. 

Go to iciworld.mobi from your phone or tablet to experience the power of Databases with Real Estate Information through all property types.


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A Membership with ICIWorld.com is a game changer!

If you are a Real Estate Professional you can have instant access to both Databases.  Stripped of Contact Information you are fee to market and network the information in these Databases under your own branding.

You can purchase a Licence for the ICIWorld.com API.

The API will give you 24/7 access to ICIWorld.com Databases.  The information is delivered to your website, or websites in real time.  Unlike other services, the information is stripped of Contact details which allows you to Market the Real Estate Information under your own branding.

Affordable, Ready to Go Websites

ICIWorld.com Features Mobile Ready Real Estate Websites

Mobile Ready Website sponsored through ICIWorld.com

Mobile Ready is the Standard

Your websites need to be viewable on all types of devices.  This is not limited to desktop computers but must also include phones, tablets, net books.  ICIWorld.com is in a unique position to offer our Executive Members world class websites that are mobile ready. 

Value Added Membership Rewards

ICIWorld.com Executive Member VIP-Discount Card

At Realtor Quest in Toronto May 2018 we announced our V.I.P. Executive Member Corporate Discount Card

ICIWorld.com has developed mobile apps to help you work faster.

Available in iOS and Android