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ICIWorld.net, Inc.
The Market ICIWorld Commercial and Residential Real Estate Network
131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada M5S 1R8

Bus. 416-777-2633
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Executive Membership Subscription 

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HST 13%:  $41.47 
(HST Registration #820786093RT0001)

Due and Payable: 

Payable by Major Credit Card On Line, Debit Card provides for instant access.


Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express.

By phone, 416-214-4875 or contact us world wide.

By cheque payable and mail to: 

The Market ICI World Network,
131 Bloor St. W., Suite 200
Toronto, Ontario, Canada
M5S 1R8

Payable at any branch of TDCanada Trust: Pay in full at any branch of TDCanada Trust and receive 12 month's service! Special 4 Months Bonus on full payment at TDCanada Trust (12 months service): Make a payment at any branch of TDCanada Trust, made out to: The Market ICI World Network, Account Number: (call for account number), transit (branch number) number: (call for transit/branch number) Amount: $319+41.47HST=$360.47

Mark on the back of your cheque "Renewal Date...(the date will be 12 months from the end of this month and you can start now)."

Please instruct the teller to place your name in the description field so we can properly credit you and get you started. 

The bank will provide a receipt.


Pay Pal

After you have paid using Pay Pal, click on Join Now above and register in the database.  It is basically your business card type information.  After registering do not continue to secure payment but contact us any way convenient to you letting us know that you have made your payment and registered. We will upgrade your security level to full Executive Membership. 

$319 + HST $41.47 = $360.47 CDA

Any problems simply EMail payment to:

contact @ iciworld.com


Pay any Amount

Summary of Services


Corporate Special

Everyone in your organization, company, association, franchise, group, chapter may join for $240/yr.

Whoever will be making commissions from the sale of property on ICIWorld must be a member. Husband and wives, partners, father and sons, etc. require two memberships. However we waive the signup fee for both.


Click here for assistance Call our office for an initial 15-20 minute orientation, help with placing your first Have and Want, to make arrangements for a web site, on going support and assistance.

Procedure To Join Now
It takes a few minutes one time only.

You can start by going to the Main Menu at www.iciworld.com and click on Join, or click here on 

Join Here Membership Application Canadian.

Once you have made payment on line successfully: 

Licensed real estate brokers and salespeople support the service. 

Principals (buyers and sellers) may join only where we do not have a licensed real estate broker or salesperson in the area except as to the right of renewal. 

A principal may remain to the end of his/her term as a member until we have a licensed real estate broker or salesperson representative in the area. 

It is expected at that time you would work through the real estate broker.

Other Memberships available:  Details.

We will contact you on receipt of payment and do four things: 

  1. Send an EMail Welcome Information Package and call you personally.
  2. Provide immediate and full access to all services. 
  3. Provide personalized assistance to immediately add your Haves and Wants.
  4. Book an appointment for an orientation, to help with placing your first Have and Want, and show how assistance and continuous support is provided.

This offer is subject to change anytime before payment is accepted. ________________________________________

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FAX PHONE:  ________________________________________

PASSWORD:  ________________________________________
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Over a million hits per month, 65% from the USA and the rest of the world.
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More transactions recorded of any service in the world that we personally see reported.

Over 10,000 EMails distribute information daily.

A Major Service Bureau in the World for people to network Have and Want Information for
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