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World real estate networking services for real estate brokers and salespeople worldwide.


Provided by The ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople Since 1994. 

Brokers and salespeople are earning 10x to 4,000x the membership fee. If other brokers and salespeople can do it, you can too!  

The goal is to have all the Have and Want opportunities from every real estate broker and salesperson in the world in the database appearing on every broker’s website. Every broker will have a world link on their website to the world’s listings, Haves and Wants. See sample websites on this page with Exclusive on the Menu Bar. You can change it.  

Jump to the front of the line to get it working. Give us a chance to help you. We are assistants to brokers worldwide. Make an appointment.

1) Add your real estate Have and Want opportunities  for instant global networking. 

2) Order IDX website links. The moment you have them working, the next person who visits your website has to call YOU. Otherwise you are missing triggering leads from your website. 

Every member should have fifteen Haves and Wants to work 24/7 on the Internet. One must learn how to work with exclusive type opportunities.


Our pledge every member either does a transaction or referral every 90 days or at the very least makes connections that you feel will lead to making money someday, otherwise, give us a chance to help.


  There are over 5 billion people using the Internet, and we have the experience on the Internet since 1994 to help.



Brokers Share Their Real Estate Have and Want Opportunities On Each Other’s Websites.  

Add the link to Exclusive opportunities onto your website. Generate leads. Generate referrals.

It becomes inevitable to generate leads to do transactions AND referrals because when customers visit your website, they are looking for listings!

Another Reason? People must call YOU for more information.


Join to get the IDX Link Of World  Exclusive Listings for your website. Without them, you are missing opportunities to trigger leads.


Get the Internet and 30 years of ICIWorld networking experience to work 24/7 for you.


Add unique exclusive apartment buildings, shopping centers, land, and more to YOUR real estate website! Join and get it all working 24/7 on your behalf while you are doing other things!


There are 40,000+ listings, Haves and Wants on ICIWorld. Members have access to contact them all. About 3,000 are available to the public. 

Would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral when you are retired or part-time that makes you $3,000 to $10,000?



Trigger leads from your website and do the odd five minute referral with ICIWorld IDX Links.

Give yourself a chance to do referrals for the rest of your life! 

 it. But now you do.

And it helps all the full-time agents who like incoming referrals.



The moment you add the IDX links to your website, the next person who visits your website and sees a listing, Have or Want, has to call you. 


Otherwise, you are missing opportunities to trigger leads now and do not realize it. But now you do.




Make an appointment.  


Consider us as a personal marketing and information assistant to you personally. Experience from  +helping brokers since 1994. 

“I think there should be a marching band coming into your office, every real estate office in the world, in the morning to announce these information tools and that with one 60-minute appointment, you can get them in place to work for you generating income for the rest of your life. Success in commercial real estate illustrates great service to the public.” GN

You can contribute to make this world service work for you and our profession.
Your suggestions are appreciated.
  Contact us.

Subscribe FREE to receive exclusive listings, EMail Alerts of Exclusive HAVES AND WANTS, by EMail.

A competitive edge. Find out about Haves and Wants within 24 hours. 
A daily digest of one EMail whether there are 2 or 10 new Have and Want opportunities with contact names and numbers.
It is like being at a convention, where you can here about all the opportunities and networking going on.  Otherwise, you can be missing opportunities to do business and do not realize it.

You can unsubscribe at any time. You will be dealing with a computer.

Subscribe FREE to receive the ICIWorld Weekly Newsletter

An EMail newsletter and reminder weekly to search for new opportunities weekly, or you can be missing a connection to do a transaction. And to update your Haves and Wants every 31-60 days and no longer than 90 days. Make sure IDX links working on your website. 

Subscribe FREE to receive the ICIWorld International Newspaper Saturday Morning

News, events, interest, a global perspective. 

Articles of interest you can circulate to YOUR social media. 


In my opinion there is nothing faster to communicate real estate Haves and Wants in the world today.  A broker places a group home June 2022. Receives four calls and sells it within 3 days. It is almost like magic to make money. 

Add a Have or Want and it is instantly available worldwide.  Anyone in your group, association, geographic area, can see it.

Search and in a matter of seconds everyone in the world who may be interested has access. 

Power up your organizations, associations, real estate boards, professional groups, with the network that specializes in helping brokers and salespeople network information to help the public to business globally since 1994.


We provide world exclusive  listings for your website

Absolutely inevitable to trigger leads.



  • no one can click on the listings. They have to call YOU.
  • they automatically update themselves in real-time. 
  • they are structured in a way that YOU get the calls.
  • other brokers and salesperson members of ICIWorld have agreed to share their listings, Haves and Wants so you can display them on YOUR website
  • do referrals
  • do direct business
  • the moment they are installed, the next person who visits YOUR website and wants more information on any listing has to call YOU!
  • all brokers and salespeople globally can now add these links to their website.
  • One lead can make one $30,000 to $75,000.
  • One referral can make $5,000 to $25,000. 
  • Unless you have the ICIWorld IDX Exclusive Links working on your website, you have no chance of triggering a lead.
  • Some brokers just pay to have this link on their website. $319. 
  • Join Today Details. Then order the links.
  • One instruction to give to your website designer or company. We email it to you.
  • From a brokers point of view, it is listings, Haves and Wants that trigger leads. Now you will have them. 

Please feel free to call and discuss a Webinar for your office, association or real estate board. Gary Nusca, CCIM, CIPS, Realtor, Broker for 48 years. Bio

We tailor it for your audience. We have the experience of being assistants to real estate brokers and salespeople in the real estate industry for over 25 years.

We can handle up from 1-10,000 registrants with our software using GoToWebinar. However only 1,000 may attend. Everyone can receive a copy of the recorded Webinar after the event.  Average at this time is from 5-50. 

We invite leaders in all organizations to consider us holding networking meetings for your organization.  

Zoom meetings also provided if more convenient or host us using your software.

Order a Live Webinar for your real estate office, association, board. 

ORDER LIVE REAL ESTATE WEBINAR How To  Use The Internet To Make Money

Compatible with all services in all real estate offices.

See written comments of attendees.  When you see the written comments you can be assured this will be among the most beneficial seminars for your group. 

How To Work Exclusive Real Estate can make your salespeople and your office a lot of money.

See announcements of previous Webinars

Install The Global App
ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking.
Available for Android and iOS


Free to search.
Put the power of the commercial and residential real estate industry
Have and Want information in the palm of your hands.

Purpose For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople to Network Real Estate Have and Want Information Globally To Serve The Public.

 International Real Estate Networking and Marketing Exposure 24/7 On ICIWorld Mobile Apps, Computers, Internet Websites, World EMail List Servers, Member Websites, Social Media, and Thousands of Pages on the Internet when you place listings, Haves and Wants.

 Have and Want information trigger leads just like a real estate board listing can trigger a lead. And every member should have fifteen active Haves and Wants working 24/7. 

Information Technology, Internet Tools That Enhance Your Ability To Make Money . .. and we teach it and help you with it.



There is really only two things you do with ICIWorld once you are a member.

Search from time to time, make connections, network, do business.

Add, modify, delete, mark  listings, Haves and Wants sold every 31-60 days. Never let listings go longer than 90 days old.

60 minute one-time orientation and setup recommended. Join.

Our Pledge

Measure Your Success

Know Our Pledge

Measure your success.

Never let your membership go longer than 90 days without either doing a deal, referral or developing a good business relationship with someone that you feel will lead to doing a deal with someday or call us. and give us a chance to help. From experience we usually can identify what we call material defects that can be fixed.

ICIWorld has the experience since 1994 on the Internet of helping brokers succeed.


It is absolutely inevitable to do business. 

Here are examples of member brokers and salespeople TRANSACTIONS.

 Connections made with information through an information listing service not a multiple listing service. However, it is one thing to have the technology.  It is quite another to apply it. When you understand how to use information technology and apply it you will understand why it is inevitable. 

Learn in a Webinar On Demand.

                               And . . . you will be providing a great service for the Public. And the public is protected because you are trained in consumer protection.

ICIWorld Attending Realtor Quest For Over Twenty Years Toronto Regional Real Estate Board


Realtor Quest Toronto is one of the largest real estate trade shows in the world.  

Nowhere can you see as many products and services in one day, face to face, as you can in this trade show for Realtors.

ICIWorld Association of Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople has one of the busiest booths at the show.

One reason they are stopping by is to thank us for the connections they made and all the deals they have done. They know we love to hear about them. 

There are times when salespeople will be standing 2-3-4 and more deep.  It is for the 3 SECOND DEMONSTRATION. 

  1. One second to open the ICIWorld App.
  2. One second to click on commercial or business or residential or FSBOs to see the latest exclusive listings in the GTA, Ontario, Canada and World market.
  3. One second to click on Search Database and see results. Each listing, Have or Want has contact names and numbers for you to do business. 

Another reason our booth is busy is because we make a statement that you could have a $30,000 website and it would not be as powerful as the websites that we supply from ICIWorld for $39.95/mo. They have real estate board listings AND Exclusives, Google API Geo Locator, VIP Condo Sites, built in CRM, MLS, Mortgage Calculator and much more.

Learn how to work exclusive real estate in a Featured Video Webinar On Demand. From recordings of presentations at real estate boards, associations, offices.  

For Members

ICIWorld at TRREB Realtor Quest Global Mobile Real Estate Networking

 Add shortcuts such as to your mobile phone. 

Everyone interested in commercial and residential real estate can add as a shortcut on your mobile phone. 

Technology tools. Exclusive IDX Links for your website. 

Mobile websites. Imagine having all your customers to have your mobile real estate website on their mobile phones! We show you how to achieve this.

It is an industry of real estate Have and Want opportunities at your fingertips.

Learn how to add shortcuts to your phone. If you are talking to a restaurant owner, bring up buyers and sellers of restaurants within 3 seconds. 

Use as a shortcut. 

ICIWORLD.MOBI Many still use it to this day. Working since 2011 daily, reliable, steady, accessing the latest listings daily since the day it came on line. It is fast. (3 sec. to see the latest listings.) Why change it they say.

And yes install the App ICIWorld Global Real Estate Networking. All information tools for a brokers information toolbox. Mobile Ready Searching

ICIWorld Is a Global Commercial And Residential

Real Estate Have and Want Network Information Service.”

At Your Fingertips.”

Commercial Real Estate Networking and Training Sessions Recorded

For Commercial and Residential Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople


Video Presentation and Demonstration of

How ICIWorld Helps Brokers and Salespeople Serve The Public

Feel free to share this video with others in your real estate office, and Like it if you do.


Show lists of buyers to your prospects and clients. It demonstrates how ell connected you are into the buyers marketplace. It can help you get the listing when you show them a list of 50 buyers for their type of property.


Show lists of exclusive listings to your prospects and clients. This is a competitive edge in the marketplace as you have access to exclusive real estate opportunities that are not on a real estate board. You can give them the best of both worlds when they deal with you.

MOBILE Websites for members  You could have a $30,000 website and it is not as powerful as the ones supplied by ICIWorld for $34.95. 

Trigger leads from your website how? ICIWorld IDX Links that we send to you for you to place on your website by your website designer of commercial and residential real estate content of listings, Have and Want opportunities that other brokers have agreed to share with you. 

It is the ICIWorld IDX Widgets Links of listings that trigger leads for you from YOUR website.

Mobile Marketing Solutions for Real Estate Professionals

See sample websites.

See Sample Websites

$34.95/mo. 30 day full money back guarantee. THREE major world networks of listings that can trigger leads.

Part of the new Internet Mobile Revolution. .

Let us help you get up and running today.

3.  Mobile Real Estate Websites

No website? No problem! 

We can help you get one up and running within one hour while you watch and learn how you too can work with it if you would like that! 

Ask for a demo and then be the judge! 

AND . . . Websites automatically send out new listings to your prospects until they buy.

Marketing Plan for Members – The Race Is On.

You will send all your customers to your own website to see real estate board listings and Exclusive Listings. 

They are more powerful than a $30,000 website for $16.50! 

From a brokers point of view, it is listings that trigger calls. 

You will have TWO major world real estate networks of listings that can trigger leads.

$34.95/mo. 30 day full money back guarantee. 
If you already have a website, ask for the ICIWorld IDX Links to Listings, Have and Want Opportunities to be added to YOUR website.

How To Promote Your Real Estate Website

What good is a website if you have no traffic? 

This video recording shows how it should become a part of your daily routine when handing out business cards, talking to your prospects and clients, to get them all to put your website on their mobile phones as a shortcut.

This should be a vital part of your marketing plan for your real estate practice the rest of your life.

Someday when you retire you simply switch to doing referrals on any and all inquiries. 

    • Internet Number 1 Marketing and Money Making Tool in History
    • Growth of the Internet five billion people. 7 billion cell phones.
    • See how brokers are making tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands of dollars and now some over $1M.
    • New Internet Revolution – Mobilization of the real estate industry.
    • The Power of Networking For Commercial & Residential Real Estate
    • Real Estate Information – It’s the Gold on the Internet.
    • See how brokers are doing deals 0-$50M+ with information.
    • Reach principals with “information” AND listings to trigger leads.
    • Open and exclusive listings $$$ commercial AND $$$ residential.
    • Public information versus confidential and private information
    • Education, training, assistance, know how, tools, tips, tricks, etc.
    • Unique Listings, Have and Want Content not available elsewhere.
    • Don’t forget the buyers. Work the “Wants” and get showings.
    • Use the Wants. You can do business by 5PM today or tomorrow!
    • Unique Internet Lead Generation concepts, ideas, content.
    • Security on the Internet. How to protect yourself and others.
    • Powerful Marketing Techniques, Social Media, Technology, more.
    • Consumers Want Realtors with Technology.
    • Powerful Listing Tools. How to use buyer lists such as on ICIWorld.
    • Make your websites relevant, more powerful, information centres
    • What good is a website if you have no or little traffic.
    • Learn How To Promote Your Website Webinar-On-Demand
    • Webinars-On-Demand How To Work Exclusive Information
    • Referral opportunities. Why some do and some don’t do them.
    • We think we can show every single real estate broker and salesperson how to make more money and some very very easily. See Testimonials.
    • See Written Comments Of Attendees.
    • Call Diana, Seminar Co-Ordinator with the time you would like us to present.

    Let’s Have a Look at Your  Real Estate Lead Generation Advantages

    Search Database 2 FSBO’s (For Sale by Owner)

    The F.S.B.O. area is FREE FOR THE PUBLIC to place Real Estate Information

    You can add a WANT, a property you are looking for or a HAVE, a property that you would like to offer for sale or lease. 

    Search over 15,000 Have and Want Real Estate ads placed by the public free. Search a Limited View.

    Details and contact Information are available and circulated to Executive Members only.

    You must contact a member of for information on any listing in Database 2.

    More Real Estate opportunities become available to the public doing it this way and there is a certain element of protection for the public by always having a licensed Real Estate broker or salesperson involved.

    If you are a Real Estate Professional you can have full access to the FSBO area with a Membership.



    The beginning of displaying services in the real estate industry.
    If you have a product or service that benefits the real estate industry, thousands of real estate brokers and salespeople and the pubic contact us with a view towards placing your link here to your website.
    Maintain a presence and marketing penetration with your product or services to the real estate industry targeted locally or worldwide.
    The Marketplace link shall be included in EMails being delivered to the real estate industry, daily, weekly, monthly.
    The Marketplace link shall be publicized on various pages of expired members websites.
    The Marketplace link is a choice on our Menu under more.
    Direct link to websites.
    We do not do banner ads, pop up banners or ads, time delay advertising. Rather we present your products and services all year round.
 Mobile Ready Searching

    Trigger Leads by adding and any of our mobile websites as a shortcut on your mobile phone. It is real estate information, buyers and sellers at your fingertips from the global Databases.

    Trusted by Real Estate Professionals

    for over 20 years.

    Trigger Leads

    Trigger Leads from exclusive information that you cannot place on a real estate board.

    Trigger leads from the ICIWorld IDX link displaying listings on your website. 

    The same as you trigger leads from a listing on a real estate board, you can trigger leads with information.

    Members provide the ultimate in world wide exposure because not only do they include ICIWorld in their marketing plans, but they also provide a vast array of other important services.
    Members can be found in many ways: by specialty, location, language spoken, on ICIWorld, through their listings, websites, member search, EMail.
    Suggestion for the public: We recommend contact a member personally, visit a member’s web site because there is more information on the local area, resources, including more exclusive listings not available on other services.
    Members should make sure you have the key words for geographic area that you cover and specialty if any and languages spoken in their member record so people can find you.

    If you are a member of the public contact one of our members to help or if you have an agent friend, have them join on your behalf to market your property. 


    Only Executive Members can provide the ulitmate in world wide networking. 

    If you are a member of the public contact one of our members to help or if you have an agent friend, have them join to market your property. 

    ICIWorld is proven to have sold properties higher than other services because of the reach globally. 

    If you do not place your information here, you can be missing achieving the highest and best price and terms. 

    One example, $50M+ sale that had fourteen offers on it from major commercial real estate companies in the GTA. Two members of ICIWorld listed and sold it. 

    Training and Support for Executive Members

    Why By Appointment?

    The goal of the association is to keep costs down while at the very same time maximizing opportunities on the Internet.

    If we had to hire five client care people that would be $200,000 per year and it would be members who would have to pay for it doubling membership.

    Simply make an appointment and you will have one on one assistance and attention. This prevents playing telephone tag and annoying calls while speaking with other people.

    The one on one Webfinar Workshops allow us to show our screen and vice versa. 

    All from the comfort of your own business or home office.





    One time setup with us in a workshop Webinar on line for 30 minutes ensures you know how to add and search listings from time to time. It is ICIWorld that works 24/7 displaying and distributing information on the Internet on your behalf.

    One time setup includes how to log in, updating your record, subscribing to receive daily listings, how to place Haves and Wants properly, introduction on how to search advanced method, etc.

    Request the widgets for your website. Forward them to your website programmer to install. Follow up to ensure they get installed properly. Absolutely any problems call us. We can check them. They work automatically once installed. Websites are supplied on request and require a minimum of 90 minutes setup.

    Then learn How to Promote Your Website a 90 minute workshop webinar presented once per month and available on video. This is really where you should spend time, promoting your website. You work it into your daily work pattern such as handing out business cards and talking about the content on your website of exclusive listings as well as real estate board listings, etc. One lead makes one a lot of money.

    You should be generating leads, doing business, doing referrals every 90 days, otherwise, call us so we can help train you.

    ICIWorld Apps and Mobile Website for the World add it to the home screen on your phone. Add any of our mobile websites. Choose the one you like to work with. They all provide searching the databases. 

    Search from anywhere in the world.


    Add the ICIWorld App to your mobile phone. 

    Search iciworld in the App or Play Store.

    Get results within 60 seconds from anywhere you are in the world.

    It is information and networking world wide in an instant.

    And it is networking of information that can not be placed on a real estate board. .mobi Website

    All members should have social media links on their web site.

    It can help generate more traffic.

    Subscribe to ICIWorld Social Media and Includes education, tips, announcements, reminders, articles of interest, receive new listings by EMail, etc. See them all 

    Our ICIWorld Newspaper will always include an article of interest for everyone in the world. Make sure you include to click on the Business section.



    Retired Brokers Program Retired Brokers Program

    Would you mind doing the odd five-minute referral that makes you $5,000 to $10,000 and more? 

    The only reason brokers and salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads. Now you can.

    Every broker can do referrals on any inquiry, residential and commercial.

    When you retire or slow down some day, would you mind doing the odd referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000?

    If you don’t mind, we suggest you never give up your real estate license.

    This may be the only retired brokers program in the world that I know of.

    Call for a demo anytime.

    One member did fifteen referrals, 75 minutes of time over a period of months at five minutes each and made $45,000.

    Join Today and we will totally setup this fun program for you.

    Why buy a lottery ticket when you can have a website generating leads so you do the odd five minute referral that makes you $10,000.

    Works very similar to the retired brokers program.

    At any time, do referrals.

    The only reason brokers and salespeople do not do referrals is because they do not get the leads.

    If you have a special website, with real estate board listings, Exclusive real estate Haves and Wants where the public cannot click on the message numbers, it becomes absolutely inevitable to trigger leads because they have to call you for more information. That is the way ICIWorld IDX Links are structured. 

    It is like having real estate classified ads on YOUR website all set up in a way that YOU get the leads.

    The best one that I know of is a Re/Max agent who has done fifteen referrals.  That is 15 x 5 minutes = 75 minutes of time. He made $45,000.

    Now that is what I call working smarter not harder.

    With our program you and every member has a chance to trigger leads.

    Without it, no chance at all.

    As long as you have license you can do this program.

    Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you money and helps the public?

    One broker has done fifteen referrals.  That is a total of 75 minutes over a period of months and he made $45,000 from home.  And it provided a good service to the public.

    In order to do referrals you need a special special website that has listings on it in a special way.  It is so that inquiries must come to you.

    AND we totally set this website up with you AND show you how to promote it. In fact we have a special monthly Webinar on How To Promote Your Website also available to members in video recordings.  That way you can work on your own time marketing your website and when an inquiry comes in, you just do a referral and make money.

    Join Today and we will totally setup this fun program for you. Just do referrals.

    Would you mind doing the odd five minute referral that makes you $3,000 to $10,000 and more? Every salesperson can do referrals on any inquiry, residential and commercial.

    Sponsorship program is a way to reward existing members for helping to grow the service.

    All the while helping other real estate salespeople take advantage of the Internet, information and technology services.

    It is a way of building the service so that all the listings, Haves and Wants continue to grow on YOUR website with the sharing of listings, Haves and Wants by all members.

    It is inevitable someday, think now, if all the brokers and salespeople in the world were connected, then every Have and Want of every member in the world would be available from YOUR website.

    Invite one other of your colleagues or other real estate broker or salespeople to investigate the service. If and when they join, you get credit as long as they mention your name. Your renewal fee becomes $240 rather than $319. Additional referrals and we add 3 months onto your membership for each one on your renewal. 

    In order to get your colleague, friend, association to mention your name, tell them, as long as they mention your name, they can join for the fist year for $240. 

    One more thing. We do have a special link that we can supply you on request. If you supply them the special link that we supply you and they join up through that link, they get one year and three months for $240. And when you get to the login page on ICIWoirld, have a look on the left. You will see a special link called My Referrals that keeps track. 

    We appreciate the opportunity to serve you.

    Membership Sponsorship Program

    Sponsor a new member to join and your renewal is $240 rather than $319.  We will send you an email on the same day that they join.

    The new person can join for $240 for one year rather than $319 just by mentioning your name.

    Additional persons that you sponsor, we add three months on to your membership.  Sponsor four more people and get a year free.

    Let this be your inspiration as it is ours.

    See testimonials.

    It is our goal to have every single member with testimonials. In fact see Our Pledge.

    Members report doing business from people reading the testimonials. People want to do business with successful members who take advantage of the ultimate in world wide marketing.

    Please do send us a sentence or two about your successes with ICIWorld to customerservice @ We will call you when it is ready to see so you can verify it properly. We can put in links to your website. This is validation for all members for the public to deal with you.

    Members who are licensed real estate professionals can offer the best of two worlds: real estate board type listings such as real estate board listings AND exclusive information on an information listing service in the marketplace to find buyers and sellers. This way you maximize your opportunities to do business.

    Proof positive every single real estate salesperson in the world can do transactions.

    Some real estate salespeople believe the only way to sell real estate is on a real estate board. 

    These testimonials are proof positive that you can be doing transactions working information. 

    If someone says I do not want to sign a listing but bring me a buyer, that is an opportunity that can trigger leads. We can help.

    Gary Nusca, CCIM, ICIWorld at TRREB Realtor Quest

    Other Vimeo educational, recorded networking sessions and more.

    ICIWorld Vimeo Videos-On-Demand.

    Approximately 30,000 to 40,000+ people per month readership. *see explanation.

    Explanation: 30,000 to 40,000+ unique sites per month recorded.

    Unique Sites Each request made to the server comes from a unique ‘site’, which can be referenced by a name or ultimately, an IP address. The ‘sites’ number shows how many unique IP addresses made requests to the server during the reporting time period. This DOES NOT mean the number of unique individual users (real people) that visited, which is impossible to determine using just logs and the HTTP protocol (however, this number might be about as close as you will get). This does not include 20,000+/- EMails distributed daily of listings to subscribers. It also does not include stats from 50+ other domain names. ICIWorld is the longest established real estate Have and Want information service on the Internet (1994). And it is one of the largest real estate Have and Want advertising, marketing, networking information services in the world and the largest in Canada.

    There are 30,000+ contacts for listings, Haves and Wants, opportunities in real estate and business opportunities to network with people to do business, 75% are exclusive not on real estate boards. 15,000+ are in the private FSBO Area (For Sale By Owner) exclusive to members.

    Yet most all of our real estate broker members are members of real estate boards so they are essentially providing the best of BOTH WORLDS, exclusive through ICIWorld, and real estate board listings through their real estate board.

    For a property to be for sale on a real estate board a proper listing agreement must have the consent of the owner in writing. 

    For a property to be advertised for sale on ICIWorld it is much like a classified ad in a newspaper the same applies,

    However in addition one can also network information with verbal consent as long as the address or property is not identified. You must put an agreement in place first before identifying the property. One way to do it is to get a 48 hour listing agreement with the owner when you have a potential buyer to show the property. ie: you should never show a property without having a written agreement in place first. I too have been a broker for 40+ years. Commercial brokers have been doing this since the beginning of time and now we are teaching residential people how to do this with the advent of the Internet. 

    It is great for the organized real estate industry to provide this service for the public. Basically the thousands of fsbo’s out there can be placed here quite nicely through the hands of licensed real estate brokers and salespeople. We teach members how to do this. This expands your opportunities to do business tremendously. 

    This also is an official invitation for real estate boards to invite us to introduce this service for all your members. 

    We could do a presentation for your whole membership.

    It is great for the public because they find out about more information that is NOT on real estate boards.

    Search from time to time and get results within 60 seconds on your mobile phone with contact names and phone numbers:

    Go to on your mobile phone device and Search. Choose either commercial, business, residential or FSBOs.

    • Click on Search Database.  See if you can search the database for the latest listings for your city, state or province or country . . . all within 60 seconds. You are the leaders in real estate networking. Learn how to do it. Call us anytime for assistance. See the videos on the Search page at

    That’s it.

    • Add your listings from time to time and  . . search from time to time.
    • That is the essence of ICIWorld and networking real estate information to make money. 
    • All the rest is simply a one time learning curve.
    • There are technology tools you can put in place that work automatically triggering inquiries on listings for you. Called ICIWorld Widgets for all websites in the world and ICIWorld designed mobile websites.
    • A 30 minute orientation one on one with us puts it all in perspective. And you can have a demo anytime same thing.

    You will learn how to work exclusive information in addition to advertising your real estate board listings.

    • Place an ad and . . . with one click . . . reach a readership of 40,000 +/- people in 138 countries.
    • 20,000+/- EMails deliver information to subscribers to the public . . . daily, when your information is placed.
    • Your information can appear on over 1,000 other real estate brokers and salespeople websites instantly (a choice in each listing when placed)  This means you get the benefit of all the advertising that other brokers do advertising their websites.  Referrals are generated for each other.
    • Someone sees a listing on a members website and they call you to do a referral! One broker has done fifteen referrals, at five minutes each that is seventy five minutes and he made $45,000 an  average $3,000 per referral and great services provided to the public.  If you do not have the Widgets you have no chance.
    • Circulation ICIWorld advertises in Trade publications reaching over 300,000 readership on news stands, variety stores, real estate offices and much more. Someone sees an ad, visits the website and sees your listing and calls you and you have a new customer.  This is thousands of dollars of advertising done on your behalf. Reaching people on the street and on the Internet.
    • Every show, conference, convention, expo, we hand out thousands of brochures to get people networking ICIWorld on their phones . . . all to help people make connections with you.

    ICIWorld Attendance and Participation at Real Estate Shows, Conventions, Conferences, Real Estate Events.

    All designed to generate more business for all members from the public and the real estate industry.
    To increase membership when speaking with real estate brokers and salespeople.
    To bring awareness there is one great place to network exclusive type real estate information that should never be overlooked because you can be missing doing transactions and not realize it.
    • Franchise Shows

    • Real Estate Investment Shows

    • International Real Estate Events

    • Investment Shows

    • Franchise Expo

    • Motivational Shows

    • Power of Success Tony Robbins 3,500 brochures taken home

    • Empowering Women To Succeed

    • and much more.

    • ICIWorld hands out brochures encouraging people to see 30,000 contacts on their phones by adding to their phones. Thousands upon thousands have done so. One search by one person and presto you can be getting a call.

    • On Members Websites

    • 1,000+ websites with ICIWorld Widgets

    • See samples

    The significance of the listings being on thousands of other brokers websites is substantial for all members.

    Broker members are building websites that serve their communities. Each one does advertising in scores of different ways. Each one is generating traffic for all their websites. If you add up all the traffic from members alone it is substantial. In all cases where members have widgets from ICIWorld, this means your listings are getting a circulation unparalleled in the industry.

    However if you do not place a Have or Want or listing then your information has no opportunity to get seen.


    Join today and get your information working 24/7.

    Approximately $40/mo. unlimited advertising, full access to all 30,000 contacts including FSBO’s, widgets for your website, websites from $34.95/mo. 30 day full money back guarantee. Make an appointment when someone contacts you. Get an offer. Do a deal. Make some money. Look after the family, take a holiday, contribute to charity. Do it all over again.

    Past Members Websites

    • 500+ websites with ICIWorld Widgets

    • links available for the public to click on

    All to give everyone a chance to do business with information technology.

    See the 50 pages of testimonials.

    We appreciate the opportunity to help and look forward to your testimonial.

    A Global Real Estate Database Since 1994.

    Built for the World.

    Join Today.

    USA 954-317-2327
    Canada 416-777-2633
    After hours 416-214-4875
    Toll Free 1-877-272-1721

    Join and with one click reach the world.
    CLICK HERE and network with the world.

    Only licensed real estate brokers and salespeople may join. It is free for the public. 

    $40/mo. or $319/year

    • unlimited ads

    • widgets of listings for your website structured so that you get the leads

    • support and assistance

    • design for website

    Websites are $34.95/mo. paid annually 30 day full money back guarantee. 

    • complete turn key setup ready to make money

    • may include three major world networks of listings

    • automatic delivery of new listing alerts to customers

    • listings structured so that you get calls

    Includes Our Pledge. Call us any 90 day period you are not doing business. We have a checklist that helps virtually 100% of the time.


    Professional Memberships

    A Graphic Image of the Brokerage Logo

    CCIM Chapter Meetings at TRREB (Toronto Real Estate Board)

    Meetings and networking conducted throughout the year

    Commercial Real Estate Educational Events, Seminars, at Ryerson University downtown Toronto, Site To Do Business, others.

    ICIWorld print and on-the-street advertising reaches 300,000+  readership in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada, and what it means for you: TRIGGERING LEADS AND IT WORKS!

    ICIWorld Advertises On Your Behalf On The Street AND On The Internet

    When a buyer or seller picks up a real estate trade magazine, and sees the ICIWorld website of 40,000+ listings, Have and Want opportunities, 75% are exclusive.  This creates interest. Buyers and sellers go to the ICIWorld website link advertised, search for listings, see your listing, they call you, and you show it, and do a deal. It can be that simple, that fast.

    • website campaign, front page on website
    • email campaign
    A Graphic Image of the Brokerage Logo
    • website campaign front page on website

    • email campaign

    • booth space at conventions BC and Ontario Advertising

    Circulation such as the following trade publications in banks, variety stores, real estate offices, magazines reaching a readership of over 300,000. One reader sees iciworld, searches, sees your listing and calls you. If . . . it is placed and less than 90 days old.


    Come and visit our Booth at Realtor Quest each year. Booth at Realtor-Quest.png32

    ICIWorld Is Commercial And Residential

    Real Estate Have and Want Information “

    At Your Fingertips.” World Spinning on Your Fingertip



    Tools for a broker’s information tool box and for the public.

    It is free for everyone in the world to search.
    These are information tools for what we call a brokers information tool box and an investors, buyers, sellers information tool box. 

    Make connections through any of our websites which are all mobile-friendly.

    Use the one that you like best. Make it a shortcut on your mobile phone. Check daily for new listings.

    ICIWorld has over 100 domain names. 

    All used to promote penetrate the farthest reaches of the Internet with your listings, Haves and Wants around the world. 

    Most all ICIWorld powered websites provide the four choices to the public worldwide to search the database and make connections with you. The four choices are commercial, business opportunities, residential and FSBOs.
    ICIWorld operating since 1994 as the first real estate company on the Internet.
    Use on your computer. Learn how to add any one of them as a shortcut on your home screen.

    The goal is to provide you basically instant access to buyers and sellers criteria, opportunities in real estate that are not on MLS. This gives the public more choice. And because the information is coming from licensed real estate brokers and salespeople, the public is protected because they are trained in consumer protection.

    It is literally only 3 seconds to start searching the database, making connections and it is up to you to develop good business relationships.

    One survey we did one month showed that 50% of transactions were done by members making connections with others through ICIWorld service, discussing other things not on the service. Networking! Listings help you identify people with whom you can contact and do business. There are over 40,000 potential contacts to do business. You can see where they work and what type of real estate and business opportunities they deal in. 

    Check daily to see today’s hot sheet of new real estate Have AND Want opportunities. Make connections, network, follow up and do transactions.

    Orientation PDF File (8 pages, 4 double sided)

    This is like a pilot’s checklist for a broker. 

    Step by step instructions for Executive Members of ICIWorld.

    One time setup. Usually, a one time 60-minute online session using GoToMeeting or Zoom. If you need more than one we are here to help to make sure you are taking advantage of the Internet and information services.

    Once you are a member, you will be going to and clicking on Login. There are instructions for all Executive Members, step by step.

    The good news is that from experience, usually, only one online session together is ever needed. If you want more, no problem. We help you immediately with adding Haves and Wants, show you resources short videos on how to add, modify and delete listings, how to search, and that’s it. 

    You will need to learn how to get up to fifteen Haves and Wants and that is in the Webinars On Demand, Featured Video. 

    Simply make an appointment for assistance.


    Assistance world wide is provided by:

    Daily Webinars using GoToMeeting or Zoom.

    Make an Appointment

    Usually a 60 minutes. 10 minutes before your time, go to and click on Webinars Workshop at the top. Conducted over the Internet

    On demand training and seminar videos.  ICIWorld’s You Tube Channel

    ICIWorld Orientation PDF Document Print Out – 8 Pages



    Social Media

    Seminars in your office (call to set a date and time),
    Webinars World Wide (Call to set a date and time) and more.

    Contact Us

    Measure your success with our Our Pledge

    Join Today and get all this working for you.

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    Sample searches. Within seconds see the latest listings, Haves and Wants



    For Every Commercial and Residential Real Estate Broker and Salesperson In The World 


    Network Real Estate Information As Well As Marketing Listings


    Make real estate connections, network and do business.


     Now you can work both real estate Have and Want information and 


    signed listings to generate leads and make money! 


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