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425606Active100 Acres Land Residential Development In E Gwillimbury . 7 Detached Lots SPA Approved, 18 Lots Waiting for the SPA Approved.Price: $18M.
424703ActiveHave SPA Approved Condos Site In London, GFA: Over 200Ksqf, ( Floors, Over 2 Acres In London, Site Plan Approved Asking $12.8M.
424692ActiveWanted Markham, Richmond Hill,Scarborough and North York, Warehouse For Food Storage. 50000-100000SF。
424690ActiveOver 50 Canadian qualified and production-ready NPN registration numbers.Two Canadian registered trademarks for health products Asking Only $150K.
423975ActiveWant: Land For Potential Development In Toronto, Ontario.Budget Up To $40M.
423664ActiveHave 3 Acres, 50,000 sqf Warehouse and Industry In Vaughan, Investment Property. Asking $18M.
423569ActiveWant: Warehouse For Sale In Richmond Hill Or Markham, Area:20,000- 100,000sqf.
423568ActiveWant: Warhouse For Lease In Richmond Hill Or Markham, Area:20,000- 100,000sqf.
423567ActiveFarm Land,10 Acres In Markham, Asking 6.5M.
423566ActiveOffice For Lease In North York, Total Area : 100,000SQF, Asking $20/sqft *PRINCIPALS ONLY *
423563ActiveWanted Markham, Richmond Hill,Scarborough and North York, Warehouse or Office For Sport business. 10000-50000SF。
423562ActiveWant: Land For Potential Development In Small Towns of Ontario.Budget upTo $40M.
423561ActiveHave 10 Acres Land In York, Potential For Residential Development In York Region, $43M.
423560ActiveWant: Car Dealership, Land Or The Property For Used Car sale Business In Ontario, Budget: $60M.
423559ActiveSite For Future Development, North Of GTA, Free Hold Residential, Up To 100 Acres, Hot Location Asking $190K Per Acre.
423558ActiveMortgage For Construction loan, Prefer Site Plan Approved Project. Lower Rate, Big Amount.
423557ActivePlaza For Sale In Scarborough, Nearby HWY 401 and 404 , Total Area, Over 3 acs, Potential For Future Development, Asking Price $42M .
423556ActiveHave Over 70 Acres Land Nearby Lake Simcoe, Potential For Residential Development Draft Plan Ready, Asking Price $22M.
421817ActiveWant: Vacant Land For Warehouse In GTA Nearby HWY, Area 2 Acres Or Up. Budget Up To $11M.
416939ActiveWant: Development Properties In GTA, SPA approved.Budget up To $40M.
416938ActiveWant: Income Plaza For Sale, In GTA Or South Of Ontario, Area Budget 5-10M
416539ActiveIndustrial Property For Sale In London Area, Good For Car Dealership, Total Area: Over 1 Acres , 18,000SQF, Asking $6M.
415067ActiveWant: Income Plaza For Sale, In GTA Or South Of Ontario, Area 20,000SQF Or Up.. Budget Up To $70M.
414233ActiveWant: Warehouse Or Industral Property From Brampton To Ajax, For Sale, Area 20,000SQF Or Up.. Budget Up To $30M.
413178SoldStore With Apartment On Yonge In Midtown Toronto. Income Up TO 2.1M, Net Profit Over $300K. Asking $3.99M. * PRINCIPALS ONLY *
413060ActiveOffice Building In York Region, Nearby HWY 404& 407 Very Hot Location, Over 100K SF, Asking: $29M. Great Potential For Future Development.
413003ActiveFor Lease, York Region, Industrial Warehouse, Nearby Hwy ,Area About 125K SF,$18.5/Sf, PRINCIPALS ONLY.
412787ActiveWANT: Retirement Homes - Southern Ontario - 50 Units Or More, motivated Buyer, Email me details.
412763ActiveBusiness For Sale. College In North York. With Education License and DLI. College Training Course: SPA, Hair Beauty And Aesthetics. Asking:$790,000.
412670ActiveOffice Building For Sale In North York, Nearby Hwy 404, Area 500 to 30,000Sq Feet, Sale Price $500/SF.
412669ActiveOffice Building In GTA, Great Toronto Area, Nearby HWY 404& 407 Very Hot Location, Big Lot & Area, With Over Hundreds Parkings, Asking: $25M
412553ActiveWant: Warehouse For Sale Or For Lease In York Region. Area 5-10,000 SF.
412146ActiveFree Standing Industrial Building In Duham, Nearby Highways , Nearby 50,000SF, High Ceiling, Occupancy Q4,2023. Asking $21M.
411796ActiveWant: Site Approved Or Near Approved Projecd In GTA, No Limited Budget .
411795ActiveWant: Warehouse GTA, Area About 5,000-10,000SF.
411794ActiveWant: Warehouse Nearby Airport For Lease, Area About 50,000SF Ceiling:30FT.
411788ActiveWhitby, Plaza, Fund Raising For Condos Site Development, Yearly Return About 20%, Contact for Details.
407453ActiveCondo Site In South West Of Ontario, Site Plan Approved. GFA About 500K SF, Looking For JV Builder. Principals Only.
407451ActiveGolf Course In NorthEest Of Toronto, Near 300 Acres Asking 6M. Potential For Future Development, Principals Only.
407449ActiveGolf Course In North Of Toronto, Near 100 Acres Asking 6M. Principals Only.
407448ActiveCondo Site In Toronto, Site Plan Almost Approved. Asking $16M. Principals Only.
406823ActiveWant: Site Approved Project In GTA, Price Upto $30M.Solid Buyer.
406821ActiveWant: Lake-shore Residential or Commercial Property Or Cottages In Ontario Property, Waterfront Longer Better, Budget About 6M.
406393ActiveWant: Building To Buy, In GTA. Any Size From Min 10,000 To 80,000 Sq Ft.
405922ActiveStore For Sale, Yonge / Sheppard, Nearby Subway& Highway,1st Floor and Facing Yonge St,920 SF, Price: $1.99M.
405807ActiveSupermarket or the plaza, warehouse or any industry building that could be used as supermarket In GTA.Ceiling: 20' and Area: 20,000SF, Solid Buyer, No Budget.
404868ActiveCondos Site, SPA Approved, East Of GTA.
404487ActiveOffice Building In GTA, Great Toronto Area, Nearby HWY 404& 407 Very Hot Location, Big Lot & Area, With Over Hundreds Parkings, Asking Only $21M.
404336ActiveHave 8 Unit Stores For Sale, Hot Location In North York,Direct Access To Subway.Minutes HWY 401,Cap Rate About 6% Principal Only.
404053ActiveWarehouse In GTA, 80,000 SF, Very Hot Location, Big Lot and Area, Asking Only $25M.
403865ActiveWanted Lands or Plazas, Potential For Future Development in I Toronto, Richmond Hill, Vaughan or Markham, Ontario, Solid Buyer, No budget Limited.
403864ActiveWanted Mobile Home Park, Ontario, Price Below $3M, in Good Location, Solid Buyer.
403422ActiveLondon, Future Developments for Condos,GFA 210K Sq, Site Plan Approved.
396938ActiveWanted Industrial Building In Toronto,Richmond Hill, Vaughan or Markham, Ontario, Area:7000-10,000SF, Ceiling 20Ft Qualified Buyer.
395774ActiveWanted GTA, School. Either With or Without Property. very serious buyer.
395735Active(SOLD) Scarborough, Site Developments for condos,nearby UT scarborough, Contact for details.
389702ActiveSite For Commercial Development In GTA,10Acs,Very Hot Location Asking Near $39M.
389701ActiveSite For Future Development In GTA,10Acs,Site Plan Approved, Very Hot Location Asking Near $100M.
389700ActiveSite For Future Development In GTA,10Acs,Site Plan Approved, Very Hot Location Asking Near $100M.
389699ActiveLandbank GTA 10 Acs, Asking $20M.
388843ActiveWanted Industrial Building In Toronto or Markham, Ontario, Area:45,000SF, Qualified Buyer.
388743ActiveWant:GTA or South Of Ontario, Warehouse or Industrial Building For Potential Planting, Price About $2M.
388742ActiveToronto,Plaza,About 1 ac,Potential For Future Developments, Contact for Details.
388741ActiveScarborough, Nearby North York. Plaza, 15K SF,0.8 Acre,CAP about 5%,Asking:$6.5M, Contact for Details .
388740ActiveWant: GTA Area Income Properties:Plaza, Medical Building & Gas Station.Price Around $10M or Below.
385643ActiveWant: Richmond Hill, Stacked Townhouses Fundraising $5M with Very High Return Rate. Principal-Only.
384988ActiveGreat Location in York Region, Site Developments for Condos Site, GFA Over 1M. Site Plan Near Approval. Principle Only
384955ActiveWanted Downtown Toronto, Ontario, Residential & Commercial & Office Income Property Price $4M- $25M. Qualified Buyer.
382469ActiveWanted,Hotel or Apartment in GTA Good Loaction, Price About $30 Million.
382468ActiveWanted,Income Property: Plaza, GAS Station and at al In GTA, Better AAA Tenant.Price About $3Million.
381810ActiveBarberShop For Sales, Toronto, Great Income Business For Sale, 16 Year Old Barber Shop, Asking Only:$69,000,
380911ActiveSouth_West Of Ontario, New Plaza, 1.3 Acres,9 Units, Rent:$330K/Year,Asking:$6.6M,VTB Available. Contact for Details.
380794ActiveWanted,Warehouse In Markham, Scarborough or GTA Other Area.Area: 10,000-30,000 SF.
380793ActiveNiagara Falls, Retirement Home Site For Future Development,109 Units,Asking $7.5M
380468ActiveWanted,Farm Land in Ontario,10-100 Acres. 1.5 Hr to GTA,Price Below $600K
379951ActiveESSO Gas Station in Tottenham Asking $3 Million;30 mins Closed to GTA; Unique ESSO Gas Station in Tottenham.
379777ActiveMarkham, Richmond Hill,, Warehouse. 60,000-100,000SF。
379776ActiveMarkham, Richmond Hill,, Warehouse. 60,000-100,000SF。
378757ActiveWaterloo,Apartment Building,CAP 5.9% - Nearby University of Waterloo and Wilfrid Laurier University.Asking 20M.
378756ActiveNorth York, Site Development for 19 Stacked Townhouses, Nearby Yonge and Finch, ASKING ONLY $6M.
377351ActiveWanted Markham,Richmond Hill, North York, Office About 1000SF in Good Location.
377165ActiveWanted Ontario, Better In GTA, Warehouse For Planting, Size 10,000-20,000 SF, Very Serious Buyer.
376525ActiveStouffville,York Region,One Hour to Toronto, Vacant Land For Sale, 50 Acres, About 50 Km, North Of Markham - ASKING ONLY $1M.
375967ActiveWanted,Ontario, Retirement Home in GTA or South Of Ontario, Perfer Around 100 Units. $5M-$60M
375592ActiveVaughan, Site Developments for Condos,Siteplan Approved. Contact for details.
374653Sold(SOLD) Commericial Plaza in TORONTO, ASKING ONLY $6M.