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Real Estate Opportunities To Your Website 

What we show you on this page triggers leads for every single real estate broker and salesperson on the planet earth.  

It is absolutely inevitable. 

One lead makes you $15,000 to $50,000 and more. 

Average referrals are $3,000 to $10,000

Play the following video. All about Networking, Sharing Opportunities With Other Brokers Worldwide, Generating Leads For Real Estate Brokers and Salespeople To Help The Public, 

Play the above video. You strengthen the real estate industry to serve the public when you share this with other real estate brokers and salespeople in the world.

Click on the Website, click on following Menu icon on a mobile it is three little lines at the top right corner, click on Commercial and Exclusive to see it in action.

Absolutely Inevitable To Trigger Leads and Do Referrals
Why? Because people have to ASK YOU for more info on any listing.

Click on the Website, click on Menu icon on a mobile it is three little lines at the top right corner, click on Exclusives to see it in action.


It is like having real estate classified ads Haves and Wants in a way that YOU GET THE LEADS!
Start doing referrals and direct business. It is inevitable.

Click on the Website, click on Menu icon on a mobile it is three little lines at the top right corner, click on Commercial and see exclusives.

ICIWorld Global Networking Of Real Estate Opportunities Since 1994.


See Exclusives on the Menu Bar of websites on this page


For Brokers and Salespeople Worldwide

You will have 100+/- apartment buildings
80% not on MLS, shopping centers, land, more.



See Exclusives on the Menu of the Following Websites.
In some cases Exclusive is found under Commercial and Residential on the Menu





As an ICIWorld Executive Member, the public cannot click on the messages. 


Not a member? They public can click on the message numbers. In that sense they are like MLS where the listing broker is available in each listing if the public wants to call them instead of you.  

Over Thirty Website Hosting Companies Now Install the ICIWorld IDX Widgets of Listings. 

Samples Websites  by Website Hosting Companies

NOTE: Some of the following websites do not have HTTPS, and you might get a warning, I checked them, and they are legitimate websites, but they just have not added the SSL Certificate to their website yet.

Agent Locator

  1. https://www.actusreg.com/

  2. https://www.mississaugahomelistings.ca/

  3. smartseniorsrealty.com

  4. http://www.billchahal.com/ Re/Max Real Estate Center Inc. Brokerage

  5. https://www.aidacostarealestate.ca/

  6. https://www.yourproperty.ca/

All About Web Services

Craig Proctor



  1. https://www.maxrealtyhomes.com/See Exclusives Under Residential and Commercial

  2. www.jdmrealtyltd.com

  3. http://www.zeshanrizvi.com


  1. https://www.raviminhas.com/



  1. http://www.teamtoronto.com/


  1. https://www.soldbypaulbarrett.com/

  2. https://www.jackpenk.com/

  3. amerriaz.com World Class Realty Point Brokerage

  4. https://www.in-houz.ca/

  5. https://www.checkchaz.ca/

  6. https://www.binurajaratnam.ca/

  7. https://www.kamyarghatan.com/

  8. https://www.mangat.ca/


  1. Acres Real Estate

  2. https://www.charaniagroup.ca/






  1. sunnykashyap.com

  2. https://ponsivakumar.exprealty.com/

  3. gabriellatakacs.exprealty.com 

  4. silviavolodko.exprealty.com

  5. https://nadya.royallepage.ca/

  6. https://mahmudnaqvi.royallepage.ca

Lone Wolf

  1. http://www.actusreg.com/

MCS Interactive

  1. www.philipwynne.com Re/Max Professionals Inc. Brokerage

(New in progress, exclusives not yet added to 2, 3, 4)

  1. http://mushtaq-sayed.c21.ca/

  2. https://nina-tahir.c21.ca/

  3. www.torontorealestatenews.ca


Point 2 Agent

Websites no longer available as of April 26, 2022.
(Per George at Point2 by Telephone)
However existing websites are to be maintained for years. 

  1. http://www.apartmentbuildingsontario.com

  2. Century 21 Sky Lark

  3. http://www.alysonjerry.com/Alyson Jerry Real Estate

  4. https://www.yorkregionrealestatehomes.com/

  5. https://www.ronchahal.com/

  6. https://www.torontorealestateici.com/Ontario_Commercial/page_1672702.html

  7. https://www.raymondco.ca/

  8. http://www.isellcommercial.ca/

  9. http://www.gtarealestateinfo.net/

  10. http://www.torontocommercials.com/

  11. https://www.investinrealestate.ca/

  12. http://gennadyvenderov.point2agent.com/

  13. https://www.edwinhoy.com/

Only 4 Agents




  1. https://sellwithoakes.com/hotels-motels-for-sale-ontario-canada-toronto

  2. https://calldangeorge.com/

  3. https://www.rajhomekey.com/

  4. Sutton Group Admiral Realty Inc. Brokerage (See choices Residential and Commercial on the left)

  5. http://www.homebuyingsellingpros.com/

  6. https://juliewoytas.com

  7. yoursoldmate.com





Your OnLine Agent


Order ICIWorld Widgets for Your Website

  1. Order the Widgets

Order an ICIWorld Mobile Website

No Website? No problem! We have one of the busiest booths at real estate trade shows. The reason? We state that you can have a $30,000 website, and it is not as powerful as the one we supply for $16.50/mo. Ask for a demo, and you be the judge.

  1. free for one month

  2. after one month, keep it for $19/mo no contact or:

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  4. referrals generated average $3,000 to $10,000 and more.

  5. many powerful features too numerous to mention here.

  6. call to chat at 416-777-2633

  7. order the website free for 30 days absolutely no obligation

Provide a great service to the public with more choices.


Do direct business and set a showing, and do referrals!


Some choices at the moment to look for are:

  • World,

  • World Commercial,

  • Ontario Commercial,

  • BC Commercial,

  • Florida Commercial,

  • Residential Haves and Wants,

  • Exclusive,

  • FSBOs,

  • Business Opportunities Mostly Exclusive, and

  • headings to suit your geographic area no matter where in the world you are located.

  • These contain exclusive listings, Haves and Wants, requiring the viewer to call you for more information.

They are inevitable to trigger interest in real estate from the visitors to your website because they cannot click on the message number; they must call you.


Join ICIWorld and Order them today! 


Contact us.

This one item, Exclusives, on the menu of your website is worth joining ICIWorld. Why? Because one lead and then do one five-minute referral can make you $5,000 to $10,000 to $30,000. One broker has now done fifteen.

This is all cutting-edge technology in 2022. 

Brokers use the Internet, information technology, ICIWorld IDX Links, and their websites to provide real estate networking. Get it working for your clients and prospects today.



People have to call you on any of the message numbers

Other brokers have agreed to allow them to be on YOUR website.

The listings update themselves automatically in real-time.

They can trigger leads AND referral opportunities the moment they are installed.

Otherwise, you are missing opportunities to trigger leads and do not realize it.

  • Request the link. It is a one-time setup
  • It is a one-time setup. We send you the Widget Installation guide by EMail. You send it to your website designer. DONE.
  • Over 35 website companies install them free for members over the past twenty years. 
  • It is one EMail instruction by us to you that you forward to your website designer. 
  • Once installed, the next person who visits your website and sees a listing, Have or Want, has to call YOU.
  • This one item, the Exclusives on the menu of your website is worth joining ICIWorld. Why? Because one lead and then do a five-minute referral can make you $5,000 to $10,000 to $30,000 and more.
  • The listings, HAVES AND WANTS update themselves automatically in real-time.
  • All websites with exclusives provide the public with more choices from the registered real estate industry.
  • Part-time salespeople provide a valuable service by making Have and Want information more available and because they do referrals to the full-time agents.
  • If you are a residential agent and get a call on a commercial listing, do a referral.
  • If you are in Toronto and get a call on a Florida listing, do a referral to the Florida broker and make money in US Dollars.
  • When you place your Have and Want information, it will be instantly and automatically on 2,000+ other broker’s websites.
  • One broker has done fifteen referrals and made $45,000. He was in a small community and this was several years ago. At five minutes each to do one referral that is 75 minutes of his time. He was working at home looking after his children.
  • When your membership expires you can keep the links working however the listings become clickable.
  • Your website is like a store. You can add products and services to YOUR STORE – YOUR WEBSITE!
  • You will have a competitive advantage by providing exclusive opportunities that are not on MLS.
  • The good news is, is that you can do both, work MLS AND EXCLUSIVE.