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Learn to generates leads off the Internet from a real estate broker who has been on the Internet since 1994 serving the industry.

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Everyone will learn how to use the Internet more effectively

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Updated November 23, 2011
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Seminar Schedule and Calendar

Gary Nusca, CCIM 416-214-4875, President,, Inc.

Call anytime to chat about a seminar for your office or real estate board.

Feb. 14, 2011 Recorded Webinar Watch on YouTube & WMV Format Dec 13, Mon. 2010 Recorded Webinar Watch on YouTube & WMV Format

See Beta Test Videos in Youtube format
Available for mobile phones, playbook, etc.

Sharing Internet real estate experience learned since 1994
What works - what doesn't.
Why some some make money using the Internet and others do not.
120 minutes jam packed of tools, tips, tricks, software, web sites, products, concepts and ideas that benefit all real estate brokers and salespeople in the world that save you time and money and make you money and serve your prospects and clients well.

Would you like to have what can be one of your most beneficial seminars of the year! Then call us today.

It results in your sales people becoming more knowledgeable about the Internet to do real estate business . . . for the rest of their lives!

Make sure you read the comments of past attendees from all different real estate offices! Simply supply us with a date, time and place for your office or organization. Click here for a sample of content There is an EMail promotion piece that we send to you tailored for your company or real estate board. You send it to your sales team or members. We go live on the Internet with a laptop data display projector and screen! We demonstrate and show the tools that help salespeople provide great services to the public.

While conducting the seminars in real estate offices we may also conduct a "live" Internet Webinar (See three types of Webinars) of the seminar that can be seen by others at their home office live and also recorded to be seen later by those who could not attend.

Exclusive presentation Webinars, ie: presentation for everyone in your office on their computer at home or at the office,  are available for your organization no matter where in the world you are located! Up to 1,000 may attend!

All that is needed is a date and time. Special invitations are provided by EMail to you for everyone to attend at the appointed time. All your salespeople attend from the comfort of their own home or business office by way of their computer. 1-1000 may attend. These are free seminars that will benefit every single salesperson who attends. It is education all about the application of the Internet and for real estate. We do about an eight minute commercial on our services during the seminar.

Schedule 2011

Sample Real Estate Office Webinars in Windows Media Video format.
Feb. 14, 2011Recorded Webinar Dec 13, Mon. 2010 Recorded Webinar

Questions: Call Cecil Conference Co-ordinator 416-628-4313 or Gary Nusca, CCIM 416-214-4875

2011 Schedule ICIWorld Seminars Understanding the Powers of the Internet

Sep. 9, Fri 10am-12 noon Royal LePage Frank Binder Real Estate Brokerage Windsor
Oct. 5, Wed 10am-12 noon Royal LePage Brown Realty Brokerage Simcoe
Oct. 13 Thurs 10am-12 noon Royal LePage Brampton

Evaluation by attendees

Oct. 19, Wed. 1pm-4pm Sault Ste. Marie Real Estate Board Sault Ste. Marie

Evaluation by attendees

Oct. 21, Fri. 10am-12noon Bancroft Real Estate Board Bancroft
Comments of attendees
Oct. 28 Fri. 8:00am-10:30am Central Canada CCIM Chapter at Toronto Real Estate Board Toronto
Nov. 24 Thurs 1:00pm-3:00PM Sundbelle Brampton
Nov. 29 Tues
Nov. 30 Wed
CCIM CI Intro Toronto Convention Centre
Nov. 30 8:00am-9:30am CCIM Annual General Meeting Toronto Convention Centre
Dec. 1 all day CCIM Internet Toronto Convention Centre

We are in the process of placing seminars in a google calendar to be public
Call for schedule for now.

Please note: the above are actual presentations in real estate offices and real estate boards and groups.

World seminars, where it is not economical to attend physically, are conducted by way of a Webinar where we conduct the seminar live over the Internet for all your sales staff on their computers. Everyone should have a USB headset and microphone!

All these tools work for every single real estate office on the planet earth. It is all about making the Internet work for everyone to do more real estate business. See comments of attendees.

Listen to Feb. 14, 2011Recorded Webinar Dec 13, Mon. 2010 Recorded Webinar

Join the service to get one on one personal attention through Daily Webinar Workshops (different from a recorded Webinar) 11am Daily Eastern Standard Time, New York, Toronto time no matter where in the world you are located. See the World time clock

Samples of Past Seminars

Feb. 14, 2011
Recorded Webinar
2pm-4pm Right at Home Toronto
Dec 13, Mon. 2010 Recorded Webinar 10am-12 noon
Century 21 New Star Realty Toronto

Comments from some seminars

March 25   Real Estate Office  
General Comments:  New understanding the market, absolutely brilliant, it is valuable, very informative session,
Knowledge of Subject Matter: Has very good understanding of the subject, excellent, Mr. Gary gave us knowledge about the site, very good,
Relevance to Business:
Excellent, really good, very relevant,
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? Linking with TREB, occasionally feel distant due to your focus on Webinar participants, 
Testimonials: Very nice conversation, I will be in touch, good for business, 
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO education credits?  Yes (7 years in real estate), Yes (25 years in real estate. If no, reason why? Possibly because it is promotion of a specific business however the service provided is valuable to the real estate community especially in view of the issues confronting MLS.), Yes (1 year in real estate), Yes (20 years in business),
Nov. 18, Wednesday
Nov. 20, Friday
Right at Home
Right at Home
Don Mills Rd. Toronto
Edwards, Mississauga
General Comments:  good information, very good, good presentation, very helpful, good tools on the Internet to explore, good resources, great stuff, good job, some info no really very important
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  very good, great knowledge, good, Internet advertisement, excellent,
Relevance to Business:
yes, very good, very relevant, I need to study, analyze land, industrial listings, wants in south west GTA and your web site, 50%, use of Internet to get more business, good
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? residential, web site promotion, emailings, just signed up will evaluate later, more time should be spent on demos of an existing web site.
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO education credits?  Yes 7 No 0 7
Nov 1 Sunday 1pm-3pm Red Maple Brampton
General Comments:  good informative session, informative, amazing presentation, good information to generate business
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  excellent, great knowledge, perfect 
Relevance to Business:
absolutely positive, it relates very closely, yes, a lot, very much
Testimonials: great and good wishes
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? I don't know, can't think of one, need more time, residential as is a tool for clients overall excellent
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO education credits?  Yes 5 No 0 out of 5
Oct. 28, Wednesday 10am-12noon Re/Max Diamond Toronto
General Comments:  very good, knowledgeable, excellent info, very good presentation, great experience, I'm glad that I attended, well paced, well informed & good tips, very helpful, open my eyes 4 an easy way to market myself, personally I don't believe in the effectiveness of Internet advertising but anything helps
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  yes, very good, excellent, very strong, very knowledgeable, 1.6 billion people and other country sales, wow. My knowledge of information technologies is very high.
Relevance to Business:
yes, fantastic, absolutely, good, very relevant, I can get listings on my website even if I am just starting out. Bang on! The internet presents good opportunities for lead generation but I believe very poor for advertising.
Testimonials: It was a powerful program, great very supportive 4 agents
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? none for now, length of time, nothing, the large emerging popularity of social networks ie: facebook, myspace, etc.
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO education credits?  Yes 11 No 1 out of 11
If no would you share the reason? I don't believe that it should if there is profits to be had.
Oct. 27, Tuesday 6:30pm-7:30pm HomeLife Power Realty Inc. Waterloo
General Comments:  very informative and presented in a great manner, lots of information
Knowledge of Subject Matter: 
very knowledgeable, good knowledge
Relevance to Business:
very relevant
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO education credits?  Yes 2 No 0 out of 2
Oct. 16 Friday 1pm-2pm All-City Realty Toronto
General Comments: very informative, plus ultra, little too long, great,
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  exceptional, best, good, I think we can all make money from this presentation 
Relevance to Business:
very relative, righton, good,  
Testimonials: Received some solid contacts
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? none, lower membership fees, none
Oct. 22, Thursday 8:30am-2pm Congress Center TREB Realtor Quest Trade Show (This is not a seminar. ICIWorld is an exhibitor and has a booth. Drop by our booth to chat and say hello.) Toronto
Oct. 24 Saturday 11am-1pm Century 21 President Inc. Brampton
Sept. 22, Tues 10am-12 noon G. L. Betts Real Estate Ltd. St. Catharines
General Comments:  Quite an asset - where were you 20 years ago?, most informative with concrete practical tips, very well done, informative presentation, excellent material, not really interested
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  Gary has been there - got the "T" suit, very knowledgeable and hand on instruction, done well
Relevance to Business:
bang on relevant
Testimonials: this system does generate leads
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? Written testimonials by hand of those who have made money through it.
Do you feel this should qualify for RECO education credits?  Yes 5 No 0 out of 5
Sept. 30, Wed. 8:00am-11am CCIM Meeting Seniors Market in Canada
(Gary Nusca, CCIM is moderator of Have Want Session. Bring your Haves and Wants and present in short 1 minute presentations to the audience. You do not have to be a CCIM to attend.)
Toronto TREB
Oct. 1, 2009 Thursday 6pm-8pm Visar Group of Companies Toronto Scarborough
General Comments: Excellent speaker & internet technology for real estate marketing, excellent, great wealth of information, very informative and valuable knowledge gained, very informative lesson on internet and website, very good seminar, good
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  professional, very good, excellent, Gary has provided me an immense amount of valuable info, speaker is very knowledgeable and experienced, very good
Relevance to Business: necessary and useful, yes, very relevant as I have not expanded business online, very useful, helpful, good
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? agreement of cooperation with the listing brokerage and potential buyer, put in Chinese information, you have covered almost everything, I don't know yet
Testimonial: Yes
Oct. 2, Friday 9am-12pm London and St. Thomas Association of Realtors (Exhibitor only) Available to visit London areas offices after 12 noon. London
Sept. 12, Saturday 9:30am-11:30am HomeLife Dreams Realty Inc. Markham
Sept. 15, Tuesday 10am-12 noon Exit Realty Prestige Toronto
General Comments: very valuable, great, very informative, very important, very interesting
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  exceptional, excellent, very knowledgeable and interesting.
Relevance to Business: 100%, great timing for me, very relevant, great
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? none
Sept. 16, 2009 Wed. 1pm-3pm Royal LePage Meadowtowne Realty Mississauga
General Comments: Great presentation, very good info, this is one of the best courses that I have taken, very informative, helpful, good presentation, useful info, thoroughly enjoyed Gary.
Knowledge of Subject Matter: Knowledge of Subject Matter: excellent, extensive, very knowledgeable, very good, great.
Relevance to Business: 100% very relevant, for sure, extreme, amazing, lots, I am just starting out and will incorporate these tools in my marketing plan.
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? too much, too little time, session should be longer.
Testimonials: well worth attending, thank you for imparting the knowledge.
Aug 4, Tues 9am-11am Exit Realty Twin Bridges Sarnia
General Comments: Great presentation, very informative, good information, good content and delivery
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  Excellent, seemed to be very thorough, very knowledgeable, iciworld covers most problems with losing people from my web site
Relevance to Business:  Excellent, absolutely relevant, very relevant, very important
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest?  More time for questions. more demonstration of actual web sites.
Testimonials: As a former teacher (32 yrs) very well presented.
July 10, 2009 Friday 10:00am-12:00 noon Re/Max Vision Realty Inc. Open to independent salespeople brokers. Toronto, Scarborough
July 14, Tues. 10:30pm-12:30pm Re/Max Active Reality Inc. Mississauga
July 15, Wed. 1pm-3pm Re/Max Commercial Advisors Toronto
June 23, 2009 Tues. 11:30am-12:30pm HomeLife Miracle Realty Brampton
General Comments: Helpful, good presentation
Knowledge of Subject Matter: we need more knowledge, excellent
Relevance to Business: yes, very relevant 
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? more basic info, more time needed, none
June 8, Monday 10:30am-11:30am Century 21 Harvest Toronto
General Comments:  Lots of practical new information, very useful information, good info, great potential to increase business, very informative on advertising tools available, very helpful understanding the power of the Internet, very interesting somewhat overwhelming, need time to digest information before making a decision, special offer should be available for one month, excellent well planned and organized, provides us very useful helpful information on top of the website address too
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  excellent, how to get leads and handle it, importance of Internet marketing, excellent knowledgeable in field, key word, very good, the power of the Internet especially the
Relevance to Business:
very, good tool for marketing, helpful, commercial, relevant, yes very
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? Good coverage of what I came to learn, how customization is done by individual
June 9, Tuesday 10:30am-12:30 noon Century 21 Affiliate Toronto
General Comments: we got good information, very informative, attractive, I was amazed on how powerful can your website be, very interesting, very on the edge, very well presented to deliver the knowledge of the basics in an efficient and an easy to understand manner . . . never felt boring! very good, this is a good tutor to get in to the market, he explained things impressively, good,
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  very good, excellent, the speaker has absolute knowledge of the subject matter, excellent, within 2 hours he covered vast information,
Relevance to Business: yes, very relevant, it can help get more leads, very pertinent, very high, very good but I already told him after the economy picks up only, meaning one to two years.
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? commercial site, none, need more time for seminar to get into the details, need more time, beyond my expectations, no, advertisement,
Testimonials: I would recommend this to anybody who wants to make more money, listening to Gary's presentation helped me to think of new ways of improving my own approach to real estate sales. I need more time to get into it.
April 17, 2009 Friday 11am-1pm Prudential Grand Valley Real Estate Kitchener
General Comments:  very interesting, well presented, eye opening, great, seems similar to other websites presently being offered, very interesting presentation, good energy, well done
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  could answer all questions, excellent, low average, very knowledgeable, good, very extensive
Relevance to Business:
very relevant to build a business, very relevant, major, major relevance, good plan to expand business opportunities, good, yes, communication, tracking, referrals, not sure if it applies to residential as much as commercial
Testimonials: not yet
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? when opening ID# seems very complicated to paste, etc. before you can open this ID#, a good introduction to the subject, longer time period to cover more information needed, more than 1 hour
May 13, 2009 Wed 10am-12 noon Coldwell Banker Terrequity Toronto
General Comments:  too basic, very informative, very informative and eye opening, excellent but will need more information, great presentation perhaps a little wide in scope, the marketing and ICIWorld information was the most relevant for my business, good seminar, good delivery, website optimzation
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  good, very good, really knows what he presented, excellent you know your stuff! 8 out of 10
Relevance to Business:
slight too basic, absolutely, very relevant and important, A+ very relevant!, good, pertinent, 10 out of 10
Testimonials: got so many information to use in providing my web site more effectively and more productive, your presentation provided me with timely updates and new information to apply to my online marketing efforts
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? check with broker we do not use endorse or permit other web sites, hands on, more demonstrations, more specific information on how to do it, focus more on experienced users, we're more likely to use it, more info re: blogging, so much to cover in a short time, multiple sessions or fewer areas discussed
April 27, Monday 10:30am-12:30pm HomeLife/Gold Trade Realty Ltd. Markham
March 20, 2009 Friday 10:00am-12:00noon Peak Precision Realty Ltd. Guelph
General Comments:  great presentation, looks good, drop fraud and iPhone talk, great presentation, useful info, interesting information, very interesting, informative
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  thorough, good, very basic, comprehensive, updated, great, excellent
Relevance to Business:
completely relevant, very good, superficial not helpful, very, useful, excellent, great
Testimonials: appreciate your time, enjoyed the presentation, thought it was very well done, quite knowledgeable
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? none, less introductory, more meat, I don't need to know about EMail fraud. I'm already aware of Nigerian Princess.
March 17, Tuesday 9:30am-11:30am Premium Business Brokers Guelph
March 17 Tuesday 2:00pm-4:00pm Team Realty K.W. Inc. Kitchener
General Comments:  awesome, very informative, excellent presentation, smooth presentation, would have been better to move to side and not block screen
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  good, very knowledgeable, excellent, very professional, excellent I learned a lot about more ways to get business via my web site, ok
Relevance to Business:
good, 100% relevant, very important, great tools, extremely useful, excellent, good
Testimonials: have followed this web site for years was good to have it explained to us to my benefits, excellent product at a very attractive price, well explained how the system works.
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? I
March 11, Wed. 10:00am-12:00am HomeLife Metropark Vaughan
March 12, 2009 Thurs. 10am-12 noon Right at Home Realty Mississauga
February 20, Friday 10am-12 noon Prudential Grange Hall Realty Maple
February 11, 2009 Wed 10:30am-12:30pm Aimhome Realty Inc. North York
February 12, 2009 Thurs. 10am-12 noon Right at Home Realty Mississauga
February 17, 2009 Tues. 11am-1pm Century 21 King's Quay Real Estate Inc. Markham
February 4,  Wed. 10am-12 noon PROPERTY LINK REALTY SERVICES LTD. Mississauga
January 6, Tuesday 6pm-8pm
(rescheduled from Dec. 15)
HomeLife Castlemore Realty Brampton
January 8, 2009 Thurs. 10am-12 noon Right at Home Realty Toronto
January 9, 2009 Friday
(rescheduled from Dec. 17)
11am-1pm Century 21 Regal Realty Inc. Scarborough
January 30, 2009 Friday 10am-12 noon Re/Max Realty Services Inc. Brampton
January 31, 2009 Sat. Sat 11am-1pm Century 21 Top Agents Realty Inc. Toronto
January 29, 2009 Thurs. 10am-12 noon CENTURY 21 ELITE ESTATES LTD. Mississauga
December 19 Friday 11am-1pm Royal LePage Executive Realty Services Mississauga
November 4, 2008 Tuesday 9-4 CCIM OREB Ottawa
November 5, 2008 Wednesday 10am-12 noon Coldwell Banker Ottawa
November 10-17 9am-9pm daily including networking Search Engine Conference with Google, MSN, Yahoo and others. Las Vegas, Nevada Hilton Convention Centre
November 18 Tuesday 10am-12noon Advanced Real Estate Teams Las Vegas, Nevada
October 30, 2008 Thursday 10.00 am-12 noon Re/Max Leaders Toronto
General Comments:  good seminar
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  good
Relevance to Business:
very much
Testimonials: every person in real estate should attend this seminar
October 20, 2008 10am-12 noon Century 21 Your Number One Realty Inc. Toronto
General Comments:  very useful, very good, very informative, excellent info
Knowledge of Subject Matter:  excellent, absolutely knowledgeable, was very powerful, in depth and precise, high, very informative and helpful
Relevance to Business:
100%, very good, truly relevant, highly relevant and helpful, the website & Internet is real relative to my business & right usage of the Internet & maintaing the web site will generate more leads and more transactions
Testimonials: A lot of good information, eye opener!
What areas of improvement if any would you suggest? All GTA, more organized in separating all the info being provided: so much to absorb

How to Use the Powers of the Internet
It is all about people and communication, generating more leads for your office.

Sample Promo to be designed to fit the presentation in your area.

Screen live on the Internet." Makes for a great demonstration.

Vince Lombardi won the Super Bowl three times. We have all heard of the Internet, web sites, email, but it is understanding and how you work these programs effectively that make the difference between efficiency and doing business and making money and serving the public successfully or making zero.

Who should attend:

  • Commercial or residential real estate brokers and salespeople

  • Buyers

  • Sellers

  • Developers

  • Investors

  • Anyone interested in reaching the real estate industry.

Arrange seminar for your company's Monday morning meetings, convention, conference, Real Estate Board, ICI Council Group, chapter or international real estate shows.

This seminar will create awareness of opportunities in your marketplace and discuss how you can harness the power of the communications to reach an industry and make it work for you. In real estate, information is power: one piece of information can make you a lot of money.

Contact us anytime to discuss a seminar for your group or organization.

ICIWorld seminars are not limited to commercial real estate. There are benefits for residential real estate brokers and salespeople. See important links to be placed on your web site.  Everyone will learn how to maximize marketing efforts of properties and listings and learn how to work commercial real estate information.

Why you should attend an ICIWorld seminar/workshop:

One type of session is 120 minutes long, consisting of a Power Point presentation and a "live on the Internet session" . . . all at the same time.  Points in Power Point are demonstrated "live" on the Internet.

An ICIWorld Workshop/Seminar for your group should have a minimum of 5 in attendance. Numbers less than that can be done one on one in your office over the phone.  

All members receive the full benefits with a membership. Join ICIWorld now.

Contact us to book your training session. We recommend all members have an update session each year since there is something new every few months.

Seminars can be conducted any where in the world with suitable arrangements. From Florida to California, from Vancouver to Toronto, and all points in between are locations we cover each year.

We appreciate the opportunity to be of service.

Feel free to call anytime, 416-214-4875

Gary Nusca, CCIM

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