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Challenges for real estate professionals. The “number” one challenge for real estate professionals dealing with international clients was language. While this was obviously not an issue for buyers from the United Kingdom, for real estate professionals whose  clients are from non-English-speaking countries this was a concern. This was especially true for those buyers who were purchasing properties as an investment – who felt more comfortable reading the contract in their own language. In most cases, if real estate salespeople did not speak the language of the clients (or if the clients were not fluent in English), they attempted to find someone in their firm/office who did or suggested their client seek legal advice from an attorney who was fluent in their client’s language.

A challenge for REALTORS® was the reputation of real estate professionals in the client’s home country. Some international clients originated in countries that do not have real estate licensing laws or where real estate agents (or estate agents) are held in fairly low esteem. They needed to be educated about using licensed REALTORS® and the protections that it affords.

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In an effort to serve the world in different languages:

  • enter the languages that you speak, other than english, in the comments section of your record on ICIWorld;
  • go to, click on Member Management, click on My Record.  Look for the "comments area" near the bottom;
  • add the languages that you speak to the comments area;
  • we provide a directory to the world of members and the languages spoken and the contact information.  People can then contact you directly.

We promote to the public that there are members of ICIWorld who can serve them who speak their language. 

All they have to do is call you.

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If people call you about joining ICIWorld such as another real estate broker or salesperson you can network with them and also mention to them the basics of the service and point them to:

If they are calling about buying or selling real estate, you can take this as an opportunity to serve them.  Place their Haves and Wants on ICIWorld for them, etc.

Feel free to call when you have questions.


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