Widgets from ICIWorld – Listings for Real Estate Broker Websites

With ICIWorld Widgets of Listings, Haves and Wants

The goal is to have all salespeople in the world provide these real estate opportunities from their website to serve the public.

Samples below are from Agent Locator, Bell Canada, BlueHost, EziAgent, Four Walls Digital, GoDaddy, Incom Real Estate, Lone Wolf, Real Web Solutions, MCE, Placester, Point2, Sellingtoolz, Shaw, SuccessWebsite, Web4Realty, Website Box, WebTechDezine Inc., WhereToLive C21

ICIWorld has over 1,500 installations, links displaying listings, Haves and Wants of broker members on all these company websites.

Widgets are links to listings that are displayed on your real estate website.

They trigger leads. The leads come from the interest from visitors to your website.

When they are interested in a listing they reach out to you with message numbers of interest.

As a member, they have no choice but to call you.

Some choices to look for on the following websites are:

  • World,
  • World Commercial,
  • Ontario Commercial,
  • BC Commercial,
  • Florida Commercial,
  • Residential Haves and Wants,
  • Exclusive,
  • FSBO’s,
  • Business Opportunities Mostly Exclusive, and
  • headings to suit your geographic area no matter where in the world you are located.
  • All these contain exclusive listings, Haves and Wants that require the viewer to call you for more information.

Other than the FSBO’s, most all information is placed by licensed real estate brokers and salespeople in Canada and the USA.

The benefit to the public is more choice in the marketplace because they get to see exclusive opportunities that are not on real estate boards. They have to call you for more information. This triggers leads for you to do referrals.

Here are some samples.

The moment ICIWorld Widgets are installed, the very next person who visits your website and sees a listings has to call you because they are not allowed to click on the listing numbers.

You will start doing referrals because you can get calls on any listing in your province or state or the world for that matter.

Without these widgets on your website, you are simply missing opportunities to trigger leads and do not realize it.

One lead makes one a lot of money enough to pay for a lifetime of services. You should be generating leads every 90 days or call us.

See Commercial AND Residential Widgets USA and Canada

It is like having classified ads on YOUR website in a way that YOU get the calls! See Samples.

We have hundreds of members with all different kinds of websites that use ICIWorld widgets to generate leads.

People are looking for listings on the Internet.  If you have listings then you have a chance to trigger inquiries because the listings supplied by ICIWorld come with a message number only and people will call you with that message number and ask for more information.

Sorted by Website Companies

Agent Locator

  1. iPro Realty Pat and Pam Team
  2. HomeLife Miracle
  3. Royal LePage Credit Valley Rita Lange
  4. http://www.torontogtahome.com
  5. http://www.gtaproperty4sale.com

Agents Webbox

  1. HomeLife See Search Exclusive as a choice at the top.


  1. lisawong.ca
  2. http://www.zeshanrizvi.com


  1. https://www.mariasierralifestyles.com/commercial-links-maria


  1. http://www.teamtoronto.com/


  1. Acres Real Estate
  2. http://www.healthproperty.ca/

iRealty Expert

  1. http://www.thehouseandcondoteam.com/

Lone Wolf

  1. Sutton Group Admiral
  2. http://www.samtassone.com/#
  3. http://www.arminalord.com/index.php
  4. http://www.actusreg.com/

MCS Interactive

  1. Royal LePage
  2. Re/Max

Point 2 Agent websites distributed by ICIWorld

Call ICIWorld today 1-877-272-1721 to order and discuss one for you.

  1. http://www.apartmentbuildingsontario.com
  2. nadiap.com
  3. http://www.teambeaumont.ca
  4. http://www.reinvestments.ca
  5. Re/Max
  6. Re/Max Premier
  7. http://www.yorkregionrealestatehomes.com/
  8. http://www.alanlake.ca
  9. http://www.gtahomestoday.com
  10. http://www.marvinnewman.ca


  1. www.ravidesilva.com

WebTechDezine Inc.

  1. Sutton Group Admiral Realty Inc.   (See choices under Listings)
  2. Your Choice Realty


  1. https://juliewoytas.com
  2. http://www.gtahouse4u.com
  3. Right at Home
  4. Sutton Group Admiral (Commercial and residential buttons along the top)
  5. Keller Williams (See choices in listings)
  6. Sutton Group Admiral Realty Inc. Brokerage
    (See choices Residential and Commercial on the left)
  7. http://www.homebuyingsellingpros.com/

Your OnLine Agent

  1. Sutton Group Masters


  1. Royal Lepage
  2. Others – See samples
  3. https://www.iciworld.com/widgets/

Order ICIWorld Widgets for Your Website

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  2. 199/year divide by 12 is $16.50.  As a broker I say it is a no brainer. One lead makes one $10,000 to $100,000 and more.
  3. referrals generated average $3,000 to $10,000 and more.
  4. many powerful features too numerous to mention here.
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The listings that will be displayed on your website, the information in the Widgets, the listings, Haves and Wants  are from other licensed real estate brokers and salespeople who have agreed to allow their listings to be on your web site.

Two benefits:

  1. when you provide more choice for the public, they are more likely to call you
  2. What is better, to have your listings on one website or on 1,000 other brokers websites instantly? If another broker brings you an offer, would you work with them?

These widgets include exclusive type real estate Have and Want information that are not on real estate boards as well as MLS listings that are advertised by the broker and salesperson member of ICIWorld.

When you get a call from a prospect or client on one, call the other broker to do a referral or make an appointment to show it yourself.

This provides a great service to the public.

This gives you an opportunity to do direct business and set a showing AND/OR do referrals!

Keep in mind this is also tremendous marketing for each and every one of your listings because when you place a listing on ICIWorld you can agree or not agree to allow it to be on other brokers web sites!

Doing this in the ICIWorld way brings more opportunities to the marketplace otherwise not possible. You are providing a great service to the public because 75% of these listings, haves and wants are not on real estate boards.

Sample widgets (links) are created for every area of the world.  Here are some:

Standard Revenue Producing Widget Links: Ontario Commercial, My Haves and Wants, Residential Exclusives, World Commercial, Business Opportunities, FSBO’s, more.

Specialty Widget Links: Power of Sale, Waterfront, Cottages, Gas Stations, Car Washes,

Widget Links for Latest Listings in your area: USA, Florida, all states, any country of the world, Greece.

  • Information is constantly changing and being updated in every link
  • Active Status Links
  • Residential Links
  • Commercial Links
  • Links we have not even thought of yet, let us know and we may be able to supply it

Make one 30 appointment with us and we will demonstrate these links.

You decide or just take our recommendation on the widgets and we email the instructions to your web site designer.

It is that simple.

Tremendous exposure for the brokers placing information. The more you promote your website and generate leads the more $$$ you make.

Upon joining we send one instruction to your website designer and presto you can have it working. The very next person who visits your website and sees an interesting listing . . . has to call you.

Your responsibility is to direct people, your prospects, your clients, to see these listings on your website.  Let them know you have residential exclusive listings, properties coming for sale, exclusive properties not on real estate boards, investment properties, businesses, etc.

Get ready to do business.

Join ICIWorld and then Order them today!

The very next person who visits your website and sees a listing . . . has to call you.

Call for assistance anytime.

Contact us.