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Check to see if you are in our database first.
  1. go to www.iciworld.com
  2. Click on Log In on the Right
  3. Click on Executive Member Log In
  4. Click on Log In on the Left
  5. Click on Login Help Password – it will be sent to you by Email within a few minutes.
  6. Login on the left
  7. It will say Welcome and you will have a choice to “click here to renew”

If amount is different call us: 1-877-272-1721

Welcome instruction and orientation page.

Executive Membership Subscription 


Eight Month Subscription:  $240.00
(The $79.00 is waived for the Corporate Rate Seminar Special Only)
Total:  $240.00
Due and Payable:  $240.00

Plan 1: Pay in full $240.00 and receive a 4 month bonus for a total of 12 months service.

  • Payable by Major Credit Card On Line, provides for instant access.
    • Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.
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    • Receipt is provided on line that you can print out along with "get started instructions."  We have processed hundreds this way and it works very smooth.
  • By phone, 877-272-1721.
  • By cheque payable and mail to: 

    The Market ICI World Real Estate Network
    3200 N.E. 7th Ct., Suite 303C
    Pompano, Florida 33062


  • Renewal is $319.00 for 8 months. 

  • Renew in full prior to your renewal date and receive a total of 12 months.

  • To see your Renewal Date, make sure you are logged in first.

  • go to www.iciworld.com, click on Log In on the right, then click on Renew Membership.   You can see your renewal date near the bottom.  Go to bottom of page and proceed to Secure Payment. After you are finished you can go back and check your renewal date.

For assistance You can call 1-877-272-1721 from 9-5pm New York, Florida, Toronto Time (Eastern Standard) and we will book an appointment for an orientation session.  Every year this is conducted to upgrade the skills of members.

Procedure To Join Now
It takes a few minutes one time only.

You can start by going to the Main Menu at www.iciworld.com and click on Buy Membership, or click here on 

Join Here Membership Application USA and World  

  • There will be a field called identifier.  

  • You should design your identifier to be your first and last name with NO SPACES all in small case letters. 

  • Write down your id and your password that you should design yourself.  

  • Fill in the form as best you can, you will be able to modify it later anytime.  

  • This is like your business card information that will be included in all your Haves and Wants automatically.

  • Fill in the blanks, proceed and receive your bank approval.

  • There will be a receipt you can print out and a welcome instruction help page you should also print out.

  • You can immediately to start to add listings, access the FSBO Area and deal direct with principals and access the Resource Center with links tailored for commercial real estate people compiled over several years.

  • You should book an appointment for Training at your convenience.

Once you have made payment on line successfully: 

  • go to www.iciworld.com

  • click on Log In on the right then Log In on the Left,

  • then click on login and expire your password in one year. (That way you do not have to log in every time you come on.) 

  • Click on Add/Modify/delete and add your messages.  They are instantly on the internet and get sent automatically and instantly by the EMail List Services throughout the world.  

  • Over the next thirty days more circulation and distribution takes place.

  • You will also have immediate access to the private FSBO area and the Resource Center which every member who has been there says was worth the price of admission in itself. 

Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople provide the service. 

Other Memberships available:  Details.

  • Licensed Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople
  • Principal Membership
  • Companies and Corporations (non brokerage)
  • Economic Development Agencies
  • Associations
  • ICI Councils
  • Organizations
  • Commercial Groups
  • Real Estate Boards
  • Real Estate Franchises
  • Commercial Real Estate Networks
  • Related Service Providers to the Real Estate Industry

We will contact you on receipt of payment and do four things: 

  1. Send an EMail Welcome Information Package and call you personally.
  2. Provide immediate and full access to all services. 
  3. Provide personalized assistance to immediately add your Haves and Wants.
  4. Book an appointment for a 30 minute Orientation Session covering important concepts..

This offer is subject to change anytime before payment is accepted. ________________________________________________________________________________

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ADDRESS:   _____________________________________________________

CITY/PROVINCE: ______________________________________________

POSTAL CODE: ______________________________________________

BUSINESS PHONE: ______________________________________________

RESIDENCE PHONE: _____________________________________________

CAR PHONE:  ___________________________________________________

FAX PHONE:  ___________________________________________________

PASSWORD:  ___________________________________________________
(Up to 15 characters long.  Numbers and/or letters.)

Payment Enclosed        Charge to my credit card:     

American Express  Visa  Mastercard Discover (Circle One)
Card Number   __________________________
Expiry Date________________

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